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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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Pro   Floyd R.   Harvey   One of the assassins.
    Jesse   Guzman   Busboy at Jade House.
    Alexander D.   Rickey   Waiter at Brasserie Le Jean, Sherman Oaks. aka: Alec.
    Crystal       Club employee - knows Alec.
    Charles Paul   Skleener   Bartender.
1   James Tyson   Connor   Suspect in the chain of robberies.
    Elvis   Cole   Owner, The Elvis Cole Detective Agency.
    Devon   Connor   Tyson's mother. Office manager for Encino law firm.
2   Sherri   Toyoda   Santa Monica watch shop owner.
    Janet   Hess   Special agent in charge of LA field office of ATF.
            ATF - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives.
3   Richard   Slauson   Retired dermatologist. Original owner of the Rolex. aka: Rich.
    Margaret   Slauson   Richard's wife, a retired dermatologist. aka: Margie.
    George   Wilcox   Margaret and Richard's neighbor.
    Dave   Deitman   A founder of First Tier Security.
4       Walder   Assistant manager of Jade House. aka: Valder.
    Jerry   Leach   Stemms's alias.
5   Tim   Benson   Head, First Tier technical staff. aka: Timmy.
    Dani   Cassett   Detective in charge of task force for robbery.
    Mike   Rivera   Member of the task force.
6   Amber   Reed   A suspect in the chain of robberies.
    Dr.   Rossi   Tyson's doctor.
7   Leslie   Sanger   Former Deputy District Attorney. Tyson's lawyer.
    Joe   Pike   Cole's partner. Ex-marine.
    Sullen       Cole's cat.
    Lucy   Chenier   Cole's ex-girlfriend.
    Ben   Chenier   Lucy's son.
9   Les   Peyton   Cole's fake source.
11   Donnie       One of Tyson's childhood acquaintances.
    Bret       One of Tyson's childhood acquaintances.
    Kevin       One of Tyson's childhood acquaintances.
    Carl   Riggens   Tyson's gaming friend.
14   Martin   Crenza   Owner - Crenza Investment Properties.
    Marge       Martin's wife.
    Charlotte       Martin's niece.
    Warren   Fiedler   Dentist. Bought stolen camera at flea market.
    Louise   August   A name on the list of people in the flea market.
15   Namcy   Hummell   A name on the list of people in the flea market.
    Carlos   Gomez   A name on the list of people in the flea market.
    Victor   Pitchess   A name on the list of people in the flea market.
    Amy   Burgess   Owner, Burgess Realty.
    Armando       Workman hired by Burgess.
16   Deena   Ross   Acting coach.
    Claudia   Lawrence   Alec's roommate.
    Phil       Cole's alias.
    Mylie       Alec's neighbor.
    Kramer       Alec's neighbor.
        Neff   Harvey's alias.
        Hensman   Stemms's alias.
    Mr.   Yeun   Alex's landlord.
17   John   Chen   Field investigator for LAPD's Scientific Investigations Div.
18   Toby       Devon's neighbor's dog.
21   Matt   Simms   VP for Landale General Insurance.
    Carla   Ellis   Worked for cell service provider. Cole's friend.
23   Jasmine       Amber's older sister. aka: Jazzi.
25   Nora   Gurwick   Amber's mother.
    Cindy       Owner of a beauty supply business.
27   Rae   Bracken   Nora's neighbor.
    Richard   Gurwick   Nora's husband. aka: Dick.
28   Sophia       One of Alex's acquaintances.
34   Steiner       Jazzi's neighbor.
39   Harrison H.   Franks   One of the owners of the stolen laptop.
    Derek   Hoop   Convicted for the murder of Adele Silvani.
    Adele   Silvani   Murder victim.
    Eloise   Wallace   Judge in Hoop's trial.
    Marquis   Nelson   Charged with Silvani's murder.
    Ivar   Hoop   Derek Hoop's father.
    Carlos   Philippe   Hoop's attorney.
    Lillian   Hoop   Ivar Hoop's wife.
44   Steve   Kleiner   Worked at Hoop.
    Kenneth   Loan   Deputy Head of Security at Hoop Security. aka: Kenny.
55   Shldon   Fitz   Attorney who conspired with Hoop.
    Dennis   Ng   Hoop's deceased employee.