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Characters - Alphabetical
Jeffrey Hale
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FW   Mackenzie A.   Phillips   A father who lost his youngest daughter. aka: Allen.
    Nannette A.   Samuelson   A nurse. Mack's wife. aka: Nan.
    May       Mack's aunt.
    Jon   Phillips   Mack's son. Works in sales for local company.
    Tyler   Phillips   Mack's son. A recent college graduate.
    Josh   Phillips   Mack's son.
    Katherine   Phillips   Mack's daughter. aka: Kate.
    Melissa A.   Phillips   Mack's daughter. aka: Missy.
1   Tony       The mailman.
    Annie       The postmaster.
    Arlene       Nan's sister.
    Jimmy       Arlene's husband.
2   Joe       Mack's uncle.
3   Amber   Ducette   Vicki and Emil's daughter.
    Emmy    Ducette   Amber's younger sister.
    Vicki   Ducette   Emil's wife.
    Emil   Ducette   A U.S. Fish and Wildlife agent.
    J.J.       Vicki and Emil's one-year old son.
    Jesse   Madison   Independent human resources consultant.
    Sarah   Madison   Jesse's wife.
4   Jeremy   Bellamy   Wallowa Lake State Park's assistant manager.
    Virgil   Thomas   Boy from California who is at the campsite.
    Tommy   Dalton   A young officer from the sheriff's office.
    Maryanne       Nan's best friend.
    Samantha   Wikowsky   FBI special agent. aka: Sam
5   Willie       Mack's friend.
    Elousia       Housekeeper and cook. aka: Abba.
    Yeshua       He fixes things. aka: Joshua/Sesus/Jesse.
    Sarayu       Keeper of the gardens.
12   Sophia       The Judge.
17   Judas       Missy's cat.