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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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ProLily MelissaOwensA girl who accidentally believes she killed her own mother.
 RosaleenDaiseT.Ray's black servant. Lily's only friend. Aka: Rosaleen Smith.
1Terrence RayOwensLily's father.
   Martha Whites - T.Ray's punishment for Lily.
 MissJenningsLily's acquaitance at the church. A blind woman.
 SophiaLorenA film actress.
 BitsyJohnsonA young pregnant girl. Lily's neighbor.
 DeborahF. OwensLily's mother. Deceased.
 Mrs. JanieWatsonLily's neigbor.
 Mrs. HenryLily's teacher.
 LyndonJohnsonThe U.S. President.
 Mr.KhrushchevA premier of Soviet Union.
 LadyBirdPresident Johnson's wife.
 Martin LutherKing Jr.The minister from Alabama.
 Mr.BusseyOne of the Town's deacons.
 BrotherGeraldEbenezer's baptist church's minister.
2Mr. AveryGastonA policeman from Esso station.
 FranklinPoseyA white-racist in Sylvan that sends Rosaleen to jail.
3Sherman The general.
 RoseCampbellLily's grandmother.
 AugustBoatwrightA woman who keeps bees all over the country.
4JuneBoatwrightAugust's sister. A beekeeper.
 MayBoatwrightAugust's sister. A beekeeper.
 ZacharyL. TaylorAugust's main helper. August's godson.
 AuntBernieLily's aunt.
 WalterCronkiteAn American broadcaster.
 Mr.RainesA negroman who was killed by a shotgun in a passing car.
 Beatrix A runaway nun.
 Mary A girl Beatrix loves.
 AprilBoatwrightMay's twin. August and June's sister.
6Neil June's lover. The principal at June's former school.
   Daughters of Mary - A church group that August had organized.
 Queenie A member of Daughters of Mary.
 Violet Queenie's daughter.
 Lunelle A hat maker. Member of Daughters of Mary.
 Mabelee A member of Daughters of Mary.
 Cressie A member of Daughters of Mary.
 OtisHillThe only male member of Daughters of Mary.
 SugarGirlOtis's wife.
 Obadiah A slave. The protagonist in August's story.
 Pearl The oldest of the slaves.
 PresidentKennedyThe new U.S. President.
7Mr. ClaytonForrestKept the black Madonna honey. A lawyer.
 WillifredMarchantA world famous writer from South Carolina.
8JackPalanceA movie star.
 MissLacyMr. Clayton's secretary.
9JudgeMonroeThe tiburon's judge.
 EddieHazelwurstA prison guard in Tiburon.
10EstherLamarA member of Daughters of Mary. Deceased.
 Aristaeus The first keeper of bees.
 MelvinEdwardsJune's former fiance who backed out of their wedding.
12Mr.GradyA man who tells Lily where August lives.
 TicaTeeDeborah's imaginary friend.
 Sarah FontanelDeborah's mother. Lily's grandmother.
14Snout T.Ray's dog.
 BeccaForrestClayton's daughter.