Characters - Alphabetical
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CarlosAcostaA ballet dancer.
JanetAllenSue's friend.
SalvadorAllende28th president of Chile.
ElizabethArdenFounder of American cosmetics, and fragrance company.
MarthaArgerichAn Argentine/Swiss pianist.
VladimirAshkenazyA Russian-born Icelandic pianist and conductor.
LauraAshleyA Welsh designer of textiles, clothing, and home furnishings.
KateAtkinsonAn English writer of novels, plays and short stories.
FrancisBaconAn Irish-born British painter.
CeciliaBartoliAn Italian singer.
SeanBeanAn English actor.
DavidBeckhamOne of Britain's most iconic athletes.
FrankBergerElla's new client.
MarionBergerFrank's wife.
TedBlakeHoney's father.
CateBlanchettAustralian actress.
MarcBohanA French fashion designer.
AlfredBrendelAn Austrian pianist, poet, and author.
PierceBrosnanAn Irish actor and film producer.
KenBruceA Scottish broadcaster.
CelineBurkeElla's client.
VictorBurkeCeline's husband.
IrisCarrSophia's mother.
Helena B.CarterA British actress.
CarolineCharlesA British fashion designer.
WinstonChurchillBritish statesman served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
EricClaptonEnglish musician, singer, songwriter, and guitarist.
OssieClarkA British fashion designer.
GraceClarkeA cyclist.
JoanCollinsAn English actress, author and columnist.
SeanConneryA Scottish actor.
Leonardoda VinciAn Italian polymath who was active as a painter.
EdgarDegasA French artist famous for his pastel drawings and oil paintings.
ChristianDiorA French fashion designer.
JohnDonneAn English poet, scholar, soldier and secretary.
MissDrakePolly's acquaintance.
AlbrechtDürerA German painter, printmaker, mathematician, and theorist.
SarahFergusonA British-Australian journalist. aka: Fergie.
LucianFreudA British painter and engraver.
EvaFrostChloe's friend.
IndiraGandhiIndian politician and a central figure of the Indian National Congress.
FranciscoGoyaA Spanish romantic painter and printmaker.
MariaGrachvogelA fashion designer.
Chloe SusanGrahamElla's sister.
EllaGrahamA painter.
GabriellaGrahamAn outstanding young artist.
RoyGrahamAn orthopedic surgeon.
SueGrahamElla's mother.
RuthGrantChloe's grandmother.
BaronessHaleThe first woman Law Lord.
NormanHartnellA leading British fashion designer.
VladimirHorowitzA Russian-born American classical pianist and composer.
ReverendHughesThe vicar.
ElizabethHurleyAn English model and actress.
P. D.JamesAn English crime writer.
MikeJohnsElla's client.
AngelinaJolieAmerican actress and filmmaker.
GarethJonesOne of Sue's acquaintances.
KeiraKnightleyA British actress.
GuyLennoxA successful portraitist.
PeterLodenAn oil trader.
PaulMcCartneyAn English singer-songwriter, bassist of The Beatles.
JuneMendozaA portrait painter.
Gamal AbdelNasserThe Second president of Egypt.
CliveOwenA British actor.
CamillaParker BowlesSecond wife of Charles, Prince of Wales.
GinnyParksA solicitor for a City law firm.
CharlesPerraultA French author.
HenryPurcellAn English composer.
MarcQuinnA British sculptor.
GordonRamsayA British chef.
SimonRattleA British conductor.
PaulaRegoA Portuguese visual artist.
EdithRocheGuy's wife.
Nathan RobertoRossiChloe's boyfriend. aka: Nate.
VittoriaRossiNate's mother.
GioachinoRossiniAn Italian opera composer.
FranzSchubertAn Austrian composer.
JohnSharpElla's father.
SylviaShawAn American artist.
KatarinaSopuchovaA soprano.
PhilipTreacyAn Irish designer and milliner.
Euan UglowA British painter.
DiegoVelazquezA Spanish painter.
AmandaWakeleyA British fashion designer.
FatsWallerAmerican jazz pianist and composer.
DavidWalliamsA British actor, comedian and writer.
ThomasWallisA young aspiring novelist.
GokWanA British fashion consultant, author and television presenter.
HamishWattA journalist.
PhilipWattsThe former chairman of the multinational energy company Shell.
JonathanYeoA British painter.
Agnes Iris' older sister.
Agnes Iris's sister.
Al John's old colleague.
Alessandra Ted Blake's wife.
Alison Worked at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.
Annie A shop owner.
Ben Lola's father.
Bertie A Norfolk terrier.
Brett Lydia's husband.
Caravaggio An Italian painter.
Chopsy Nate's dog.
Clare A radio reporter.
Claudia Nate's niece.
David Ella's ex-boyfriend.
Don Trish's husband.
Doug Honey's husband.
Eleanor One of Sue's acquaintances.
Federica One of Nate's sisters.
Frances John Sharp's other woman.
Gabriel Sue's father.
George III King of Great Britain and King of Ireland.
Hannah Berger's daughter.
Henry Berger's son.
Honeysuckle Nate's first cousin. aka: Honey.
Hugh Iris' neighbor.
Ian Polly's new boyfriend.
Jack Pam's boyfriend.
James Nate's friend.
Jane One of Chloe's friends.
Jason Polly's acquaintance.
Katisha A cat.
Kay James' wife.
Keith Janet's husband.
Lara Ella's neighbor.
Livia One of Nate's sisters.
Lola Ella's goddaughter.
Lucy The gallery assistant.
Lydia Ella's half-sister.
Marcelle Celine's friend.
Maria One of Nate's sisters.
Mary Mrs. Carr's younger daughter.
Max Chloe's ex-boyfriend.
Michelangelo One of its greatest painters and architects.
Pam Chloe's neighbor.
Patrick Ella's ex-boyfriend.
Penny A baby sitter.
Polly Ella's best friend.
Rafael A cab driver.
Ralph Mrs. Carr's husband.
Raphael An Italian painter and architect.
Rembrandt Dutch painter and etcher.
Roberto Nate's father.
Sarah Mike John's wife.
Simonetta One of Nate's sisters.
Sophia Ella's acquaintance.
Suzanne Nate's first girlfriend. aka: Suze.
Tantalus A Greek mythological figure.
Trish One of Chloe's friends.
Twiggy A British model, actress and singer.
Valentina One of Nate's sisters.