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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part One: Intuition
 SusannaOwensMother of the children with special abilities.
 BostonOwensAn old, respectable, but cursed family.
 MariaOwensOriginal ancestor of Boston Owenses.
 FrancesOwensSusanna's eldest child. Can communicate with birds.
 Bridget Gifted girl who can read minds. Susanna's youngest child.
 Vincent Susanna's only son. A gifted child.
 HaylinWalkerFrances's only friend.
 ThomasPaineFounding Father of the United States.
 FranklinD. RooseveltThe U.S. President.
   The Magus - The Occult Handbook.
 CottonMatherThe New England puritan master.
 JohnHathorneThe infamous and cruel judge.
 Dr. JamesOwensSusanna's wife. Father of Frances, Bridget, and Vincent.
 IsabelleOwensSusanna's aunt.
 MaggieOwensOne of the Owens who defamed the Owens name.
 Wren One of Isabelle's kittens.
 Ramblin' JackElliottAn American singer.
 AprilOwensThe Owens's child cousin.
 Mary The Owens's long-suffering housemaid.
 Mrs.RussellThe Owens's neighbor.
 Grimoire A collection of book of shadows.
 Jack The Blond boy. A neighbor of the Owens.
 ReverendWillardThe Reverend.
 LeviWillardReverend Willard's son. Jet's friend.
   Part Two - Alchemy
   Alchemy Tree - A 500-year-old tree near The Ramble.
 FrederickLaw-OlmstedAn American landscape artist.
 SenatorKennedySenator from Massachusetts - won Presidential elections.
 Henry Owens's family cook.
 MatthewHopkinsThe witch-finder general of England.
 CharlieMerrillIsabelle's handyman.
 ElizabethTaylorAn American-British actress.
 PeteSeegerA folk singer.
 Lewis Frances's pet bird.
 AugustusS. GaudensThe Sculptor.
 ReginaOwensApril's daughter. Aka: Reggie.
 KathySternNymphoBank.leptomaniac patient of Dr.Burke-Owens.
 AaronBurrA man who changed the course of the stream.
 RoseButlerWoman hanged for burning down her master's house.
   Part Three - Conjure
 EdnaSt. V. MillayA Poet.
 Edgar AllanPoeAn American writer.
 RafaelT. CorreaA student in Hunter College.
   San Remo - The Hangouts of Poets.
 Dave VanRonkThe best guitar teacher in New York.
 HarryHoudiniThe famous illusionist.
 WilliamGrantVincent's new companion. A history professor.
 MatthewGrantA man who was acquitted in Windsor for trying witchcraft.
 EmilyFloodHaylin's friend.
   The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Van that goes cross-country.
 EdwardEagerThe Author of Half Magic.
   Part Four - Elemental
 LouAdlerA record producer.
 NathanielHawthorneAn American novelist.
 EthanWalkerHaylin's father.
 LilaWalkerHaylin's mother.
 MelvilleFloodEmily's father.
 MargotFloodEmily's mother.
 Everett R.GrantWilliam's ancestor.
 AlanGrantWilliam's father.
 Edgar The stuffed heron.
 JonasHardyThe Owens's family lawyer.
   Part Five - Gravity
 AgnesDurantThe woman who made a funeral arrangements.
 DjangoReinhardtA brilliant musician.
 Pauline Dr. Walker's nurse.
   Part Six - Remedy
 SallyOwensRegina's daughter. Gillian's sister.
 GillianOwensRegina's daughter. Sally's sister.
 Arthur Gillian's stuffed bear.
 Pip Gillian's toy mouse.