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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
1SteveWatersKate's husband.
 Kate S.WatersSteve's wife. A news reporter.
 JakeWatersKate and Steve's son. Aka: JW.
 FreddieWatersKate and Steve's son. Jake's brother.
2LesleyO'ConnorAlex's mother.
 MalcolmO'ConnorLesley's husband. Alex's father.
 AlexandraO'ConnorLesley and Malcolm's missing daughter. Aka: Alex.
 RosieShawAlex's friend in Thailand.
 JennyShawRosie's mother.
3ZaraSalmondThe detective.
 BobSparkesZara's boss. The detective inspector.
 EileenSparkesBob's wife.
 SamSparkesBob and Eileen's daughter.
4JoeJacksonA young reporter. Kate's colleague.
 Terry Jackson's boss.
5DonRichardsonThe Post's Southeast Asia correspondent.
6SimonPearsonNews editor.
 DannyO'ConnorAlex's brother. Aka: Dan.
 MickMurrayThe photographer.
 Deepika Law firm partner.
7MagsHardingAlex's best friend.
 Larsde VriesOne of Alex and Rosie's boy friends from Thailand. Aka: Diederik, Dr. Rappo.
10MikeShawRosie's father.
 ImogenShawMike's new wife.
 GlenTaylorA suspect in the Bella Elliot kidnapping case.
12ConstanceShawMike's mother.
 JamieLawrenceThe man Alex met at Thailand. Aka: JW, Jamie Way.
13Nina Terry's assistant.
15GeorgeClarksonThe man who worked at The Telegraph.
 LouiseButlerThe man who worked at The Herald.
17CliveBarnesThe Vice Consul.
   Part 2
27Sheila Danny's aunt.
 Rick Danny's uncle. Sheila's husband.
32Hilary Sparkes' colleague.
36Fran Jenny's sister.
39Gail One of the feature writers.
40Dr. AoifeMortimerForensic pathologist.
 WendyTurnerFamily liaison officer.
41Helen The palliative nurse.
49Albert Kate's friend.
51Mr.WatsonJamie's former employer.
54ChloeWellingtonThe detective chief inspector.
55Prasongsanti The colonel.
 JasonFellowesPolice officer.
 NicoleRatnerVideographer. Jason's colleague.
61Mama Owner of the guest house where Alex and Rosie stayed.
The Suspect suggested by Terry Harvey