Characters - Alphabetical
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 BishopCarstairs' secretary
BillCarstairsOSS-trained leader of CIA agents
Señor R.DeGamezProprietor of The Parrot Bookstore in Mexico City
John SebastianFarrellWorks at Galeria de Artes, former Marine, one of Carstairs' agents, Aka: Johnny
 FarrellAmerican imprisoned with Mrs. Pollifax
Mr.GarborNeighbor in Mrs. Pollifax's building
BenHalsteadCIA operative who meets Emily, Farrell & the Genie in Otranto
Mrs.HartshorneNeighbor in Mrs. Pollifax's building, frequent traveler who likes to show slides of her trips
 HigginsCIA employee in charge of personnel
GeneralHoongIn charge of Albanian prison, Chinese man who captured Emily
Dr. Lee TsungHowellReal identity of the Genie; agricultural scientist kid-napped by the Chinese 2 years before, reputed to be dead
MissesLambert & Donahue Tourists in Mexico with whom Emily shares some excursions
WillowLeeChinese agent with whom Farrell was supposed to have a date
 LulashGuard at the prison who sets Farrell's broken leg
Mr. JasperMasonCIA employee with whom Mrs. Pollifax has an interview appointment
Col. AdhemNexdhetOfficer in Sigurimi, monitored Emily & Farrell's cell
ThaddeusPeattieColleague of Carstairs from CIA, knew Perdido
General RaoulPerdidoAgent of Mao Tse Tung, impersonated deGamez at the bookstore
JanePollifaxEmily's daughter in Arizona, husband John, has 2 children
Mrs. EmilyPollifaxWidow of Virgil, lives in New Brunswick, NJ, has 2 grown, married children.
RogerPollifaxEmily's son
 SmithAka the Genie
 TirpakCIA agent on assignment in Central America, on Carstairs' team
MajorVassovicJailer in the Albanian prison
Miss CharlotteWebster CIA employee interrupts Mrs. Pollifax's interview
Bill Physician treats Farrell & the Genie onboard the SS Persephone
Chinese man Mrs. Pollifax's captor
Doctor Mrs. Pollifax's physician
Johnny Employee at the Galeria de Artes in Mexico City, one of Carstairs' contacts
Olé Mr. DeGamez' parrot
Shkyperi Land of the Mountain Eagle; Albania
Sigurimi Albanian secret police
Stefan One of the guards at the Albanian prison
The Genie Emily & Farrell's nickname for Chinese prisoner cell next to them