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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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Pro  The Typists
 JohnWayneAmerican actor.
 Betty One of the typists.
 Virginia One of the typists.
 Agnes One of the typists.
 Peg One of the typists.
 LindaMurphyOne of the typists.
 Walter AndersonAgency administrator.
 HollyFalconOne of the typists.
   East: 1949-1950
1  The Muse
 Ira Olga's daughter.
 Mitya Olga's son.
 BorisPasternakRussian poet, novelist, and literary translator. Aka: Borya.
 OlgaIvinskayaRussian poet, writer, friend and lover of Boris Pasternak.
 JosephStalinGeneral secretary of the USSR Communist Party.
 AnatoliSemionovOlga's interrogator.
 YuriZhivagoMain character from Boris's novel Doctor Zhivago.
 KonstantinSimonovSoviet author and a war poet.
 Lara One of the characters from Boris's novel Doctor Zhivago.
 Zinaida Boris' wife. Aka: Zina.
 Konstantin FedinRussian novelist and literary functionary.
 KorneyChukovskyPopular Russian children's poet.
 IsaacBabelRussian writer, journalist, playwright, and literary translator.
 SergeiNikiforovIra's former English teacher.
   West: Fall 1956
2  The Applicant
 Miska A cat.
 Sidney Irina's ex-boyfriend.
 LonnieReynoldsPersonnel manager.
 Allen DullesA spy chief.
 Bianka Best Russian seamstress.
 IrinaDrozdovaOne of the applicants.
 JamesMichenerAmerican author.
 GraceKellyAmerican film actress.
 Becky One of the applicants.
 MikhailDrozdovIrina's father.
3  The Typists
 Marcos Old Greek man. Aka: Ralph.
 Athena Marcos' wife.
 GailCarterNorma Kelly's acquaintance.
 NormaKellyOne of the typists.
 JudyHedricksOne of the typists.
 Linda One of the typists.
 HarryTruman33rd president of the United States.
 Nat KingColeAmerican singer and jazz pianist.
 KathyPotterOne of the typists.
 Sarah Kathy's older sister.
 TabithaJenkinsFormer typist.
 KatharineHepburnAn American actress.
 JohnMauryThe SR's chief. Aka: J.M.
 FrankWisnerServed in the Office of Strategic Services in World War II.
 NelsonRockefellerFormer Vice President of the United States.
 AdlaiStevenson IIFormer Governor of Illinois.
 John F.Kennedy35th U.S. President.
 TeddyHelmsOne of the employees at the agency.
 HenryRennetsTeddy's closest friend.
4  The Swallow
 SallyForresterAnderson's acquaintance.
 Prudy Anderson's wife.
 Beverly Sally's friend. Aka: Bev.
 MarilynMonroeAmerican actress, model, and singer.
 JayneMansfieldAmerican film, theater, and television actress.
 JimRobertsCanadian ice hockey defense man and forward.
 Julia One of Sally's friends.
 Jane One of Sally's friends.
 Anna One of Sally's friends.
 PerryComoAmerican singer.
 William DonovanAmerican soldier, lawyer, and diplomat. Aka: Wild Bill.
   East: 1950-1955
5  The Rehabilitated Woman
  BuinayaBarrack brigade leader.
 Lena Olga's acquaintance.
 YuriLevitanThe primary Soviet radio announcer.
 Vladimir LeninRussian revolutionary, politician, and political theorist.
6  The Cloud Dweller
 Tobik Boris's dog.
 TitsianTabidzeGeorgian poet.
 Nina Titsian's wife.
 Besiki Georgian poet. Titsian's favorite poet.
 OsipMandelstamRussian and Soviet poet and essayist.
 Paolo Boris's acquaintance.
 MarinaTsvetaevaRussian and Soviet poet.
 AlexanderPushkinRussian poet, playwright, and novelist.
7  The Emissary
 Erik Mitya's pet frog.
   West: February-Fall 1957
8  The Carrier
 Nancy Irina's name during night time.
 Gregory Bartender.
 Julian Teddy's older brother.
 AbrahamLincoln16th U.S. President.
 ThomasJefferson3rd U.S. President.
 Nikolai GogolRussian dramatist.
 LeoTolstoyRussian writer.
 FyodorDostoyevskyRussian novelist.
 Walter IrvingScottAmerican musician.
 DaiVernonCanadian magician.
 FredAstaireAmerican dancer, singer, actor, choreographer.
9  The Typists
 Laika The dog inside Sputnik II.
 DwightEisenhowerAmerican army general and statesman.
 VladimirNabokovRussian and American novelist, poet.
   East: 1955-1956
10  The Agent
 SergioD'AngeloA literary agent.
 Stefano Dragon paper-mache creature.
 Giulietta Sergio's wife.
 AntonVladlenSergio's co-worker.
 GiangiacomoFeltrinelliItalian publisher.
 Francesca Sergio's daughter.
 Jawaharlal NehruFormer Prime Minister of India.
