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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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 LeonardValertsSadie's boyfriend. Aka: Jack, Lenny.
 FionaValertsJack's middle sister.
 Piet Fiona's fiancĂ©.
 KatieValertsJack's sister.
 EloiseValertsJack's oldest sister.
 MichaelValertsJack's father.
 IreneValertsJack's mother.
 Paul Katie's husband.
 LottieStanleyJack's close friend. A singer.
 Seamus Eloise's dog.
 Thomas Katie's son.
 Robin Katie's son.
 LouiseLevineDavid's father.
 Phillip Louis's brother.
 Julius Louis's brother.
 Sidney Louis's brother.
 DavidLevineLouis's son.
 Robby Louis and David's tour guide.
 Eileen The receptionist.
 Dr.BenjaminA radio host.
 Stewart Dr. Benjamin's regular caller.
 Allison Dr. Benjamin's regular caller.
 Linda Dr. Benjamin's regular caller.
 Sheila One of Dr. Benjamin's callers.
 Ann One of Dr. Benjamin's callers.
 Patrick One of Dr. Benjamin's callers.
 EvalineBenjaminDr. Benjamin's wife.
 WillieShaverLottie's toy man.
 CaptainSimsThe tomcat.
 ShappyMarksLottie's mentor.
 Jonas Mistress Mickle's half-brother.
 MistressMickleAn actress. Jonas's half-sister. Aka: Jenny Early.
 Matthias Jonas's friend.
 IrishSiobhanThe girl that Jonas impregnated.
 Micah Mistress Mickle's workmate.
 MagnificientJimmyA magician.
 Leonora Alan's wife.
 Rosa Leonora's daughter.
 Marco Leonora's son.
 Dolly Leonora's daughter.
 Alan Leonora's husband. A radio manufacturer.
 MadelineWoosterThe nanny that Alan hired.
 MikeWoosterMadeline's father.
 LindaBrodySadie's mother.
 TimothyBrodySadie's father. Deceased.
 ArturoVitaleAn antique dealer. Linda's friend.
 Bruno Ernest's lover.
 Ernest Bruno's lover.
 Cody Bruno and Ernest's son.
 Eleanor Bruno's former wife. Deceased.
 Romeo The bartender.
 Thea Georgia's mother.
 Georgia Thea's daughter.
 Martine Georgia's husband.
 Florence Thea's long-lost friend.
 Amanda The doll seller.
 Orly Florence's son.
 Loren A philosophy professor. Florence's husband.
 SamuelBeckettThe Samuel Beckett look-a-like bartender. Aka: Keith.
 Meredith The bartender.
 Flora A podiatrist. Aksel's friend.
 Aksel Joanna's ex-husband.
 Leo Joanna and Aksel's son.
 Cari The man that Sadie met at Holland.
 Miffy The rabbit.