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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   The Confidence of the Whole People
 JohnWinthrop Leading figures in founding Massachusetts Bay Colony.
 RonaldReagan40th U.S. President.
 HenryClayFormer American senator.
 AndrewJackson7th U.S. President.
 AbrahamLincoln16th U.S. President.
 ThomasJefferson3rd U.S. President.
 GeorgeWashington1st U.S. President.
 ThomasPaineAn English-born American political activist.
 JamesMadison4th U.S. President.
 EdmundRandolphThe seventh Governor of Virginia.
 AlexanderHamiltonFounding Fathers of the United States.
 DonaldTrump45th U.S. President.
WalterBagehotA British journalist.
 JamesBryceAn Irish-born academic, jurist, historian, and Liberal politician.
 Harry S. Truman33rd U.S. President.
 John F.Kennedy35th U.S. President.
 Lyndon B.Johnson36th U.S. President.
 JohnJayFormer Governor of New York.
 John C.CalhounFormer Vice President of the United States.
 LewisCassFormer United States Senator.
 FrederickDouglassAn American social reformer, abolitionist.
 TheodoreRoosevelt26th U.S. President. Aka: Teddy or TR.
 JamesBuchanan15th U.S. President.
 WoodrowWilson28th U.S. President.
 CharlesDarwinAn English naturalist, geologist and biologist.
 IsaacNewtonEnglish mathematician, physicist, astronomer, theologian.
 FranklinD.Roosevelt32nd U.S. President. Aka: FDR.
 Oliver Wendel  Holmes Jr.Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S.
 Plato  An Athenian philosopher.
 PotterStewartFormer Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S.
 OrsonWellesAn American actor, director, writer and producer.
 Dwight D.Eisenhower34th U.S. President.
 Ralph WaldoEmersonAn American essayist, lecturer, philosopher, and poet.
 GarryWillsAn American author, journalist, and historian.
 Aristotle  A Greek philosopher and polymath.
 Cicero  Roman statesman.
 JohnLockeAn English philosopher and physician.
 AlgernonSidneyAn English politician.
 Arthur M.Schlesinger Sr.An American historian.
 JamesWilsonA patriot leader during the American Revolution.
 JohnAdams2nd U.S. President.
 Robert A.NisbetAmerican sociologist, professor at University of California.
 Hesiod  An ancient Greek poet.
 Xenophanes  Greek philosopher, theologian, poet and religious critic.
 Anne RobertTurgotA French economist and statesman.
 Marquisde CondorcetA French philosopher and mathematician.
 AdamSmithA Scottish economist, philosopher, and author.
 NiccolòMachiavelliAn Italian Renaissance diplomat, philosopher and writer.
 SojournerTruthAn American abolitionist and women's rights activist.
 ElizabethStantonAn American suffragist, social activist, abolitionist.
2   The Long Shadow of Appomattox
 Robert EdwardLeeAn American Confederate general.
 Ulysses S. Grant18th U.S. President.
 WilmerMcLeanAn American wholesale grocer from Virginia.
 AndrewJohnson17th U.S. President.
 Rutherford B. Hayes19th U.S. President.
 PrestonBrooksFormer member of the U.S. House of Representative.
 CharlesSumnerFormer United States Senator.
 JohnBrownAn American abolitionist.
 Robert PennWarrenAn American poet, novelist, and literary critic.
 James LouisPetigruAn American lawyer, politician, and jurist.
 William H. SewardFormer United States Secretary of State.
 Jefferson DavisFormer President of the Confederate States.
 Alexander H.Stephens Politician served as the VP of the Confederate States.
 William HenryHerndon Law partner and biographer of President Abraham Lincoln.
 HoraceGreeleyAn American newspaper editor and publisher.
 Julia WardHoweAn American poet and author.
 Comer VannWoodwardA Pulitzer-prize winning American historian.
 William LloydGarrison Prominent American abolitionist, journalist, and reformer.
 NoahBrooksAn American journalist and editor.
 ThomasLincoln IIIThe fourth and youngest son of Abraham and Mary. Aka: Tad.
 Edward AlfredPollardAn American author active as a journalist in Virginia.
