Characters - Alphabetical
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EdithAbbottA University of Chicago researcher.
AlexAkermanThe lawyer.
TrentAlexanderThe scholar.
ReubinAskewThe current Florida governor.
AddieBIda Mae's workmate.
AddieB.Ida Mae's neighbor. A farm owner.
Henry LeeBabbittThe horse owner. Ida Mae's schoolmate.
Mr.BaffordIda Mae's neighbor. A farm owner.
NathanBaileyOne of Eichelberger's workers.
AlfonsoBanksIda Mae's ex-boyfriend.
DellaBeaRay Charles's wife.
AnthonyBealeA doctor. Robert's friend.
George AllenBeaversA migrant from Georgia.
ReathaBeckWilliam's wife.
VivianBeckDr. Beck's friend.
WilliamBeckRobert's old professor from medical school.
WilliamBeck Jr.William and Reatha's son.
HowardBeckwithRobert's friend.
IsabelBeckwithHoward's wife.
Wilbur PewBeulowA gas station owner.
TheodoreBilboA famous Mississippi Governor.
BabeBlyeIda Mae's neighbor who goes to New York.
ReubenBlyeBabe's brother.
CharlieBollarGeorge Starling's friend. Aka: Mud.
CleeveBrandonIda Mae's brother.
IreneBrandonIda Mae's sister.
JosephineBrandonIda Mae's sister. Aka: Josie.
SamBrandonIda Mae's brother.
Ida MaeBrandon-GladneyOne of the protagonists.
MalissaBrileyOne of Robert's patients.
J.WBrinsonA jackleg preacher.
MaryBrinsonJ.W. Brinson's wife.
LolaCannidyThe rape and murder victim.
HenryCarollMadison James's rival. The new principal.
HenryCarollThe first black member of the Monroe board of education.
WilburCashThe author.
FrankCherryOne of the sociologists.
AlanChristiansonRobin's husband.
HarveyClarkA former army captain.
JohnettaClarkHarvey's wife.
BarbaraClegg-GrayOne of the sociologists.
Alice ClarissaClementRufus's daughter. Robert's wife.
PearlClementRufus's wife.
RufusClementAlice's father. The President of Atlanta University.
JamesCleveland OwensA famous athelete. Aka: Jesse Owens.
HowellCobbA Georgian planter.
LeRoyCollinsThe Florida Governor.
RoscoeColtonThe man George gave a ride to.
IvoryeCovingtonThe Foster's cook.
JimCrowA 19th-century ministrel figure.
RichardDaleyThe Chicago mayor.
PatsyDanielsThe girl that Dugan shot.
ThomasDartmouth-RiceThe man who popularized the song and dance routine called "The Jim Crow".
EraDavisLeo's wife.
LeoDavisOne of Limuary's colleagues.
LeeDebreauxOne of the colored kids in Mississippi during Migration.
VirginiaDebreauxOne of the colored kids in Mississippi during Migration.
JohnDollardA Yale scholar.
FrederickDouglassThe abolitionist.
W.E.BDuboisRufus's rival.
JamesDuganA parishioner.
JohnDunlapOne of Robert's friends who migrated to Oakland. A funeral director.
StewartEThe sociologist.
EddieEarvinOne of the migrants.
CharlesEdwardsThe Clark's rental agent.
Mr.EichelbergerFarshaw's boss.
DwightEisenhowerThe current U.S. President.
JeffersonEliiottThe Florida Governor's special investigator.
AntahamEpsteinA researcher.
DavidFarragutOne of the northern heroes of the civil war.
Deacon JohnFarshawThe colored foreman. Aka: Uncle John.
Alberta AnnFosterRobert and Alice's daughter. Aka: Bunny.
Alice Emlyn FosterRobert and Alice's daughter. Aka: Robin.
EmlynFosterRobert's sister.
GoldFosterRobert's sister.
JoyFosterRobert and Alice's daughter.
LelandFosterRobert's brother. Aka: Woo.
MadisonFosterRobert's brother.
Madison JamesFosterThe principal of colored high school. Robert's father.
SonyaFosterInez and George's daughter.
Robert PershingFoster Jr.Robert's son.
JackFowlerA sharecropper.
FranklinFrazierThe Premier sociologist.
AnnieFryarMack's wife.
MackFryarThe picker.
SamGaskinGeorge Starling's friend.
HazelGayJimmy's wife.
Jimmy ArthurGayThe most influencial colored man in Las Vegas.
