Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part One
1JoyceMeadowcroftA former nurse. One of the narrators.
 Elizabeth The founder of the Thursday Murder Club.
 Stephen Elizabeth's third husband.
 JohnLewisElizabeth's acquaintance.
 BernardCottleJoyce's friend. A professor.
   Coopers Chase - Retirement village.
 Mary The girl from Ruskin Court. Joyce's acquaintance.
 IbrahimArifA Thursday Club member. A psychiatrist.
2DonnaDe FreitasA policewoman who liked to chase serial killers.
 RonRitchieA Thursday Murder Club member.
3IanVenthamThe owner of Coopers Chase.
   Willows - The nursing home on Coopers Chase.
 TonyCurranIan's builder.
 JohnGrayPenny's husband.
4PennyGrayElizabeth's co-founder. A retired police.
5BogdanJankowskiThe man to whom Ian owes money.
7MatthewMackieThe reverend.
8DennisEdmondsA jeweler.
 JasonRitchieRon's son. An ex-boxer. Aka: Jr Ewing.
9KarenPlayfairIan's friend.
 GordonPlayfairOwner of a farm adjoining Coopers Chase.
10DebbieCurranTony's wife.
12ChrisHudsonThe detective chief inspector. Donna's boss.
15Carlito The Spanish driver.
 Joanna Joyce's daughter.
 Peter A bus regular.
 Carol A bus regular.
16Mark Ron's son. An ex-boxer. Aka: Jr Ewing.
17BobbyTannerThe missing man. Tony's friend. Aka: Peter Ward.
20GerryMeadowcroftJoyce's late husband.
21MikeGriffinThe planning committee officer at Cooper Chase.
22Anthony The man that Joyce met. Penny's hairdresser.
23Cornelius Joanna's worker.
24GwenTalbotElizabeth's acquaintance.
26Sufi Bernard's daughter.
 ColinClemenceThe man whose advocacy is to legalize medicinal marijuana.
30MaryBryneA nun. Deceased.
 MargaretBernadetteMary's co-nun.
32SteveCollinsOne of the boxers Jason knocked out.
 MichaelWatsonJason's co-boxer.
 NigelBennJason's co-boxer.
 ChrisEubankJason's co-boxer.
 AliceWattsAn actress that Jason dated.
 RodolfoMendozaThe boxer who knocked out Jason.
35MaryLennoxElizabeth's friend.
 River Mary's great grand daughter.
36Gregor The man that Donna dated.
 Carl Donna's ex-boyfriend.
39TerryHalletOne of Chris's assistant.
 Grant A policeman.
 Granger A policeman.
45EdwinEllidgeIbrahim's friend. A former teacher.
46MaureenCaddThe woman who called father Mackie.
   Part Two
67MickeyLandsdowneA seller of fake Viagra. Jason's former gangmate.
 GeoffGoffJason's former gang mate. Deceased.
 TurkishGianniJason's former gang mate. Aka: Gianni Gunduz.
 Tony The young drug dealer who has been shot.
 SteveGeorgiouJason's former gang mate.
 TroyTannerBobby Tanner's younger brother. Deceased.
80Becky The woman at the Tool Chest.
86Poppy The man that Donna dated.
 MarjorieWaltersJoyce's friend.
88Asima Bernard's lover.
90GemmaVenthamIan's widow.
94BillyGillA 70-year-old antique dealer.
 JoeKyprianouA Cypriot detective.
 CostasGunduzA prisoner at Nicosia. Gianni's father.
 AndreasGunduzCostas's brother.
100IreneDoughertyThe winner of Colin Clemence weekly solving challenge.
 Maggie The girl who cleans the chapel. Aka: Margaret Farell.
 Patrick Maggie's son.
108Matheson The farmer. The boy that John injected with poison.
109AnnieMadeleyPenny's former case.
 PeterMercerAnnie's boyfriend.
113GregoryIonnidisA Krypios Associate.
114Kazimir Bogdan's friend. Aka: Kaz.
The Thursday Murder Club suggested by Elizabeth Robinson