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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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 AliciaBerensonA girl who killed her own husband. A painter.
 GabrielBerensonAlicia's husband. Deceased.
   Part One
1BarbieHellmanAlicia & Gabriel's neighbor who heard gunshot at their house.
2Alcestis The heroine of a Greek Myth. The title of Alicia's painting.
 Admetus Alcestis's husband.
 Jean-FelixMartinOwner of a small Soho Gallery that represents Alicia.
 JusticeAlverstoneThe judge on Gabriel's murder case.
 LazarusDiomedesProfessor of Psychiatry at Imperial College.
3TheoFaberAlicia's psychotherapist.
 IndiraSharmaA consultant psychotherapist at the Grove.
 Ruth Theo's former psychotherapist.
4StephanieClarkThe manager at the Grove.
 Yuri The head psychiatric nurse.
8LydiaRoseAlicia's aunt.
 MaxBerensonAlicia's lawyer. Gabriel's brother.
9KathrynFaberTheo's wife. Aka: Kathy.
10Marianne Theo's girlfriend.
 Daniel Kathryn's boyfriend.
 Meredith A Canadian sociology student.
   Part Two
1Christian The head of Alicia's care team.
2Elif One of the violent nurses at the Grove.
4W.RBionA psychoanalyst.
 Nicole Kathy's friend.
12PatrickDohertyMax's colleague.
 PaulRoseAlicia's cousin. Lydia's son.
 TanyaBerensonMax's wife.
 VernonRoseAlicia's father.
 EvaRoseAlicia's mother.
18Tony Kathy's director.
 Nicole Kathy and Theo's acquaintance.
23Rowena HartAlicia's art therapist.
   Part Four
19StevenAllenThe chief inspector who investigated the incident at the Grove.