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Characters By Chapter
Elizabeth Robinson
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ProCormac ReillyRookie member of the garda (Irish police)
 Marcus TullyPolice officer
 Maude  15-year-old girl whose mother has died
 Jack  Maude's younger brother, about 5
1Aisling ConroyPhysician, surgeon in training
 Mary DooleyPhysician, close friend of Aisling
 Derek  Mary's dentist boyfriend, band member
 Jack BlakeAisling's partner, civil engineer
2Cormac ReillyDetective sergeant with National Drugs Unit task force at Mill Street Station, Galway
 James RodgersDetective in the garda
 Danny McIntyreDetective with the garda & the task force
 Sgt. Anthony HealyTask force commander; rumored to be "shady"
 Emma SweeneyCormac's partner, biology research scientist
 Sgt. Melanie HackettDanny's superior officer
 Sarah McIntyreDanny's wife
 Liam HearneFormer instructor - police academy, worked pedophile cases
3Brendan BlakeJack's father, wheelchair-bound
 Aggie BlakeJack's mother
 Mark, Fergus MurrayLong-time friends of JackĀ 
 David  Doctor, colleague of Aisling
4Peter FisherDetective in Cormac's unit
 Maura HughesTeenager went missing - 1977; investigated by Cormac
 Timothy LaniganAccused of murdering Maura Hughes
 Sgt. Carrie O'HalloranDetective in domestic violence & vice squads
 Trevor MurphyAssistant to Sgt. Healy, son of Superintendent
 Lorna McIntyreDanny's sister, missing
5Ceri  Female garda
 Maude BlakeJack's sister
7Brian MurphySuperintendent of police
 Hilaria BlakeDead woman whose children Cormac found in 1993
10Tom CollinsVisited young Jack in the hospital in 1993, a defense lawyer in Galway in 2013, kept in touch with Maude
11Domenica KeaneReligious neighbor of Hilaria, Maude & Jack (1993), hired Maude to work at her farm
16Tara  Dir. at Child & Family Agency, Cormac's former girlfriend
 Katherine ShelleyFormer social worker, called on the Blakes in 1990
17Matt  Cormac's friend in International Liaison
18Hannah CollinsSister of Tom Collins, drug addict in prison, police informant
 Sean HegertyDetective with whom Cormac used to work
19Caoimhe O'NeillPublic health nurse caring for Domenica Keane
24John LawtonDeceased owner of Australian cattle station
 Saoirse  Hannah's baby born while Hanna was in prison
 Simon SchillerFriend of Domenica Keane whom she proposed to take care of young Jack
30Angus BartonFarmer whose land bordered Lough Mask, accused of raping Lorna McIntyre
 Jim KavanaughOwner of a club, accused of raping Lorna McIntyre, later arrested on drug charges
39James & Anne McIntyreDanny & Lorna's parents