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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   The Letter
 Bailey A guardian of the book shop keys.
   The Banbury Herald - The local newspaper.
 VidaWinterFamous novelist. Aka: Adeline March, Shadow.
 CharlesDickensThe world's most famous author.
 JulesLandierThe protagonist in Margaret's first book.
 EdmondLandierEdmond's brother.
 Mrs.RobbMargaret's next-door neighbor.
 Judith Vida's housekeeper.
   Meeting Miss Winter
 GeorgeAngelfieldVida's grandfather. Isabelle and Charlie's father.
 MathildeM. AngelfieldVida's grandmother. Isabelle and Charlie's mother.
 CharlieAngelfieldIsabelle's brother.
 IsabelleAngelfieldCharlie's sister. Adeline and Emmeline's mother.
 EmmelineAngelfieldVida's twin sister. Isabelle's daughter.
 RolandMarchIsabelle's husband.
 SybillaMarchRoland's sister.
 Maurice The Angelfield's driver.
 MarthaDunneThe loyal servant of the Angelfields. Aka: The Missus.
 JohnDigenceAngelfields's gardener. Aka: John-the-dig.
   Merrily and The Perambulator
 MaryJamesonFred Jameson's wife. Aka: Mary Leigh, Merrily.
 FredJamesonOne of the farmers in the Angelfield Village.
 Mr.GriffinThe Angelfields's neighbor.
 GrannyStokesMr. Griffin's next-door neighbor.
 Dr.CliftonVida's doctor.
   Dr. and Mrs. Maudsley
 Dr.MaudsleyA doctor at the Angelfield's Village.
 WilfredBonnerThe neighbor of Angelfields.
 TheodoraMaudsleyDr. Maudsley's wife.
   The Almanacs
   LDD - Legal Decree of Disease.
 Lewis AnthonyMarchRoland's uncle. An artist.
 MissJenkinshopThe Banbury Herald's reviewer.
   The Friendly Giant
 Aurelius A.LoveA stranger that Margaret met and befriended.
 Mr.LomaxThe Angelfield's solicitor.
 HesterBarrowThe governess at Angelfield's house.
 Joan MaryLoveAurelius's wife.
   After Hester
 IvanLeaMargaret's father.
 William HenryCadwalladerMargaret's acquaintance.
 Kitty Mrs. Love's sister.