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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1HugoR. LangleyA bomber pilot. One of the narrators. Aka: Ugo.
 Phipps Hugo's navigator. A flight lieutenant.
 Blackburn Hugo's ally. The gunner.
2JoannaLangleyHugo's daughter. One of the narrators.
 Adrian Joanna's ex-boyfriend.
 EdwardLangleyAn ancestor of the Langleys.
 King Henry VIIIFormer King of England.
 MissHoneywellThe head mistress at Langley Hall School.
3MissSnodeOne of the mistresses at Langley Hall School.
 Alice Miss Honeywell's assistant.
 Bertie Miss Honeywell's cocker spaniel.
 MissPritchardThe history mistress.
 TobyLangleyHugo's father. Joanna's grandmother.
4Josh A horse groomer.
 BrendaLangleyHugo's wife.
 TeddyLangleyHugo's son. Joanna's half-brother. Aka: Teddy Schulz.
5BillyOvertonOwner of a bakery shop. Joanna's childhood friend.
 PaulineHodgkissBilly's wife.
 Dr.FreemanHugo's doctor.
 JosiahLangleyA baronet. An ancestor of the Langleys.
 EleanorLangleyAn ancestor of the Langleys.
6SofiaBartoliThe girl who finds Hugo wounded. Hugo's lover.
7NigelBartonThe Langley solicitor.
 Scarlet Joanna's former college roommate.
8Sandra The receptionist at Barton and Holcroft's office.
 RobertLangleyA master of hounds.
9Mr.Aston-SmithAn appraiser. Nigel's acquaitance.
10Benito Sofia's neighbor.
 SignoraGucciHugo's friend.
 SignorPucciThe mayor.
 Filippo The parish priest.
11GuidoBartoliSophia's husband.
 PaolaRossiniOwner of guest house where Joanna stays in San Salvatore.
12Bruno Paola's dog.
 AngelinaRossiniPaola's daughter.
 GianfrancoRossiniPaola's husband. Deceased.
 Marcella Paola's granddaughter.
13Ellison The old gamekeeper of the Langleys.
14CosimoDi GirgioThe richest man in San Salvatore. Adopted Sophia's son.
 RenzoBartoliSophia and Guido's son.
15GianniMartinelliPaola's neighbor. Murdered.
 Alberto Joanna's new friend.
16Dr.MartiniA doctor.
 BrendaLangleyHugo's first wife. Teddy's mother.
22Mario Angelina's husband.
 Mr.DotelliA police inspector in the department of Lucca.
25Nonna Guido's mother.
28MariaDonatelliA woman who's having a party in Lucca.
29FrancescaMartinelliGianni's widow.
40Anna The nurse at the hospital near Rome.
 ElsieWilliamsThe housekeeper of the Langleys.