 NikitaKhrushchevFormer Premier of the Soviet Union.
 JosephineBakerAmerican-born French entertainer.
11  The Emissary
 DmitriPolicarpovCentral Committee's Culture Department's head.
   West: Fall 1957 - August 1958
12  The Carrier
 David Linda's boyfriend.
 RitaHayworthAmerican actress and dancer.
 CarrollBakerRetired American actress.
 HaroldGarfinchelAmerican sociologist, ethno methodologist.
 MissHalpernIrina's mother's customer.
 Richard AlanClarkeNational Coordinator for Security, and Counter-terrorism.
 GeorgeWashington1st U.S. President.
 SorenKierkegaardDanish philosopher.
 JeanLafitteFrench pirate and privateer in the Gulf of Mexico.
 Leonard Sally's acquaintance.
 AnnieOakleyAmerican sharpshooter and exhibition shooter.
 LucilleBallAmerican actress, comedienne, model.
13  The Swallow
 Jane Navy corps nurse.
 Pietro AntonioZveteremichItalian literary critic.
 Leonardoda VinciItalian polymath.
14  The Company Man
 Kit Mr. Feltrinelli's friend.
 Harrison FrederickTeddy's name given by Kit. Aka: Harry
 TheodoreHelms IIIReal name of Teddy.
 AntonChekhovRussian playwright and short-story writer.
 MikhailBulgakovRussian writer.
 JackKerouacAmerican novelist.
 ProfessorHumphriesOne of Frank Wisner's old buddies.
 Noël CowardEnglish playwright, composer, director, actor and singer.
 Herbert GeorgeWellsEnglish writer.
 Clive StaplesLewisBritish writer and lay theologian.
 John RonaldTolkienEnglish writer, poet, philologist, and academic.
 Chaucer Teddy's friend.
 CharlesDickensEnglish writer and social critic.
 Violet Chaucer's clerk.
 Francis ScottFitzgerald American writer.
 Alexander FlemingScottish biologist, physician and microbiologist.
 DavidGarrickEnglish actor.
15  The Swallow
 GuyLombardoAmerican-Canadian musician.
  MeyerOne of Frank Wisner's friend.
 Eartha KittAmerican singer.
16  The Carrier
 ThomasEliotPoet, essayist, publisher, playwright, literary critic and editor.
17  The Typists
 SamCookeAmerican singer-songwriter.
 PabloPicassoSpanish painter, sculptor, printmaker and ceramicist.
18  The Carrier
 Vera-Ellen American dancer and actress.
 DoctorMurphyEye doctor.
 Mrs.HalpernIrina's mother's friend.
   West: August - September 1958
20  The Typists
 FelixMorrowAmerican communist political activist and newspaper editor.
 ShirleyHornAmerican jazz pianist.
 HelenO'BrienAnderson's secretary.
 DocTurnerCafeteria chef.
21  The Nun
 JoanCrawfordAmerican film and television actress.
 HumphreyBogartAmerican film and stage actor.
 Doris DayAmerican actress and singer.
 FrankSinatraAmerican singer, actor and producer.
 Elwyn BrooksWhiteAmerican writer.
 JosephMitchellAmerican writer.
 FatherPierreFather David's assistant.
 Sister Alyona Irina's new name.
 Father David The agent in-charge of the mission.
 Ivanna Father David's acquaintance.
 ChetHuntleyAmerican television newscaster.
 Frank LloydWrightAmerican architect, interior designer, writer, and educator.
 Auguste RodinFrench sculptor.
 Yaketerina One of Father David's visitors.
 Eduard One of Father David's visitors.
 GalinaUlanovaRussian ballet dancer.
 Madonna American singer-songwriter.
   East: September - October 1958
22  The Prizewinner
 BorisPilnyakRussian writer.
 NinaTabidzeZinaida's friend.
   West: October - December 1958
23  The Informant
 LenoreMillerSally Forrester's new name.
 ChetBakerAmerican jazz trumpeter.
 ReneVivianiFrench politician.
   East: October - December 1958
24  The Emissary
 Katya Fedin's daughter.
   West: December 1958
25  The Defector
 Sacha DistelFrench singer, guitarist, and actor.
 GustaveFlaubert French novelist.
   East: January 1959
26  The Postmistress
 VladimirSemichastnyFormer chairman of the KGB
 Albert CamusFrench Algerian philosopher, author, and journalist.
 JohnSteinbeckAmerican author.
 Grigori KhesinHeaded the "author's rights" section of the writers' union.
 IsidorGringoltsOlga's acquaintance.
   West: Summer 1959
27  The Student
 WernerVoigtGerman football coach and former player.
   East: 1960-1961
28  The Almost Widow
 Sviatoslav RichterSoviet pianist.
 LarissaFeodorovnaThe wife of Owen Frederick Morton Tudor.
 OwenFrederickTudorBritish Army officer.
Epi  The Typists
 Julie FrancesChristieBritish actress.
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