 Jubal A.EarlyA Virginia lawyer and politician.
 Thomas M.JonesA Tax Law attorney in Chicago.
 ClaudeBowersA newspaper columnist and editor.
 Nathan B.ForrestProminent as a Confederate Army general.
 Andrew NelsonLytleAmerican novelist, dramatist and professor of literature.
 William T.ShermanAn American soldier.
 DredScottAn enslaved African American man in the United States.
 Benjamin F.WadeFormer United States Senator.
 EricFonerAn American historian.
 ThaddeusStevensFormer United States Representative.
 WendellPhillipsAn American abolitionist, advocate for Native Americans.
 ThomasEwing Jr. First chief justice of Kansas and leading free state advocate.
 JohnShermanFormer Secretary of State.
 James M.LeachA congressman from North Carolina.
 Amos T. AkermanFormer U.S. Attorney General.
 Samuel J.TildenFormer Governor of New York.
 BenjaminTillmanAn American politician of the Democratic Party.
 W.E.B.Du BoisAmerican sociologist, socialist, historian, civil rights activist.
 John Marshall HarlanServed as an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.
3   With Soul of Flame and Temper of Steel
 EdithRooseveltTheodore Roosevelt's wife.
 Elihu RootSecretary of State under President Theodore Roosevelt.
 Victor H. MetcalfPresident Theodore Roosevelt's cabinet Secretary.
 OscarStrausFormer U.S. Secretary of Commerce and Labor.
 WilliamLoeb Jr.Presidential secretary to President Theodore Roosevelt .
 IsraelZangwillA British author.
 RichardWagnerGerman composer, theatre director and conductor.
 ChristopherColumbusAn Italian explorer and navigator.
 DavidQuixanoA Jewish immigrant came to the United States.
 WalkerWhitesideAmerican actor who played Hamlet, Othello, King Lear.
 AnthonyTrollopeAn English novelist and civil servant of the Victorian era.
 Martha B.RooseveltTheodore Roosevelt's mother.
 JohnLongA former prizefighter.
 Alice R.LongworthTheodore Roosevelt's daughter.
 IdaTarbellAn American writer, investigative journalist, and biographer.
 JacobRiisAn American-Danish journalist.
 Chester A.Arthur21st U.S. President.
 SamuelGompersAn American-British labor union leader.
 HermanGutstadt An author.
 HerbertSpencerEnglish philosopher, biologist, anthropologist, and sociologist.
 JohnFiskeAn American philosopher and historian.
 Rudyard KiplingAn English journalist, short-story writer, poet, and novelist.
 WinstonChurchillFormer Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
 Henry Cabot LodgeFormer American senator.
 Elizabeth I  Queen of England.
 MadisonGrantAn American lawyer, writer, and zoologist.
 Edward A.RossA progressive American sociologist.
 James G. BlaineSpeaker of the United States House of Representatives.
 Henry W.LongfellowAn American poet and educator.
 Booker T.WashingtonAmerican educator and adviser to multiple presidents.
 WilliamMcKinley25th U.S. President.
 John R.LynchBlack Republican politician, writer and military officer.
 Minnie M.Cox First African-American woman to serve as U.S. postmaster.
 Dr. William L.CrumA Family Medicine Doctor in Meridian, ID.
 William H. Taft27th U.S. President.
 Thomas G. DyerVice President Emeritus at the University of Georgia.
 JaneAddamsAn American settlement activist, reformer, social worker.
4   A New and Good Thing in the World
 Alice PaulAn American suffragist, feminist, and women's rights activist.
 EmmelinePankhurstA British political activist.
 Abigail  John Adams' wife.
 LucretiaMottA women's rights activist, abolitionist and religious reformer.
 Susan B.AnthonyAn American social reformer and women's rights activist.
 Jean H.BakerAn American historian.
 Henry DavidThoreauAn American essayist, poet, and philosopher.
 Carrie C.CattAn American women's suffrage leader.
 Ellen  Woodrow Wilson's wife.
 William M.TrotterA newspaper editor.
 Oswald G.VillardAmerican journalist and editor of New York Evening Post.
