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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1SamStewartFoyle's driver.
 Foyle The protagonist of the movie called Foyle's War.
 Adam Sam's lover.
 Honeysuckle An actress.
 JillGreenTony's wife.
 StuartOrmeThe director.
 AnthonyHorowitzNarrator and Protagonist. Aka: Tony.
 DanielHawthorneA detective. Tony's friend.
2MichaelKitchenA TV script editor.
 SelinaWalkerTony's new publisher.
 RichardPryceThe victim. Aka: The Blunt Razor.
 FionaShackletonPryce's companion.
 AkiraAnnoA writer of literary fiction.
 DianaCowperThe Victim on Tony's previous case.
3CaraGrunshawA DI at Metropolitan Police.
 MariellaPetrovPryce's cleaner.
 DIMeadowsThe detective inspector at Diana Cowper's murder case.
 HenryFairchildPryce's neighbor.
 StephenSpencerPryce's husband.
 AdrianLockwoodPryce's client. Akira's husband.
4DarrenMillsA detective. Cara's partner.
 OliverMasefieldPryce's law firm partner.
 Rufus Henry's dog.
5MauriceTurnbullPryce's law frim partner.
 DavinaRichardsonAn interior decorator. Pryce's close friend.
 KevinChakrabortyLisa's son. The boy in the wheelchair.
6MarcusBrandtAn English cinematographer. Akira's ex-husband.
 AlainBadiouA French Philosopher.
 DawnAdamsAkira's friend. A publisher.
7StephanieBrookAn actress. Lockwood's first wife.
 CharlesRichardsonDavina's dead husband.
 ColinRichardsonCharles and Davina's son.
8Bertha Davina's grandfather clock.
 GregoryTaylorPryce's friend.
9JamesMcCoyA detective constable in charge of Gregory Taylor's murder case.
 Salim A police constable.
   PUT - Person Under a Train.
 SusanTaylorGregory's wife.
10DaveGallivanThe duty controller.
 JuneTaylorSusan and Greg's daughter.
 MaisieTaylorSusan and Greg's daughter.
 ChrisJacksonThe farmer where Greg and Richard asked for help.
11BarbaraJacksonChris's wife.
 MikeCarlyleThe man who approached Hawthorne.
12FarazDelijaniSpencer's lover.
14RebeccaLefevreThe bookstore manager.
16LisaChakrabortyKevin's mother.
 KennethBranniganHawthorne's neighbor.
 CassianBranniganKenneth's son.
 Christine Lisa's friend.
17HildaDrakeTony's literary agent.
 JamesDauntOwner of Daunt Books.
18LennyPinkermanHawthorne's friend. Aka: Lofty.
 DerekAbbottThe suspected child pornographer.
 MargePinkermanLofty's wife.
 GrahamHainPryce's forensic accountant.
19MarkBelladonnaDawn's writer.
The Sentence is Death suggested by Elizabeth Robinson