Characters - Alphabetical
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BenAtkinsA police officer in North Hollywood.
TelAvivJosh's wife.
Cons. ElenaBacaThe former manager of The Booty Shop.
BrooklynneBakerGirl arrested for drug possesion. Prostitute. Aka: Slinky.
SeanBinchyMilo's colleague. A detective.
AliciaBogomilMilo's colleague. A detective.
GiselleBoudreauxA judge and a teacher at Tulane Law School.
AmandaBurdetteGarrett's sister.
GarrettBurdetteThe groom. Brears's husband.
SandraBurdetteGarrett's mother.
WilburBurdetteGarrett's father. A veterinarian.
SilvaCardellLeanza's mother.
LeanzaCardwellGirl who found a dead body. Brears's bridesmaid. Aka: Lee.
AliciaCervantesOne of the tenants at the apartment.
PeggyChoA CSI tech.
DariusCutterThe man who replaced Mr. Pena's position.
BeatriceDa CostaA ballet teacher.
AlexDelawareA psychologist. Protagonist.
StevieDentA librarian.
MaxineDriberA history professor at the U.
RobertE. PenaThe day manager at Cassy Booker's apartment. Aka: Mr. Bob.
RudyGallowayKarl's employee.
George GrumannMs. Baca's former lover.
DelrayHutchinsA former bouncer at The Aura.
JeremyJacobsA valet driver.
KarlJacobsJeremy's father. A captain.
James EarlJohnsonA former bouncer at The Aura.
SuzanneK. DacostaThe victim at the wedding. Aka: Kim Bee, Susan Koster, Susie Q.
DorothyKosterSusan's mother.
BartonKramerPete's older brother.
JoshKramerPete's brother.
LenoreKramerPete's mother.
PaulKramerPete's father.
PeteKramerPena's assistant.
BasiaLopatinskiThe acting deputy medical examiner who examined Jane Doe.
CassandraM. Booker16-year-old junior at Sandpoint High School who was murdered.
BrendanMastroMarilee and Stuart's son.
KyleMastroMarilee and Stuart's son.
MarileeMastroGarrett's sister. A medical doctor.
StuartMastroGarrett's brother-in-law. Marilee's husband.
Dr.McClurgA dentist. The landlord at Serena's apartment.
JohnNguyenA Deputy D.A.
AnthonyNobachThe benefactor of Academo Inc.
MardenNobachAnthony's brother. The Academo's COO.
ThurstonNobachChief Exploratory Officer of Academo Inc.
LaurencePetrieThe Apartment manager. Aka: Lance.
AnjaPrzdowekGirl arrested for drug possesion. Prostitute. Aka: Catwoman.
JamesonR. FarquharA former bouncer at The Aura.
BrearelyRapfogelThe bride. Leanza's friend. Aka: Brears.
CorrineRapfogelBrears's mother.
DennisRapfogelBrears's father.
MosesReedMilo's colleague. A detective. Aka: Moe.
RamziSalawaFormer owner of "The Aura".
DesSilverThe D.J. at the wedding.
IgnacySkiwskiThe Warsaw suspect.
MiloSturgisA detective. Alex's friend.
PatrickSturgisMilo's brother.
BradleyTomashevThe wedding photographer. Brears's close friend.
JackUnterwagerAn Austrian writer.
MichaelW. LotzDeceased. Murdered.
Blanche Robin and Alex's dog.
Bob Mr. Pena's dog.
Claire Serena's friend.
Glenn Wilbur's tortoise.
Kevin Serena's friend who was shot. Deceased.
Linda Nada's sister.
Luanne Mr. Pena's cat.
Moussa Ramzi's uncle.
Pedro The hospital attendant.
Rick Milo's boyfriend.
Robin Alex's girlfriend.
Serena Claire's friend. Ms. Kimbee's acquaitance.
Stanhope A police officer.
Teysa One of Brears's bridesmaids.