Characters - Alphabetical
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BenAmundsenJanice's good friend.
NeilArmstrongAmerican astronaut.
JulieAsherRay's competitor.
Johann S.BachA German composer.
BillyBadassA rapper.
JamesBaldwinAmerican writer.
Ludwig vanBeethovenA German composer.
EzraBocquetA police officer.
AlbertBonavincenzoMarks' lawyer.
JohannesBrahmsA German composer, pianist, organist and conductor.
AdolphBrodskyA performer and a teacher. A Russian violinist.
GaryBroussardA science writer for the New York Times.
MaxBruchA German composer.
JennyCarlsonThe first violinist.
RayCharlesAmerican singer-songwriter.
AliciaChildressA private art detective.
VanCliburnAmerican pianist.
AndersonCooperAmerican broadcaster.
Kristoff vanCordanA German musical prodigy.
Arcangelo CorelliAn Italian violinist and composer.
Pablode SarasateA Spanish violin virtuoso composer and conductor.
LucasDebargueA French pianist.
JessicaDeitcherA self-proclaimed musical prodigy.
DorothyDeLayOne of a handful black kids to go to summer music camps.
MonicaDeLongueDean of music at LSU.
AntoninDvořákA Czech composer.
BobEvansAmerican film producer.
KevinFioreAn orchestra's conductor.
JacobFisherOwner of a musical instrument store and repair shop.
MariamnaGaevscayaRay's on-stage accompanist.
IvanGalamianAmerican-American musician.
GeorgeGershwinAn American pianist.
ClaudGillianThe executive artistic director.
WhoopiGoldbergAmerican actress, comedian, author and television personality.
StephaneGrappelliA French-Italian Jazz violinist.
HilaryHahnAmerican violinist.
KellyHallA professional violinist.
ColinHandzoLawyer of Ray's family.
ProfessorHarrisA teacher in music history and piano.
JosephHaydnAustrian composer.
JaschaHerfetzAn American violinist.
SuzanneHerzMarkham University President.
MarieHodgesAlicia's alias.
ChadHornerOne of the violinist.
Rachel VetterHuangA violinist.
LangstonHughesAmerican poet.
MarkJenningsRay's rival.
PilarJimenezA hotel housekeeper.
KwonJunghoA cellist.
 KastenmeierThe judge.
NigelKennedyAn English violinist.
FritzKreislerAustrian-American violinist.
EugeneLahmanOne who made exquisite violin and stringed instruments.
Ms.LakelandBryce's accompanist.
BethLambOne of the band members playing viola.
CaitlinLanduytEditor of Vintage Books and anchor.
JohnLennonAn English singer-songwriter.
MikhailLezenkovA Serbian contestant.
ChristineLongOne of the band members playing cello.
AndreaMarksThomas Marks' great great great granddaughter.
DanteMarksOne of the members of Marks family.
EdithMarksThomas Marks' wife.
HollyMarksA violinist.
LeonMarksRay's grandmother's grandfather.
LobellaMarksThomas Marks' wife.
NoraMarksRay's grandmother.
ThomasMarksThe great great great grandfather of the Marks' clan.
WyntonMarsalisAmerican trumpeter.
HenryMasonThe conductor from the Wake Forest University Orchestra.
RayquanMcMillianThe best American violinist. aka: Ray.
JamesMeaderJanice's acquaintance.
FelixMendelssohnA German composer, pianist, organist and conductor.
YehudiMenuhinAn American violinist and conductor.
JosephMeyerhoffAmerican businessman.
LeonidMolchalinOne of the world's foremost Tchaikovsky's authorities.
ToniMorrisonAmerican novelist.
Wolfgang A.MozartAn Austrian composer of the Classical period.
RiccardoMutiAn Italian conductor.
NiccoloPaganiniItalian violinist.
ItzhakPerlmanIsraeli-American violinist.
KyleRasmussenA musical artist.
MauriceRavelA French composer.
TinaReedNicole's best friend.
TommyReedThe Benson Insurance Company representative.
MischaRowlandOne of the top Italian violin experts.
NicoleSellinsRay McMillian's girlfriend.
GilShahamAn American violinist.
TromboneShortyAmerican musician.
DmitriShostakovichA Russian composer.
JamesSinclaireThe groom.
BillSoamesThe head of the FBI's art crime unit.
IsaacSternAmerican violinist.
JaniceStevensRay's violin's teacher.
William GrantStillAn American composer.
GaryStinsonRay's orchestra instructor.
AntonioStradivariAn Italian luthier.
BarbraStreissandAmerican singer.
ElizabethSuttonThe orchestra patron.
SvettlanaSvottsolovA participant in Tchaikovsky's competition.
TaylorSwiftAmerican singer-songwriter.
DavidTalbotAn American journalist.
ChuckTaylorAmerican basketball player.
Samuel ColeridgeTaylorA British composer.
Pyotr IlyichTchaikovskyA Russian composer.
MarcusTerryNicole's boyfriend.
AlexaThompsonA Social Media Manager.
RalphVaughanA composer.
KimWachRay's lawyer.
AliceWalkerAmerican novelist.
SheilaWallaceThe festival director.
LilWayneAmerican rapper.
BryceWebsterOne of the students who joined the competition.
AnnabethWinesLeon's wife.
StevieWonderAn American singer-songwriter.
Abraham One of the slaves who played the fiddle.
Adele An English singer-songwriter.
Adeline Edith Marks' daughter.
Aiden Ray's buddy.
Anne Roger's acquaintance.
Benjamin Elizabeth's husband.
Betty One of the slaves who played the fiddle.
Big Jim The overseer at Marks' field.
Charles A slave who played piano.
Cheryl Ray's mother's acquaintance.
Ellie One of Roger's guests.
Eric A clerk.
Ezra One of the masters in Marks' field.
Gene One of Ray's distant cousins.
Grace Ray's accompanist.
James One of Elizabeth's sons.
Janelle One of the students to participate for the regional concert.
Joyce Ray's aunt.
Kara Ray's new acquaintance.
Larry Ray's uncle.
LeShawnah Thurston's girlfriend.
Melachi Leon Marks' brother.
Melanie Sara's friend.
Mike The doorman.
Mike One of Roger's guests.
Ricky Cheryl's son.
Rita One of Ray's distant cousins.
Rochelle Ray's aunt.
Roger Sara's father.
Russel A slave who played the fiddle.
Sara The bride.
Shawn One of the students to participate for the regional concert.
Thurston Ray's uncle.
William One of the slaves who played the fiddle.
William One of Elizabeth's sons.