Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Stranger Protagonist of The Stranger book.
 Herbert The Stranger's dog.
 Herbert (2) Clare's dog.
 ClareCassidyProtagonist. A teacher and a writer.
 Peter One of Clare's creative writing students.
 Una One of Clare's creative writing students.
 Ted One of Clare's creative writing students.
 RolandMontgomery-HollandThe author of The Stranger.
 GeorgiaCassidy-NewtonClare's daughter. Aka: Georgie.
 SimonNewtonGeorgia's father. Clare's ex-husband.
 RickLewisClare's department head.
 EllaElphickClare's close friend and co-teacher. Murdered.
 TonySweetmanTalgarth High's school principal.
 DaisyLewisRick's wife.
 DebraGreenClare and Ella's friend and co-teacher.
2Jen Clare's best friend.
 Cathy Clare's best friend.
 MeganWilliamsThe former principal of Talgarth High.
 AliceAveryR.M. Holland's wife.
 Andy The owner of Doggy Day Care.
 HarbinderKaurA female detective. One of the narrators. A former Talgarth High student.
3NeilWinstonHarbinder's partner. A detective investigator.
 HenryHamiltonA senior English lecturer at Cambridge. Clare's new found friend. Aka: H.H.H.
 NigelElphickElla's father.
 SarahElphickElla's mother.
 LeoGreenDebra's husband.
4FleurNewtonSimon's new wife.
 Sebastian Clare's ex-boyfriend.
5Edmund Hamilton's assistant.
 WilliamPetherickA theology teacher. Holland's friend.
 Marianna Holland's alleged daughter.
 ThomasinaHollandHolland's sister.
 TyGreenallGeorgia's boyfriend.
 MartinCassidyClare's brother.
 NatashaWhiteGeorgia's best friend. Aka: Tash.
 Jonnie Clare's friend.
 Susan Clare's friend.
6VeraPrenticeClare's co-teacher.
 AlanSmithClare's co-teacher.
 AnoushkaPalmerClare's co-teacher.
 Don The teacher who covers Ella's class.
 JoshBrownOne of the students at Talgarth High.
7Paul Ella's friend.
8Pippa Georgia's friend.
 Bastian The leader of Hell club in The Stranger book.
 Gudgeon The Stranger's friend.
 Wilberforce Gudgeon's colleague.
 Collins Lord Bastian's henchman.
9Patel A policeman.
 OliviaGrantPatel's partner. A female police officer.
10Malone A senior investigating officer.
 MissCathcartHarbinder's former English teacher.
11BradleyJonesElla's ex-lover.
12SadieJonesBradley's daughter.
 KushKaurHarbinder's brother.
 GaryCarterHarbinder's first boyfriend. A geography teacher.
 LizFrancisThe deputy head.
 TomCreeveOne of Ella's students.
 PatrickO'LearyOne of Ella's students who sent her a Valentines card. Georgia's friend.
13Dipa Harbinder's aunt.
14Mr.PattersonThe former caretaker of Talgarth High.
16BryonyHughesGeorgia's teacher.
 VenetiaSherbourneOne of Georgia's best friends.
 Rosie Patrick's girlfriend.
17LittleBearA member at
 CyberWolfA member at
18DaveBannermanOne of the caretakers of Talgarth High.
19IslaBatesGeorgia's schoolmate.
 Paige Georgia's friend.
 DorothyLaddenHarbinder's former teacher.
23FreddyHamiltonHenry's son.
 LukeHamiltonHenry's son.
 Derek A police sergeant.
 JillMonroeA police officer.
26Kelly Neil's mother.
 Lily Harbinder's nephew.
 MaggieO'HaraThe FLO of Lewis's family.
 Lauren Mrs. Lewis's sister.
 Kiaan Harbinder's nephew.
 Alisha Harbinder's niece.
 AbidKaurHarbinder's brother.
 CaraKaurAbid's wife.
27MissMcKenzieTalgarth High's librarian.
28Bella The handwriting expert.
29CollinHarrisThe Chief Investigator.
30DeclanO'LearyPatrick's brother.
 MaureenO'LearyPatrick's mother.
32Lucca Clare's former boss.
35RonnieBellowsA student who hated Rick.
39SteveHollingsThe Detective Inspector on Simon's attack.
41EvaSmithThe Stranger's friend.
42AliciaSherbourneVenetia's mother.
43AnnaWhiteTash's mother.
46JimHarrisA Detective Sergeant.
The Stranger Diaries suggested by Elizabeth Robinson