BigGeorgeGeorge Starling's father.
EleanorGladneyIda Mae's daughter.
GeorgeGladneyIda Mae's husband.
IndiannaGladneyGeorge Gladney's sister.
JamesGladneyIda Mae's son.
JosephGladneyIda Mae's father. Miss Theenie's husband. Deceased.
Mary AnnGladneyJames's wife.
TalmaGladneyIda Mae's daughter. Aka: Baby Sis.
VelmaGladneyIda Mae's daughter.
WillieGladneyGeorge's brother.
WinstonGladneyGeorge's brother. Ida Mae's brother-in-law.
AndrewGoodmanOne of the white northerners.
UlyssesGrantOne of the northern heroes of the civil war.
StephenGrant-MeyerA historian.
BenGreenA biographer.
JamesGregoryThe historian.
JamesGrossmanThe historian.
JamesGrossmanA historian.
KristinHansenLong's colleague.
HenryHarrisonGeorge Starling's pastor.
WilliamHawkinsThe pastor.
LongHeltmanA census bureau official.
LynneHeltmanLong's wife. A census bureau official.
FloretteHenriThe black kid who hid in the freight cars to flee Yazoo city.
A.SHerlongThe county judge.
ArringtonHighThe man who consigned to Mississippi state hospital for the insane.
W.WHillAn old-school preacher.
DonaldHolleyA historian.
RobertHortonThe owner of a shaving parlor.
Norman OliverHoustonA native Californian.
T.R.MHowardThe famous Mississippi doctor.
OrvilleHubbardThe suburbs' mayor.
EdwinHubbleThe astronomer.
GeorgeHughesThe defendant.
SheronIOne of the sociologists.
WalterIrvinThe man who was imprisoned for the crime he didn't commit.
Dr.JacksonThe brother of Robert's classmate.
MahaliaJacksonThe leading gospel singer.
RachelJacksonThe café owner.
WillieJimAnother planter. Mr. Edd's friend.
AndrewJohnsonGeorge Gladney's uncle. Aka: Jack.
CharlesJohnsonOne of the sociologists.
FarokerJohnsonRobert's rival.
AdelineJordanLimuary's wife.
LimuaryJordanDr. Beck's acquaintance.
Madison JamesJr.Robert's nephew.
JohnKennedyThe current U.S. President.
OttoKernerThe U.S. Attorney.
AmosKirksThe man who lost his leg.
OrlandoKlavernThe bombing mastermind.
J.HLandersClement's opponent in the Board of Education.
EverettLeeThe migration scholar.
JoeLeeGeorge Gladney's cousin.
David LeveringLewisDu Bois's biographer.
StanleyLiebersonThe Harvard immigration scholar.
Wen Lang LittleOne of the sociologists.
WilburLittleA colored soldier who returned home to Blakely.
MarkLowryA Mississippi-born scholar.
CallieMaeWillie's brother.
DeanMartinThe part owner of Starlight Lounge.
Mr.MassurThe clothing store owner.
Willis VirgilMcCallThe lake county's new sheriff.
FreddieMcClendonOne of Ida Mae's suitors.
HenryMcClendonA policeman.
JulieMcClennaIda Mae's friend. Ida Mae's employer.
JamesMcGovernOne of the historians.
DavidMcIntoshOne of Ida Mae's suitors.
NeilMcMillenThe Mississippi historian.
DorisMcMurrayIda Mae's co-worker and friend.
EddMonroe-PearsonGeorge's employer. A planter.
HarrietteMooreHarry's wife.
HarryMooreThe NAACP field secretary.
MantanMorelandA hollywood figure.
DanielMossRobin's son. Robert's grandson.
SadieMossellThe economist of the migration to Philadelphia.
Robert RussaMotonThe black scholar.
Daniel PatrickMoynihanThe official in the U.S. department of labor.
GunnarMyrdalOne of the sociologists.
ClaudeNealThe black man who was accused of rape and murder.
HueyNewtonThe share croppers' son.
WilliamNickerson Jr.The founder of the largest colored insurance company.
WilliamOatesFormer Governor of Alabama.
GilbertOsofskyA historian.
CharlesParkerThe boy who was skinned alive for opening the door for a white woman.
Mr.PerryOne of the planters.
Robert JosephPershing-FosterA medical student. One of the protagonists.
JimmyPetersOne of Robert's classmates.
Dr.PierceA drug store owner.
J.SPinckneyThe principal of colored school.