 John MiltonCooper Jr.An American historian, author, and educator.
 James K.VardamanAn American politician from the U.S state of Mississippi.
 Thomas HardwickAn American politician from the U.S. state of Georgia.
 Thomas W.DixonAn writer.
 David WarkGriffithAn American film director.
 Lillian GishAmerican actress.
 William J.SimmonsAmerican coronel and preacher.
 Mrs. C. HelenPlaneA charter member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.
 GutzonBorglumAn American sculptor.
 Thomas J.JacksonConfederate General during Civil War. aka: Stonewall.
 Mary ElizabethTylerAn Atlanta public-relations professional . Aka: Bessie.
 Edward Y.ClarkeThe Imperial Wizard pro tempore of the Ku Klux Klan.
 David H.BennettA Professor for History in the Syracuse University.
 HugoBlackFormer Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S.
 Albert S.BurlesonUnited States Postmaster General and Representative.
 Eugene V. DebsAn American socialist, political activist. Aka: Gene.
 Warren G.Harding29th U.S. President.
 A. MitchellPalmerUnited States Attorney General.
 James  Franklin D. Roosevelt's son.
 NicolasLongworthAlice Roosevelt's husband.
 Eleanor  Franklin Roosevelt's wife.
 SaraRooseveltFranklin Roosevelt's mother.
 LeonTrotskyRussian revolutionary, political theorist and politician.
 Frederick L.Allen Editor of Harper's Magazine and an American historian.
 Vladimir LeninFormer Premier of the Soviet Union.
 SinclairLewisAn American novelist, short story writer and playwright.
 Georgo T.BabbitA retired United States Air Force four star general.
 Katherine F.GerouldAn American writer and essayist.
 Irwin Hood HooverServed as the White House Chief Usher. Aka: Ike.
 Robert K.Murray Professor of history at the Pennsylvania State Univ.
 George Bernard ShawAn Irish playwright, critic, polemicist and political activist.
 Charles Evans HughesFormer Chief Justice of the United States.
 FelixFrankfurterFormer Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S.
 Arthur G.Hays American lawyer and general counsel of the ACLU.
 T. LothropStoddard Supremacist historian, journalist, and political scientist.
 F. ScottFitzgerald Novelist, essayist, screenwriter, and short-story writer.
 Thomas BaileyAldrichAmerican writer, poet, critic, and editor.
 EmmaLazarusAmerican author of poetry and prose.
 Hiram Wesley EvansAn American dentist.
 Rory M.McVeighAn American sociologist.
 CliffordWalkerAn American attorney and politician from Georgia.
 Thomas W.HardwickAmerican politician from the U.S. state of Georgia.
 CalvinCoolidge30th U.S. President.
 Alfred E.Smith Former Governor of New York.
 Bainbridge Colby Lawyer and Woodrow Wilson's last Secretary of State.
 EdmundMooreA politician from Ohio.
 William R.PattangalA Maine politician.
 CarrollMillerPattangal's acquaintance.
 Cameron A. Morrison 55th Governor of the U.S. state of North Carolina.
 Jared Y.SandersFormer Governor of Louisiana.
 William J.Bryan Former United States Secretary of State.
 William G.McAdoo Former member of the United States Senate.
 John W.DavisAn American politician, diplomat and lawyer.
 H. L.MenchenAn American journalist, essayist.
 ClarenceDarrowAn American lawyer.
 William AllenWhiteAn American newspaper editor.
 Rev. CharlesJeffersonThe pastor of the Central Congregational Church at Chelsea.
 BenitoMussoliniFormer Prime Minister of Italy.
 Willis VanDevanterFormer Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S.
 JosephMcCarthyFormer American senator.
 PatHarrisonFormer United States Senator.
 William E.ChancellorAmerican academic and writer.
 Florence  Harding's wife.
 James S. FaulknerAn English actor.
 Basil E. NewtonKhan's Imperial Counsel.
 Charles G. DawesFormer Vice President of the United States.
 Jerry L.WallaceA Coolidge scholar.
 David C.StephensonA convicted murderer and rapist. Aka: Steve.
 Henry H.ProctorA noted author and lecturer.
