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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Apollo  Zeus's son who was sent to Earth. Protagonist.
 Britney Spears A famous singer.
 Zeus  The Olympian God of the Sky and Thunder.
 Cade  Mikey's friend. A guy who beats up Apollo on earth.
 Mikey  Cade's Friend.
2LesterPapadopoulos Apollo's Earth-identity.
 Ares  The God of War.
 Artemis  The God of Hunt. Apollo's sister.
 Cyrene  Apollo's ex-girlfriend. Deceased.
 Hera  Zeus's 2nd wife. Apollo's step-mother.
 MargaretMcCaffery Apollo's friend in Earth. Demeter's daughter. aka: Meg.
 Chiron  The Centaur. Apollo's friend.
 PercyJackson Apollo's Demigod friend. Poseidon's Son.
    Camp Half Blood - The Demigod's Camp.
 Leto  Apollo's mother.
 SallyJackson Percy Jackson's mother.
 Gaea  The Mother of Earth.
 Octavian  One of Apollo's progeny.
 Annabeth  Percy's girlfriend.
 Paul  Percy's step-father.
5Circe  Sally's witch rival.
 Poseidon  Percy's father.
 Laomedon  The King of Troy.
 Admetus  The King of Thessaly.
8Hades  The God of the Underworld.
 Peaches  Meg's karpos.
10NaomiSolace An alt-country singer. Apollo's former wife.
 WillSolace Apollo's son. A Demigod.
 Austin  Apollo's son. A Demigod.
 Kayla  Apollo's son. A Demigod.
 Athena  The God of Wisdom.
 RachelDare Apollo's prophetess. The oracle.
 NicoDi Angelo Son of Hades.
11JuliaFeingold A Demigod.
 AliceMiyazawa A Demigod.
 Dionysus  Apollo's old friend. The God of Wine.
 CecilMarkowitz A Camper who disappeared from Hermes's Cabin.
 EllisWakefield A Camper who disappeared from Hermes's Cabin.
 MirandaGardiner The Head of Demeter Cabin.
 Seymour  The Leopard Head.
12ConnorStoll The Camp Store Thief.
 TravisStoll Connor's brother.
 ShermanYang Ares's daughter.
 Leo Valdez The Inventor of Valdezinator.
 Festus  Leo Valdez's bronze dragon.
 Hephaestus  The God of Fire.
 Harley  A Demigod. Son of Hephaestus.
 Daedalus  The skillful craftsman and artist.
 NyssaBarrera Harley's sister.
 Millard  Camp Half Blood's finest satyr.
 Herbert  Camp Half Blood's finest satyr.
 Grover  Percy's satyr friend.
 Demeter  Queen of the Grains.
14BillieNg A Camper at Demeter Cabin.
15ClarisseLa Rue Old head counselor of Ares. Daughter of Ares.
 Woodrow  A satyr.
 ValentinaDiaz Daughter of Aphrodite.
 DamienWhite Son of Nemesis.
 ChiaraBenvenuti Tyche's pretty daughter.
 HollyVictor Nike's daughter.
 LaurelVictor Nike's daughter.
 DarrenKnowles A Canadian archery coach.
16Juniper  Grover's girlfriend.
 PaoloMontes Son of Hebe.
18Python  The Monster who lives in the depths of the cavern.
20   The Grove of Dodona - A stand of sacred Oaks.
21Ella  The Harpy.
 Rhea  The Queen of Titans.
 Theodosius  The Emperor.
22   Athena Pathernos - The Statue of the Goddess Athena.
 MalcolmPace Athena's son.
23Pete  Geyser God. Camper in the forest of Camp Half Blood.
 Paulie  Pete's partner.
24   Myrmekes - A Monter Ant.
 Daphne  Apollo's former lover.
 Eros  Son of Aphrodite.
27EmperorNero Apollo's enemy. Meg's step-father.
    Tartarus - The Prisons of the Titans.
29Garius  Emperor Nero's bodyguard.
 Vincius  Emperor Nero's bodyguard.
 CaesarAugustus Emperor Nero's son.
30AlexanderFleming A physician.
31Ouranos  Gaea's husband.
 Kronos  The Cannibal King. Rhea's husband.