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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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ProAndrew G.McCabeAmerican attorney and former Deputy Director of the FBI.
 George J.McCabeMcCabe's father.
 Ellen E.McCabeMcCabe's mother.
 PatrickMcCabeMcCabe's brother.
 Barbra JillMcCabeMcCabe's wife. Physician at the Children's Hospital.
 DavidMcFarland Barbra's father.
 SusanMcFarlandBarbra's mother.
 KimMarquardtBarbra's sister.
 JamesGreenbergMcCabe's former supervisor.
  ShmerelsonOne of the law firm partners.
  Weinroth One of the law firm partners.
  Miller One of the law firm partners.
  EpsteinOne of the law firm partners.
  BeckerOne of the law firm partners.
  GreenOne of the law firm partners.
 Robert H.BernsteinMcCabe's former employer.
1  Up for Grabs
 JamesComeyAmerican lawyer and the 7th Director of the FBI.
 JeffSessionsPolitician, lawyer and the 84th U.S. Attorney General.
 RodRosensteinU.S. Deputy Attorney General.
 JamesCrowellRosenstein's chief of staff.
 HillaryClintonFormer first lady and the 67th U.S. Secretary of State.
 RobertMuellerAmerican attorney and the 6th Director of the FBI.
   SVTC - Secure Video Teleconference
   SAC - Special Agents in Charge
 BarackObamaAmerican attorney, politician and the 44th U.S. President.
 George W. BushAmerican politician and the 43rd U.S. President.
 Donald J. TrumpBusinessman, television personality - 45th U.S. President.
 KeithSchillerTrump's longtime bodyguard.
 DonMcGahnFormer White House counsel.
 ReincePriebusFormer White House Chief of Staff.
 MikePenceFormer Governor of Indiana and 48th U.S. Vice President.
 Joseph LiebermanPolitician, lobbyist, attorney and former U.S. Senator.
 TerryMcAuliffeBill and Hillary Clinton's friend. Former Governor of Virginia.
2  Answering the Call
 Theodore KaczynskiAmerican domestic terrorist. Aka: Unabomber.
   FATS - Firearms Training Simulation
 Felix  Owner of a furniture store in Brooklyn. Aka: Big Felix.
 Osamabin LadenFounder of the pan-Islamic militant organization al-Qaeda.
 BillClintonAmerican politician and the 42nd U.S. President.
 MonicaLewinskyActivist, TV personality and former White House intern.
 LouisFreehAmerican attorney, former judge and the 5th Director of the FBI.
 Al GorePolitician, environmentalist and 45th U.S. Vice President.
 Ray KerrFBI organized crime division supervisor.
 MichaelMcCallA fluent Russian speaker from counterintelligence.
 VyacheslavIvankovNotorious Russian mafia boss and thief.
 LesterMcNultyMcCall's partner.
 GregSheehyFBI agent.
 DimitriGufieldFelix's partner in a different furniture store.
   Krysha - Russian word for roof
 VladimirPutinRussian President. Former intelligence officer.
 AlexanderKutsenkoGufield's number two.
 ManiChulpayevOne of Gufield's men.
  PavelOne of the older people in the meeting.
 JudithLiebFederal prosecutor at that time.
   RICO - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations
 AlimzhanTokhtakhounovRussian businessman and suspected criminal.
 VadimThomasOne of the best investigators.
   Enterprise Theory
 BruceMouwFederal agent.
 PhilipScalaFederal agent.
 JohnGottiGangster who became boss of the Gambino crime family.
 JosephBarbaraMobster who became the boss of the Bufalino crime family.
 JohnMcClellanFormer U.S. Senator from Arkansas.
 Robert F. KennedyPolitician, lawyer and the 64th U.S. Attorney General.
 BaldassareAmatoSoldier in the Bonanno crime family. Aka: Baldo.
 Nicholas G.GaraufisFormer U.S. District Judge.
   CI - confidential informant
   CW - cooperating witnesses
   UC - undercover employees
3  The Shift
 KatieCouricAmerican journalist and author.
   al-Qaeda - militant Sunni Islamist multi-national organization.
 MichaelBreslinMcCabe's friend.
 JohnAshcroftAmerican lawyer and the 79th U.S. Attorney General.
   ITOS - International Terrorism Operations Section
   CONUS - covered the continental United States
   ETIU - Extraterritorial Investigations Unit
 MichaelHeimbachSection chief who ran ITOS.
 Abdulla AhmedAliBomb plotter.
 RashidRaufAlleged al-Qaeda operative.
 Ehsanul IslamSadequeeAmerican arrested by the FBI on four terrorism charges.
 Syed HarisAhmedConvicted of conspiring to provide support to terrorist.
 YounisTsouliFound guilty of incitement to commit acts of terrorism.
 RussellDefreitasConvicted of conspiring to Commit Terrorist Attack.
 Bryant NealVinasConvicted of participating in and supporting al-Qaeda plots.
   FATA - Federally Administered Tribal Areas
4  Interrogation
 NajibullahZaziPleaded guilty of planning suicide bombings on the N.Y. City.
 AdisMedunjaninOne of Zazi's friends.
 ZareinAhmedzayOne of Zazi's friends.
 Ahmad WaisAfzaliQueens imam.
 ArtCummingsField agent in L.A. and former Navy SEAL.
 WandaSifordMueller's secretary, assistant, and Praetorian Guard.
 RamziYousefPakistani convicted and incarcerated international terrorist.
 RobertHanssenFormer FBI agent - spied for Russian intelligence services.
 Umar FaroukAbdulmutallabAl-Qaeda terrorist. Aka: Underwear Bomber.
 JohnHessTeacher at Quantico.
