Characters - Alphabetical
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 BreslinDetective on the Murder Squad
AntoinetteConwayDetective on the Murder Squad
 CostelloSenior detective in the squad for the first few months of Antoinette's assignment
LouisCrowleyAggressive journalist for The Courier
J.P.DooleyGarda on duty at the murder scene
RoryFallonAislinn's prospective date for evening of murder, owner of a book-shop
LaurenceFlanneryFriend of Lucy's, published a theater history book
 HealyMurder squad detective
 Kellegher & Reilly"Floaters," cops who checked CCTV footage & escorted Rory back home
 KingMurder squad detective
JoeMcCannMurder squad detective
 Meehan & Gaffney"Floaters," cops who carried out the door-to-door investigation of the case
SophieMillerLead crime scene tech
StephenMoranAntoinette's partner on the Murder Squad, aka Steve
AislinnMurrayMurder victim, trendy young woman; receptionist at cleaning services company, aka Ash
Desmond JosephMurrayAislinn's father who disappeared in 1998
Mrs.MurrayAislinn's mother, emotionally unstable from desertion by her husband, now deceased
 O'GormanMurder squad detective
 O'NeillMurder squad detective
GaryO'RourkeCop in Missing Persons division, friend of Antoinette
VanessaO'ShaughnessyNurse who used Desmond's taxi service, emigrated to England
 O"KellySuperintendent of the Murder Squad
 QuigleyMurder squad detective
LucyRiordanAislinn's good friend
 RocheMurder squad detective
 Stanton & Deasy"Floaters," cops who brought in a witness
 WintersMurder squad detective
Bernadette Administrative assistant for the squad
Fleas Undercover cop, friend of Antoinette from training school
Goggles Criminal, former informant for Fleas, incarcerated for drug trafficking