Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Evelyn Hugo to Auction off Gowns
 EvelynHugoProtagonist / A Film legend.
 Harry CameronA Film Producer / Evelyn Hugo's former husband.
 Connor M.CameronHarry and Evelyn Hugo's daughter.
 RobertJamisonLast husband of Evelyn Hugo / Financier and older brother of Celia St. James.
 CeceliaJamisonRobert Jamison's sister / 3-time Oscar winning actress / Brother of Robert Jamison / Evelyn's lover.
1Elizabeth M.GrantNarrator / A newbie journalist in Vivant. aka: Monique.
 Frankie TroupeWorkmate of Monique Grant.
 DebbiePalmerAn activist woman.
 RobertTurnerAn artist who has AIDS.
 ThomasWelchEvelyn Hugo's publicist.
 JackEastonA Congressman / Evelyn Hugo's former lover.
2DonAdlerA Hollywood actor / Evelyn Hugo's former husband.
 MickRivaA Singer / Evelyn Hugo's former husband.
 RexNorthAn Actor / Evelyn Hugo's former husband.
 MaxGirardA Film Director / Evelyn Hugo's former husband.
 DavidGrantMonique Grant's husband.
 CharlesReddingA Film historian.
3Grace Assistant of Evelyn Hugo.
 Troy Evelyn Hugo's cook.
4BeverlyGustafsonEvelyn Hugo's friend.
 ErnieDiazEvelyn Hugo's 1st husband.
   PART 1 - Poor Ernie Diaz
6Billy A cashier in Five and Dime / a boy who abused Evelyn Hugo.
 AriSullivanStudio head at Sunset Studio.
 GaryDupontA famous actor.
 Penelope QuillsGary Dupont's leading lady.
 Gwendolyn PetersA studio stylist.
 RogerAdlerDon Adler's mother.
 MaryAdlerDon Adler's father.
 PeteGreer.A famous actor.
 BrickThomasMatinee idol.
 BennyMorrisHarry Cameron's acquaitance / A lawyer for annulment.
 BettyDiazErnie Diaz's wife.
7RonnieBeelmanA man who has a meeting with Evelyn Hugo.
   PART 2 - Goddamn Don Adler
8EdBakerPlayed Evelyn Hugo's father in film "father and daughter".
 BonnieLakelandAn actor on MGM and Warner Bros.
9Ruby ReillyEvelyn Hugo's favorite actress / Evelyn Hugo's friend.
10VivianWorleyThe Head costumer for Sunset Studio.
11Maria Don Adler and Evelyn Hugo's mexican maid.
 Paula Don Adler and Evelyn Hugo's maid in Los Angeles.
 AlanThomasDon Adler's new agent.
 Bobby Assistant Director.
12JoyNathanEvelyn Hugo's co-actress.
14JamesGrantFather of Monique Grant.
 Angela GrantMother of Monique Grant.
 Yael Monique Grant's look-a-like / Monique Grant's friend.
16Betsy Harry Cameron's maid.
 Dr.LopaniAn Ob-gyne / Harry Cameron's acquaintance.
17RebeccaJamisonCelia St. James's sister.
 BillieHolidayA pretty actress. aka: Eleanora Fagan.
 RobertLoganDon Adler's friend.
   PART 3 - Gullible Mick Riva
24RogerColtonCelia St. James's agent.
 Veronica LoweA singer / Mick Riva's former wife.
   PART 4 - Clever Rex North
31LuisaJimenezEmployee of Evelyn Hugo from El Salvador.
 JohnBravermanA football star / Celia St. James's new boyfriend.
   PART 5 - Brilliant , Kind hearted Harry Cameron
36VioletNorthRex North and Joy Nathan's daughter.
47JoanMarkerA new actress.
   PART 6 - Disappointing Max Girard
52LucGirardMax Girard's brother.
55Jack Celia St. James's friend in the House of Representatives.
56BenMadleyEvelyn Hugo's co-star who was hospitalized.
 Nick Evelyn Hugo's driver.
   PART 7 - Agreeable Robert Jamison
62Greg Connor Cameron's boyfriend.