5   The Crisis of the Old Order
 HerbertHoover31st U.S. President.
 Bernard M.BaruchAmerican financier, stock investor, and political consultant.
 David M.KennedyAn American historian.
 HueyLongFormer Governor of Louisiana.
 DouglasMacArthurAn American five-star general.
 GiuseppeZangaraItalian immigrant naturalized United States citizen. Aka: Joe.
 VincentAstorAn American businessman and philanthropist.
 AntonCermakFormer Mayor of Chicago.
 RaymondMoleyAn American political economist.
 John Maynard KeynesBritish economist.
 CharlesCoughlinAmerican-Canadian priest.
 William R.ManchesterAn American author, biographer, and historian.
 Smedley ButlerA senior United States Marine Corps officer.
 J. EdgarHooverFormer Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
 John W.McCormackSpeaker of the United States House of Representatives.
 SamuelDicksteinA New York State Supreme Court Justice.
 JulesArcherAn American author.
 AdolfHitlerA German politician and leader of the Nazi Party.
 NathanaelWestAn American author and screenwriter.
 HoratioAlgerAn American writer of young adult novels.
 ShagpokeWhippleA former banker.
 JamesFarleyOne of the first Irish Catholic politicians in American history.
 T. HarryWilliamsAn American historian.
 EarleChristenberry Native of New Orleans and resident of River Ridge.
 KennethMcKellarAmerican politician from Tennessee.
 Alben w.BarkleyFormer Vice President of the United States.
 Raymond G.SwingAn American print and broadcast journalist.
 LouisHoweAn American reporter for the New York Herald.
 LawrenceDennisAn American diplomat, consultant and author.
 Hugh S.JohnsonU.S. Army officer - member of the Brain Trust of F.D.R.
 WalterLippmannAn American writer, reporter and political commentator.
 Lucy MercerRutherfordAmerican woman known for her affair to Pres. Roosevelt.
 James M. CoxFormer U.S. representative from Ohio.
 SamuelRosenmanFormer White House Counsel.
 Rexford TugwellAn economist who became FDR's adviser.
 Endicott PeabodyFormer Governor of Massachusetts.
 HarryHopkinsThe 8th Secretary of Commerce and FDR's closest adviser.
 Robert E.SherwoodAn American playwright and a screenwriter.
 MarthaGellhornAn American novelist, travel writer, and journalist.
 SherwoodAndersonAn American novelist and short story writer.
 JohnGuntherAn American journalist and author.
 ArthurKrockAmerican journalist.
 WilliamBullitt Jr.An American diplomat, journalist, and novelist.
 GeorgeGallupAn American pioneer of survey sampling techniques.
 RonaldLindsayThe former president and CEO of the Center for Inquiry.
 LouisLudlowA Democratic Indiana congressman.
 CharlesLindbergAn American aviator.
 WilliamBorahFormer United States Senator.
 John Nance GarnerFormer Vice President of the United States.
 Genghis KhanThe first Great Khan and Emperor of the Mongol Empire.
 Xerxes I  The fourth King of Kings of the Achaemenid Empire.
 WendellWillkieAn American lawyer.
 HenryMorgenthau Jr.Former United States Secretary of the Treasury.
 NormanThomasAn American Presbyterian minister.
 John T.FlynnAn American journalist.
 HenryFordAn American industrialist and business magnate.
 Fritz JuliusKuhnThe leader of the German American Bund.
 Arthur BellAn American journalist, author and LGBT rights activist.
 Gerald L.K.SmithAn American clergyman and populist political organizer.
 ElbertWilliams Founding member of the NAACP - Haywood Branch.
 H.G.WellsAn English writer.
 FelixFrankfurterFormer Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S.
 RoyWilkinsA prominent activist in the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S.
 Walter WhiteAn African-American civil rights activist who led the NAACP.
 WillAlexanderA poet, novelist, essayist, playwright, and visual artist.
 Henry A. WallaceFormer U.S. Vice President.
 MarianAndersonAn American singer of classical music and spirituals.
 Harold L.IckesServed as United States Secretary of the Interior.
 A. PhilipRandolphAn American labor unionist, civil rights activist.
 Henry L.StimsonFormer Secretary of State.
