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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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      Part 1
1Dr. ShakiraKhanAn International Scientist.
 Jennifer Dr. Khan's logistics coordinator.
   WHO - World Health Organization.
   GOARN - The Indian health ministry.
 Dr. RajSenThe lab director at the Lab Dr. Khan visits.
2HansMeyerSupreme elder of the Demanian Church.
 RiaKapoorOne of Meyer's senior clergymen.
 FrancoisLaurentChief Demanian scientist. Meyer's geneticist.
 DomenikaJozefSurrogate mother of miracle child. Bondurant's wife. Aka: Nika.
 Dr. JonBondurantDomenika's husband. A prominent scientist.
 Mr.MupaliThe hospital's building supervisor.
3FatherParentiBondurant and Domenika's neighbor. Bondurant's priest friend.
 Aldo Father Parenti's dog.
4GanzorigKhanDr. Khan's father.
6GianCarloDe SantisThe pope's favorite priest. Domenika's former teacher.
 SantiagoAlvaradoThe Bishop.
9Vitaly AnatolyGalerkinMeyer's Russian hired gunman.
 Dr. RaviSehgalThe famous scientist who shot himself.
10JoannaJozefDomenika's sister.
11TomHarringtonBondurant's friend. Professor at Yale's Religious Studies Dept.
12PopeAugustineThe Vatican's Pope.
 FatherBarsantiPope Augustine's assistant. Father Parenti's nemesis.
13JulietArmisticeDr. Khan's assistant.
 AlbertMitchellThe only man who can stop the Spanish Flu.
 MichelleDumontA news reporter at Fox News.
 David A news anchor.
15Craig The CNN News Anchor.
 SamWeistThe CNN News Anchor in New York.
22Dr. TerryO'NeilA brilliant Oxford Scientist and DNA expert. Bondurant's friend.
   IVF - In Vitro Fertilization.
   Part 2
23ChristopherJozefDomenika's son. The miracle child. Aka: Hans Jr.
 Adriana The daughter of Meyer's most trusted household.
24Dr. WebbChristopher's neurologist.
 Marcus The boy that Christopher met at the hospital's playground.
 Dr. HastingsOne of the physicians at the hospital.
25Jamar The cabbie.
 Robaire Jamar's friend who was sick.
29CarolynMasonA reporter from CBS.
 MarkJaffeA journalist from Washington Post.
30CardinalO'BrienThe cardinal.
41Dr. KennethHeppsPediatric neurosurgion. Christopher's physician.
43ElderYeungMeyer's chief financial officer.