Characters - Alphabetical
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JohnAdams6th President of U.S.
MorrisBeaconHiram's acquaintance.
SantiBessHiram's grandmother.
JohnnyBlackwellHiram's acquaintance.
MicajahBlandMr. Isaiah Field's real name.
MaryBronsonBorn as slave.
AliceCaulleyHiram's acquaintance.
ArmatineCaulleyAlice's cousin.
HoraceCollinsAn author.
EdwardCoxAmerican attorney.
Mr.FieldsMaynard's tutor.
BenjaminFranklinOne of the founding fathers of the U.S.
 GallowayOne of the masters.
 HeathLucy's master.
HenryJacksonJake's brother.
JakeJacksonHarriet's acquaintance.
JaneJacksonA prominent figure in popular culture.
ThomasJefferson3rd President of U.S.
ParnelJohnsHawkins' acquaintance.
AdelineJonesGirl whom Maynard's once wooed.
CharlesLeeArmy general.
EdwardMackleyOne of Hiram's acquaintances.
JamesMadison4th President of U.S.
DanielMcKiernamOtha's former master.
UrsaMinorThe mystical bear.
GeorgieParksMan who works in the fields.
HankPearsonOtha's old and trusted friend.
ChasePiersHarriet's acquaintance.
HankPowersHiram's acquaintance.
CorrineQuinnWealthiest woman in the Elm County.
EdmundQuinnMeanest white man.
MaRitzHarriet's mother.
PaRossHarriet's father.
RobertRossHarriet's brother.
BenjaminRushA doctor.
WalterScottScottish novelist.
LucilleSimmsA seamstress.
ElonSimpsonJedikiah's son.
JedikiahSimpsonFormer master of the White's.
JohnTubmanHarriet's first love.
ArchibaldWalkerHiram's great-grandfather.
Hiram WalkerA slave. Aka: Hi.
HowellWalkerHiram's father.
JohnWalkerHowell's father.
NathanielWalkerHiram's uncle.
OthaWhiteRaymond 's brother.
RaymondWhiteMicajah Bland's acquaintance.
ViolaWhiteRaymond and Otha's mother.
LevityWilliamsCorinne's acquaintance.
Abe A slave.
Alice One of Thena's children.
Amber Georgie's wife.
Amechi One of tobacco men.
Amy Corinne's maid.
Andrew One of the captives.
Arabella Hiram's acquaintance.
Aram One of Thena's children.
Ben One of Harriet's brothers.
Beth Former Walker's housemaid.
Big John Thena's husband.
Billy One of the captives.
Brick One of Zev's companion.
Broadus Harriet's master.
Carl One of Walker's households.
Caroline Sophia's child. Aka: Carrie
Cassius One of Hiram's acquaintances.
Chalmers Bland's acquaintance.
Claire One of Thena's children.
Clay One of Josiah's children.
Conway Zev's man.
Creon Hiram's uncle.
Cuffee Hiram's acquaintance.
Dan One of Hiram's acquaintances.
Davis One of the captives.
Deakins Bland's acquaintance.
Desi Boss Harlan's wife.
Edgar One of Hiram's acquaintances.
Elias Kessiah's husband.
Ella Head cook.
Ella One of Hiram's acquaintances.
Elma Kat's aunt.
Emma Hiram's aunt.
Emmanuel One of Walker's households.
Eva Former Walker's housemaid.
Frank One of Walker's workers.
Fred Mary Bronson's husband.
Gabriel One of Pete's team.
Garrison A slave.
Grease Pap's brother.
Hannah Mar's wife.
Hark Harriet's uncle.
Harlan An enforcer at Lockless.
Harriet Raymond's acquaintance.
Hawkins Corrine's man.
Healy One of Hiram's acquaintances.
Helen Nathaniel's late wife.
Henry One of Harriet's brothers.
Honas One of Hiram's cousin.
Ida One of Walker's households.
Isaiah One of Pete's team.
Jack Arabella's brother.
Jackson One of the captives.
Jane Henry's wife.
Jerry A slave.
Jim Young P.'s father.
John Hiram's uncle.
Josiah Hiram's uncle.
Judith Archibald's wife.
Kat Conway's sister.
Kessiah Thena's oldest children.
Lambert Otha's brother.
Laura Bland's sister.
Leah Former Walker's housemaid.
Lem A slave.
Lorenzo One of Walker's workers.
Lucille New kitchen maid.
Lucy Parnel Johns' daughter.
Lydia Otha's wife.
Maddie Pete's sister.
Mars Raymond and Otha's cousin.
Mary Robert's girl.
Maynard Hiram's brother. Aka: May.
Mercury Hiram's acquaintance.
Milly A slave.
Moses Prophet.
Octavius Mary Bronson's son.
Pap Hiram's acquaintance.
Patience Comb's wife.
Patsy Otha's sister.
Pete Gardener.
Philipa One of Zev's companion.
Roscoe A butler.
Rose Hiram's mother. Aka: Rosie.
Ross One of Hiram's acquaintances.
Sheila One of Josiah's children.
Silas One of Thena's children.
Sofia A slave. Nathaniel's girl.
Thena Laundry woman.
Theus One of Walker's households.
Thomas One of Zev's companion.
Thurston A slave
Wild Jack One of Pete's team.
Young P. One of Hiram's cousin.
Zev Howell Walker's first cousin.