 Chase A.ClarkFormer Governor of Idaho.
 EarlWarrenFormer Governor of California.
 HugoBlackFormer Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S.
 Joseph W.StilwellA World War II army officer.
 MaryMasudaKazuo's sister.
 KazuoMasudaA staff sergeant in the U.S. military.
 Edward R.MurrowAn American broadcast journalist and war correspondent.
 RichardBreitmanAn American historian.
 Allan J.LichtmanAn American political historian.
 Gerhard L.WeinbergAn American military historian.
 GeorgeMarshallFormer United States Secretary of State.
 RussellLinakaA forestry employee for Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
 Anna  Franklin Roosevelt's daughter.
 JohnBoettigerFranklin Roosevelt's son-in-law.
 EdwinWatsonFranklin Roosevelt's aide.
 MargaretSukleyFranklin Roosevelt's cousin. Aka: Daisy.
 Robert E.SherwoodAn American playwright and screenwriter.
6   Have You No Sense Of Decency?
 AdlaiStevenson IIFormer Governor of Illinois.
 John JayHopkinsThe founder and president of General Dynamics.
 James T.PattersonAn American historian.
 EdwardHeath Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
 Euripides  One of the three ancient Greek tragedians.
 J. HectorSt. JohnA French-American writer.
 William H.Taft27th U.S. President.
 GaneshSitaramanAn American legal scholar.
 WalterBagehotA British journalist, businessman, and essayist.
 HoratioAlger Jr.An American writer of young adult novels.
 HenryClayFormer American senator.
 William L.ShirerAn American journalist.
 Robert Welch Jr.An American businessman and political organizer.
 John Foster DullesFormer United States Secretary of State.
 DanielWebsterFormer Secretary of State.
 JosephMcCarthyFormer American senator.
 MartinDies Jr.Former United States Representative.
 WilliamLoeb Jr.The Presidential secretary to President Theodore Roosevelt.
 KlausFuchsA German theoretical physicist and atomic spy.
 JuliusRosenbergAmerican convicted of spying on behalf of the Soviet Union.
 EthelRosenbergJulius' wife also convicted of spying.
 Richard Nixon37th U.S. President.
 WhittakerChambersAn American writer-editor and former communist spy.
 GeorgeReedyFormer White House Press Secretary.
 Roy M.Cohn Lawyer and Senator Joseph McCarthy's chief counsel.
 Elizabeth II  The Queen of the United Kingdom.
 Margaret C.SmithFormer member of the U.S. Senate.
 DavidOshinskyAmerican historian.
 John W.BrickerFormer United States Senator.
 Frank PaulZeidlerAn American politician and mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
 Richard H.RovereAn American political journalist.
 Robert F.KennedyFormer United States Attorney General.
 John F.Kennedy35th U.S. President.
 John PaulJonesThe United States' first well-known naval commander.
 RichardHofstadterAmerican historian.
 Edwin R.BayleyA journalist.
 Edwin PalmerHoytAn American writer who specialized in military history.
 MurreyMarderA Washington Post reporter for 39 years.
 Philip LeslieGrahamAn American newspaperman.
 DavidHalberstamAmerican writer, journalist, and historian.
 Walter J.Kohler Jr.Former Governor of Wisconsin.
 Sherman AdamsFormer White House Chief of Staff.
 OmarBradleySenior officer of the United States Army.
 G. DavidSchineThe central figure in the Army-McCarthy hearings.
 Dashiell HammettAmerican author.
 Benjamin C.BradleeOne of the most prominent journalists of post-World War II.
 Joseph N.Welch Lawyer served as chief counsel for the U.S. Army.
 RalphFlandersRepublican U.S. Senator from the state of Vermont.
 Prescott BushFormer United States Senator.
 JohnBirchUnited States American Baptist minister and missionary.
 William A.Rusher Lawyer, author, and conservative syndicated columnist.
 William F.Buckley Jr.American conservative author and commentator.
 BarryGoldwaterFormer American senator.
 Robert A. TaftFormer United States Senator.
 Msgr. John K.CartwrightPastor at Immaculate Conception.