HomerPlessyA colored Louisianan.
MosesPotterRobert's classmate.
HortensePowdermakerThe anthropologist.
Robert PulliamIda Mae's nephew. Aka: Saint.
HallieQBabe Blye's wife.
James EarlRayA drifter and prison escapee.
Ray CharlesRobinsonRobert's patient. A famous singer.
FranklinRooseveltThe current U.S. President.
LouisRosenThe writer.
BillRussellOne of the greatest NBA players of all time.
ErnestSalletGeorge Starling's friend.
CarlSandburgThe poet.
MichaelSchwernerOne of the white northerners.
EmmettScottThe scholar.
CorettaScott-KingMartin Luther King's wife.
HerbertShapiroA historian.
NimrodShermanOne of Robert's classmates.
DavidSholtzThe current Florida governor.
JoshSidesA historian.
Reathe GraySimonDr. Beck's granddaughter. Robert's mentor.
BenjaminSingletonA former slave. Aka: Pap.
MissSmartMadison's nurse.
CharlesSpillersOne of Robert's former students.
ArthurSpingarnThe NAACP President.
RayStannard-BakerThe celebrated journalist.
BarbaraStanwyckAn American actress.
BudrossStarlingGeorge's uncle.
GerardStarlingGeorge and Inez's son.
Inez CunninghamStarlingGeorge's wife.
JohnStarlingGeorge's grandfather.
LenaStarlingGeorge's grandmother. (Father's side)
NapoleanStarlingGeorge's mother.
Alexander HamiltonStephensThe confederacy's vice-president.
AdlaiStevensonThe Illinois Governor.
HaroldStotfordThe head of the music department.
AnnieSwansonGeorge Starling's aunt. Aka: Baby.
GeorgeSwanson-StarlingThe black man from Florida. One of the protagonists.
AlmaTaeuberOne of the sociologists.
KarlTaeuberOne of the sociologists.
AnnieTaylorGeorge's grandmother. (Mother's side)
BabyTaylorAnnie's daughter. George's aunt.
LavataTaylorAnnie's daughter. George's aunt. Aka: Date Taylor.
WilliamTecumseh-ShermanOne of the northern heroes of the civil war.
MissTheenieIda Mae's mother.
George HenryThomasOne of the northern heroes of the civil war.
Mr.TibbsA prencinct captain.
EmmettTillOne of the migrant's sons.
StewartTolnayOne of the sociologists.
RudolphValentinoAn Italian actor.
JamesVardamanThe white supremacy candidate.
ClydeVernon-KisserA political scientist.
JohnnyWarmsleyRobert's former schoolmate from Morehouse.
BookWashingtonThe migration leader.
JesseWashingtonThe girl who was burned alive.
JimmyWashingtonOne of Robert's groomsmen.
EleanorWatkinsA long-time Oakland resident.
Carrie MaeWeemsAn artist.
WalterWhiteThe long-time leader of the NAACP.
WoodieWhiteBunny's son.
WendellWilkiePresident Roosevelt's rival.
EugeneWilliamsThe black boy who swims along the shore of Lake Michigan.
MorrisWilliamsRobert's science classmate.
PaulWilliamsThe famous architect.
C.EWoolmanThe businessman who purchased huff doland dusters.
RichardWrightThe bard of the Great Migration.
Ottie AlbertaWright FosterRobert's mother.
Adam Joy and Lee's son.
Ardee Ida Mae's brother. Jessie's husband.
Aubrey Talma's husband. Ida Mae's brother-in-law.
Betty Ida Mae and Eleanor's close friend and neighbor.
Beulah Virginia and Lee's cousin in New York.
Castoria Ida Mae's former classmate.
Catherine Saint's wife.
Clarence One of Robert's classmates.
Dessie Ida Mae's sister-in-law.
Gilbert One of the colored kids in Mississippi during Migration.
Ire Miss Theenie's cousin.
James George's cousin.
Joseph George's cousin.
Karen Eleanor's daughter. Ida Mae's granddaughter.
Kevin Eleanor's son. Ida Mae's grandson.
Lee Joy's husband.
Lia Joy and Lee's daughter.
Mike Karen's new boyfriend.
Pat George Starling's niece.
Percy One of the colored kids in Mississippi during Migration.
Reshard A planter. John's employer.
Richard Irene's 3rd brother.
Sambo Sing's husband.
Sing George Starling's aunt.
Viola Babe's widow.