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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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ProDarren EberheartIntellectually disabled student. Jonathan's patient.
 Mrs. GreinerOne of Darren's teachers.
 Jonathan GordonPsychologist at Topeka called the Foundation. Aka: Dr. J.
 Mandy OwenThe freshman who was attacked by Darren.
 Adam GordonJonathan's son. A skillful debater.
 Amber  Adam's girlfriend.
 Klaus  Jonathan's friend.
 Sean McCabeAdam's acquaintance.
 Bob DoleAmerican politician who represented Kansas in the U.S. Senate.
 Ross PerotAmerican business magnate, billionaire, and philanthropist.
 Joanna  Adam's debate partner.
 Coach MulroneyOne of Adam's coaches.
   RohanOne of Adam's debate opponents.
   VinayOne of Adam's debate opponents.
   SpearsOne of Adam's coaches.
 Bill Clinton42nd President of the United States.
 Paul ManafortAmerican former lobbyist, political consultant, and attorney.
 Kenneth ErwoodOne of few openly gay men in Topeka.
 Fred PhelpsBaptist minister and disbarred attorney.
 Robert BlyPoet, activist and leader of the mythopoeia men's movement.
 Jane GordonWorks as a psychologist at the Foundation.
 Thomas AttisonPsychiatrist. Aka: Dr. Tom.
 Mrs. CaldwellOne of Darren's teachers.
 Jason DavisSima's son.
 Pam  Mrs. Caldwell's assistant.
   ZieglerCharacter in Hermann Hesse book.
 Rachel  Jonathan's ex-wife.
 Dr. SamuelsJonathan's analyst in graduate school.
 Herman HesseGerman-Swiss poet, novelist, and painter.
 Aaron NagelOne of the participants in Jonathan's in experiment.
 Buster KeatonAmerican actor and filmmaker.
 John BirchEnglish luthier mainly known for his electric guitars.
 Gregory PeckAmerican actor.
 Ingrid BergmanSwedish actress.
 David  Dr. Tom's younger brother.
 Sigmund FreudAustrian neurologist known as the founding father of psychoanalysis.
 Samantha GibsonPsychologist.
 Eric  Psychiatrist. Sima's husband.
 Jacob  Jonathan's intern.
 Orson WellesAmerican director, actor, screenwriter, and producer.
 Carl JungSwiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist who founded analytical psychology.
 Elke  Klaus's wife.
 Bob DylanAmerican singer-songwriter.
 Albert EinsteinGerman-born theoretical physicist; developer of the theory of relativity.
 Jimmy Carter39th U.S. President.
 Niels BohrDanish physicist.
 Kenny RogersAmerican country singer and songwriter.
 Sima  Jane's friend and colleague.
 Anna FreudAustrian-British psychoanalyst & essayist.
 Charlie ChaplinBritish comic actor and filmmaker.
 Allen CaplanSamantha's supervisor and lover.
 Donald PetersonAmerican businessman.
 J.M.  Owns Mass Street Music.
 Laura  J.M.'s wife.
 Marc ChagallRussian-French artist of Belarusian Jewish origin.
 Martin NowakAustrian-born professor of mathematical biology, at Harvard University.
   StempleP.E. coach.
 Natalia  Adam's girlfriend.
 Amir  Sima's older brother.
 Deborah  Jane's sister.
 Fritz  Klaus's son.
 Lassiter  Rose's former employer.
 Rose  Jane's mother.
 Anna  Adam's babysitter.
 Holly EberheartHospital nurse.
 Ron WilliamsDarren's neighbor.
 Cody WilliamsRon's son.
 Mandy  One of Cody's friends.
 Coach HawnSchool coach.
 John ClareEnglish poet.
 Victor of Aveyron  Feral child found in 18th century France.
 Kaspar HauserA man with a mysterious history.
 Pablo FigueroaPuerto Rican judoka.
 Reynolds  State wrestling champion.
 Barack Obama44th president of the United States.
 Nelson Mandela1st President of South Africa, anti-apartheid activist.
 George BrettMajor League Baseball third baseman.
 Stephen DedalusCharacter in the works of James Joyce.
 Dante  Stephen's aunt.
 Donald JuddAmerican minimalist artist.
 Andreas GurskyGerman artist and photographer.
 Peter EvansonAdam's coach in extemporaneous speaking (extemp).
 Mikhail GorbachevGeneral Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
 John RawlsAmerican political philosopher.
 Randy TravisAmerican country music and gospel music singer, guitarist, and actor.
 Chevy ChaseAmerican comedian, writer, and television and film actor.
 Donna SelkieJonathan's crush.
 Lin  Gordons' servant.
 Jim SelkieDonna's father.
 Paul ConwayBusiness consultant.
 James ToomeyCaptain of the Taipei International Tigers basketball.
 Robert RussellAmerican actor.
 Jerry LewisAmerican comedian, actor, film producer, writer and film director.
 Frank SelkieDonna's brother.
 Eleanor SelkieDonna's mother.
 Wilfred BionBritish psychoanalyst & psychiatrist.
 John AshberyAmerican poet and art critic.
 Dan  One of Adam's friends.
 Jessica BakerDarren's acquaintance.
 Morgan JensenSwedish screenwriter.
 Laura SimmsDarren's acquaintance.
 Mrs. MichenerJane's professor.
 P. J. O'RourkeAmerican journalist.
 Dr. PorterJane's former supervisor.
 Rosa LuxemburgPolish-German Marxist, anti-war activist and revolutionary socialist.
 Sonia SemenovJonathan's mother's second cousin.
 Nina  Sonia's daughter.
 Leon  Sonia's husband.
 Arthur NaylorPresident of the National Forensics League.
 Brett NelsonAmerican basketball player and coach.
 Doña Alana  Natalia's grandmother.
 Luna  Adam's eldest daughter.
 Amaya  Adam's daughter.
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