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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1FelixCohenAn American lawyer and scholar.
 ClemenceMilkJoe's aunt.
 Antone BazilCoutts IINarrator and Protagonist. Aka: Oops, Joe.
 Mooshum Joe's grandfather who lives in Clemence and Edward's flat.
 EdwardMilkClemence's husband. Joe's uncle.
 GeraldineCouttsJoe's mother. A tribal enrollment specialist.
 Antone BazilCoutts IJoe's father. A chief of tribal judge.
 JosephCouttsJoe's great-grandfather.
 VinceMadwesinA tribal police officer. Zack's step-dad.
 Dr.EggeThe doctor who examined Geraldine.
 Whitey Joe's uncle. Owner of a gas station.
2VirgilLafournaisJoe's closest friend. Aka: Cappy.
 ZackPeaceJoe's friend.
 AngusKashpawJoe's friend. Aka: Starboy.
 RandallLafournaisCappy's brother. Aka: Birkenstock.
 DoeLafournaisCappy's bachelor father. An On-and-Off chairman of the tribe.
 CorwinPeaceZack's father. A musician.
 CarleenThunderZack's mother. Owner of the tribal newspaper.
 Star Angus's aunt.
 Elwin Star's husband.
 Worf A fictional character in Star Wars.
 JamesMichenerAn American author.
 Shamengwa Geraldine's late uncle.
 Sonja An ex-stripper. Whitey's wife.
 Joseph Whitey and Sonja's son. Joe's cousin.
 Evelina Whitey and Sonja's daughter. Joe's cousin.
 Spook Whitey and Sonja's horse.
 Pearl The dog Sonja gave to Joe.
 Suzette Cappy's aunt.
 Josey Cappy's aunt.
 GabirOlsonThe U.S. attorney. Bazil's old friend.
 RonaldReaganThe U.S. President.
 OpichiWoldBazil's secretary.
3DurlinPeaceA janitor at The Bingo Palace.
 LymanLamartineDurlin Peace's boss.
 MarilynShigaagA woman who stole five gas station hotdogs.
 MervinMa'InganAn associate judge.
 TommyThomasThe plaintiff.
   Vinland - A non-Indian-owned grocery and gas station.
 GeorgeLarkGrace's husband. Owner of Vinland.
 GraceLarkGeorge's wife. Biological mother of Linda.
 LindaLarkGeorge and Grace's daughter. Aka: Tuffy.
 LindenLarkGeorge and Grace's son.
 AlbertWishkobA member of Chippewa tribe. Adoptive father of Linda.
 SherylWishkobAlbert and Betty's daughter.
 MartinWishkobAlbert and Betty's son.
 CedricWishkobAlbert and Betty's son.
 Albert Wishkob Jr.Albert and Betty's son.
 WilliamSterneFrancis's attorney.
 Johanna Coeur de BoisAttorney for the respondents.
 HoraceWhiteboyFrancis's brother who died in the round house.
 Asiginak The leader of the Ojibwe ceremonies.
4IgnatiaThunderZack's grandmother. Aka: Kookum.
 Mrs.BijiuIgnatia's friend.
 LaRose Geraldine's old friend.
 FatherDamienA former catholic priest.
 Father TravisWozniakA catholic priest. A former marine.
5LouisRielA Canadian politician.
 Severine Mooshum's brother.
6SorenBjerkeA special agent at the FBI.
 CherylWishkobCedric's wife.
7Ball Pearl's sister.
 Chain Pearl's sister.
 BuggerPourierJoe's neighbor.
8Arion of MethymnaThe famous harp player.
 GabirOlsonBazil's old friend.
 CurtisYeltowTanya's father.
 MaylaWoflskinA young girl who asked Geraldine to meet her at the round house. LaRose's cousin.
 Zelia A woman that Cappy's in love with.
 Murphy Sonja's daughter from her first marriage.
 Akiikwe The protagonist in Mooshum's story.
 Nanapush Akiikwe's son.
 Neal A skinny Christian guy that Joe met.
 Ruby Toast's girlfriend.
 Toast Ruby's boyfriend.
9Anishaaindinaa Ignatia's old friend.
 Alvin Whitey's friend. Mooshum's son.
 Vance Alvin's younger brother.
 GeorgeWolfskinMayla's father.
 AuroraWolfskinMayla's mother.
 GeorgeWashingtonThe 1st U.S. President.
 Thomas JeffersonThe 3rd U.S. President.
 JohnMarshallFormer chief justice of the United States.
 DanielWebsterFormer United States secretary of state.
10Dawn Joe's schoolmate.
 Shawn Joe's schoolmate.
 Margaret Joe's new friend in school.
11MargaretNanapushThe grandmother of Margaret in Joe's school.
 Tanya Curtis and Mayla's daughter.