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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   June, 1930 (Bianca Medeiro)
1Errol FlynnAn Australian-born actor.
 CharlesLindberghAmerican aviator.
 PeterDumontHugh Fisher's friend.
 HughFisherFormer hockey team captain at Harvard University.
 MariaMedeiroBianca's aunt.
 BiancaMedeiroHelped runs Maria's general store in town.
 Manuelo Maria's husband.
 AbigailDumontPeter Dumont's sister.
 Laura One of Tia Maria's daughters.
 Manuelo Jr. Tia Maria's son.
 Francisca One of Tia Maria's daughters.
2PascoalVargasFrancisca's fiance.
3ClaraBowAn American actress.
   1951 (Miranda Schuyler)
1Mr.SilvaAn old lobsterman. Aka: Popeye.
2MirandaSchuylerProspero's daughter.
 WilliamShakespeareAn English poet, playwright, and actor.
 Prospero An art teacher.
3JosephVargasA young lobsterman.
4DickHuxleyA doctor.
 FrancineSchuylerMiranda's mother.
 IsobelFisherMiranda's stepsister. Aka: Izzy.
 Miss Charlotte Mrs. Schuyler's employer.
5Mrs.BeardsleyOwns a flower shop.
 ClaytonMonkIsobel's fiancĂ©. Aka: Clay.
 Elizabeth TaylorAn American-British actress.
 Esther A maid.
6MissAmesOne of Prospero's students.
 MissKelloggOne of Prospero's students.
 MissVanderbiltOne of Prospero's students.
8Peaches Miranda's nickname given by Isobel.
9ThomasSchuylerReal name of Miranda's father.
 Hercules A Roman hero and god.
12Mrs.MonkClayton's mother.
14CandyHuxleyDr. Huxley's wife.
 Livy Candy Huxley's daughter.
15CharlesDickensAn English writer.
16AnthonyTrollopeAn English novelist.
 GiuseppeVerdiAn Italian opera composer.
 RichardWagnerA German composer.
18Victoria Former Queen of the United Kingdom.
   1969 (Miranda Thomas)
1Brigitte An elderly water colorist.
2Hugh PercivalFisher Jr.Miranda's brother.
5Apolo Greek god of music, poetry, light, prophecy, and medicine.
8Lucy Clayton's daughter.
 TomDonnellyClayton's friend.
 Jacqueline One of Clayton's daughters.
 Barbara One of Clayton's daughters.
9AugustFisherHugh Fisher's grandfather.
10CarrollGoringMiranda's husband.
 Victor Carroll's friend.
   July, 1930 (Bianca Medeiro)
2JohnnyWeissmullerAn American swimmer.
   1951 (Miranda Schuyler)
2Mrs.MenziesOne who runs the post office.
  SantanaA man who runs the ferry.
 BeckySantanaThe old Santana's daughter.
 Mrs.CostaFrank's wife.
 Mrs.SweeneyMrs. Costa's friend.
 FrankCostaA lobsterman.
8Benjamin Clayton's brother. Aka: Bingo.
   1969 (Miranda Thomas)
2Felicity One of Mianda's acquaintances.
 Patricia One of Miranda's acquaintances.
 Otto An sculptor.
 Leonard A poetry writer.
6FrankSinatraAmerican singer.
 Vivien LeighA British film actress.
9NeilArmstrongAmerican astronaut and first person to walk on the Moon.
   August, 1951 (Miranda Schuyler)
11Harry Miranda's uncle.
   1969 (Miranda Thomas)
1Laurence Carroll's friend.
4FrankSantoriniOne of the Marshalls.
 Johnny One of the Marshalls.
12FatherMcManusA priest.
14Lizzie BordenThe main suspect of murdering her father and her stepmother.
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