 SamRayburnSpeaker of the United States House of Representatives.
7   What The Hell Is The Presidency For?
 John W.McCormackFormer Speaker of the United States House Representatives.
 Lady BirdJohnsonPresident Lyndon B. Johnson's wife.
 Martin LutherKing Jr.African American minister and activist.
 Yolanda  Martin Luther's daughter.
 Rev. WalterFauntroyMartin Luther's colleague.
 NickKotzAmerican journalist, author, and historian.
 AlbertGore Sr.Former U.S. Representative.
 EstesKefauverFormer U.S. Representative.
 WhitneyYoungAmerican civil rights leader.
 RichardWrightAuthor of novels, short stories, poems, and non-fiction.
 HubertHumphreyFormer Vice President of the United States.
 StromThurmondFormer United States Senator.
 EarlWarrenFormer Governor of California.
 MayaAngelouAmerican poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist.
 Willie  Angelou's uncle.
 Robert PennWarrenAmerican poet, novelist, and literary critic.
 Gerald L. K.SmithAmerican clergyman and populist political organizer.
 GeorgeWallaceFormer Governor of Alabama.
 JohnPattersonFormer Governor of Alabama.
 JeffersonDavisFormer President of the Confederate States.
 Marshall FradyAmerican journalist and author.
 William L.ShirerAmerican journalist and war correspondent.
 Rev. EdwardHightowerServed as pastor of the Mt. Moriah M. B. Church.
 Edward AlfredPollardAmerican author active as a journalist in Virginia.
 John C.StennisFormer American senator.
 HelenWilliamsAn employee at the vice president's office of U.S.
 Gene  Helen William's husband.
 Martin LutherKing Sr.Martin Luther Junior's father.
 RosaParksAmerican activist in the civil rights movement .
 E. D. NixonAmerican civil rights leader.
 TaylorBranchAmerican author and historian.
 Mahalia JacksonAmerican gospel singer.
 RussellBakerBritish Postwar & Contemporary painter.
 BobDylanAmerican singer-songwriter.
 CharltonHestonAmerican actor and political activist.
 MarlonBrando Jr.American actor and film director.
 A. PhilipRandolph Labor unionist, civil rights activist, and socialist politician.
 MichaelBeschloss Historian specializing in the United States presidency.
 PrestonBruceServed as a White House doorman.
 Katharine M.GrahamAmerican publisher.
 James H.RoweAmerican lawyer.
 RichardRussell Jr.Former member of the United States Senate.
 HubertHumphreyFormer Vice President of the United States.
 EverettDirksenFormer member of the United States Senate.
 RamsayClark Lawyer, activist and former federal government official.
 Charles L.WeltnerAmerican jurist and politician.
 NicholasKatzenbachAmerican lawyer served as United States Attorney General.
 Bill D. MoyersFormer White House Press Secretary.
 Theodore C.SorensonPresident Kennedy's counsel and speechwriter.
 Joseph W.Bailey Sr.Former United States Senator.
 WilliamLeuchtenburg Leading scholar of life and career of Franklin D Roosevelt.
 Gerald Ford38th U.S. President.
 Hosea WilliamsAmerican civil rights leader.
 BufordEllingtonFormer Governor of Tennessee.
 Richard N.GoodwinAmerican writer.
 MarvinWatsonPresident Johnson's aide.
 TerrySanfordFormer Governor of North Carolina.
 John P.RochePresident Johnson's adviser.
 Coretta S.KingThe wife of Martin Luther King Jr.
 R.W.Apple Jr.An associate editor at The New York Times.
 JacquelineKennedyFormer First Lady of the United States.
 Roger EugeneAilesAmerican television executive and media consultant.
 ShirleyChisholmAmerican politician, educator, and author.
 BarbaraJordanThe first African American elected to the Texas Senate.
 Henry B.GonzalezAmerican Democratic politician from the U.S. state of Texas.
 VernonJordan Business executive and civil rights activist in the U.S.
 JulianBond Social activist and leader of the civil rights movement.
 HarryMiddletonA southern American nature writer
 HughSideyAmerican journalist.
 NickKatzAmerican mathematician.