 Anwaral-AwlakiYemeni-American preacher and imam.
 JoeYungwirthFormer Special Forces officer.
   AQAP - al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
 Ibrahimal-AsiriSuspected of being chief bomb-maker of al-Qaeda.
 AdamSchiffDemocratic congressman.
 MikeRogersFormer U.S. Representative.
 LeonPanettaFormer CIA director.
 ScottShaneAmerican journalist.
 GeorgeToscasDeputy attorney general in the National Security Division.
 SpinGhulTop al-Qaeda operative.
   President's Daily Brief
 AlbertoGonzalesAmerican lawyer and the 80th U.S. Attorney General
 MichaelMukaseyFormer federal judge and the 81st U.S. Attorney General.
 EricHolderAmerican lawyer and the 82nd U.S. Attorney General.
 LorettaLynchAmerican lawyer and the 83rd U.S. Attorney General
 RobertLevinsonFormer agent - Drug Enforcement Agency and the FBI.
 Christine Levinson's wife.
 KimJong-unSupreme Leader of North Korea.
5  Benghazi to Boston
 FaisalShahzadArrested for the attempted Times Square car bombing.
 KevinHarphamSentenced to 32 years in prison for the attempted bombing.
 Ahmad KhanRahimi The man who set off pressure cooker bombs in New York.
 Mansour J.ArbabsiarPleaded guilty in a Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador.
 J. ChristopherStevensU.S. ambassador to Libya.
 SeanSmithState Department employee.
 Tyrone S.WoodsOne of the CIA security contractors.
 GlenDohertyOne of the CIA security contractors.
 SusanRiceThe 24th U.S. National Security Advisor.
 Dwight D. EisenhowerThe 34th U.S. President.
 MartinRichardOne of the victims in the Boston Marathon bombing.
 Sean JoyceThe 14th Deputy Director of the FBI.
 StephanieDouglasExecutive assistant director of national security.
 MichaelKortanFormer head of public affairs.
 RichardDesLauriersThe Boston special agent in charge.
 JaneRhodesSection chief in counterterrorism at that time.
 AaronZebleyFormer chief of staff to Mueller.
 DzhokharTsarnaevKyrgyzstani-American terrorist.
 ZubeidatTsarnaevaTsarnaev's mother.
 OmarMateenThe shooter who killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub.
6  Examination
   ISIS - Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
 EdwardSnowdenFormer CIA employee and former contractor for the NSA.
 JihadiJohnBelieved seen in videos by Islamic extremist group ISIL.
 TimCookCEO of Apple.
 Ahmed Abu KhatallahRingleader of the Benghazi attack.
 RalphNorthamPolitician, physician and the 73rd Governor of Virginia.
 DickBlackRepublican member of the Virginia State Senate.
 AdamLeeSpecial agent in charge of the FBI's Richmond field office.
 PatrickKelleyAssistant director of FBI's Office of Integrity and Compliance.
 MarkGiulianoFormer Deputy Director of the FBI.
 JamesBakerGeneral counsel of the FBI at that time.
 Chuck RosenbergComey's chief of staff at that time.
 PeterStrzokFormer Chief of the Counterespionage Section of the FBI.
 JimRybickiComey's former chief of staff.
 Rudy GiulianiPolitician, attorney, and the 107th Mayor of NY City.
 Anthony WeinerFormer represented New York's 9th congressional district.
 HumaAbedinWeiner's wife and longtime senior aide to Hillary Clinton.
 Mike FlynnFormer U.S. National Security Advisor.
 SergeyKislyakFormer Russian ambassador to the U.S.
 JamesClapperFormer U.S. Director of National Intelligence.
 Mary McCord Acting assistant attorney general for national security.
 JaredKushnerSenior Advisor to the President of the United States.
 Ezra Cohen-WatnickNational security adviser to U.S. Attorney General.
 SeanHannityAmerican talk show host and political commentator.
 LauraIngrahamAmerican conservative television and radio talk show host.
   The Attorney General Guidelines
 PaulManafortAmerican lobbyist, political consultant, and convicted felon.
 Martin LutherKing, Jr.Baptist minister, and leader in the civil rights movement.
 John F. KennedyPolitician, journalist and the 35th U.S. president.
 EdwardLeviU.S. Attorney General in the Ford Administration.
   DIOG - Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide
   PI - preliminary investigation
   FI - full investigation
 RonaldReaganAmerican politician and the 40th U.S. President.
 BobDoleFormer Republican Leader of the U.S. Senate.
 Amy BermanJacksonJudge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.
 PaulaJonesFormer state employee sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment.
 JustinTrudeauCanadian politician and the 23rd prime minister of Canada.
 TheresaMayBritish Prime Minister.
7  Mess and Crisis
 DanCoatsDirector of National Intelligence.
 MartinHeinrichU.S. Senator from New Mexico.
 LesterHoltAmerican journalist and news anchor for NBC.
 PatrickLeahyU.S. Senator from Vermont.
 AlFrankenFormer U.S. Senator from Minnesota.
 LisaPageFormer FBI lawyer.
 JohnKellyFormer White House Chief of Staff.
 DevinNunesU.S. Representative California's 22nd congressional district.
 ChuckSchumerDemocratic senator from New York.
Mitch McConnellRepublican senator from Kentucky.
 CarterPageFormer foreign-policy adviser to Donald Trump.
 GeorgePapadopoulosFormer member of foreign policy advisory panel to Trump.
 Mike ConawayU.S. Representative for Texas's 11th congressional district.
8  Real Americans
 SeanSpicerFormer White House Press Secretary.
 HopeHicksFormer White House Communications Director.
 CharlesGrassleyU.S. Senator from Iowa.
 ChristopherWrayDirector of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.