The Wedding
Characters - Alphabetical
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WarrenBeattyAmerican actor, director, producer, and screenwriter.
Ludwig vanBeethovenGerman composer.
AnnetteBeningAmerican actress.
AlanCarrAllegra's friend since high school.
MarcChagallRussian-French artist.
GeorgeChristyAmerican actor.
ElizabethColesonA British director.
CarmenConnorsA young actress. One of Allegra's clients.
TomCruiseAmerican actor and producer.
CharlesDickensEnglish writer and social critic.
ChristianDiorA French fashion designer.
PeterDuchinAmerican pianist.
BrandonEdwardsA defense attorney.
JessicaFarnsworthOne of Allegra's friends. aka: Jess
GianfrancoFerreItalian fashion designer.
PeggyFlemingAmerican former figure skater.
BillFrankOne of Allegra's favorite bodyguards.
ValentinoGaravaniItalian fashion designer.
TonyGarciaOwner of the network.
Dr.GreenAllegra's therapist.
JaneGreenEnglish-born American author.
MichaelGuinesOne of the up-and-coming young actors.
JeffHamiltonA writer. Allegra's new acquaintance.
MaryHamiltonJeff's mother.
MataHariDutch exotic dancer.
JasonHavertonA writer.
FredHaymanSwiss-American entrepreneur.
AdolfHitlerThe leader of the Nazi Party.
TonyJacobsonJeff Hamilton's friend and co-producer.
MortonJanklowWeismann's arch competitor in the literary world.
AllysonJarvisAllegra's acquaintance.
ScarlettJohanssonAmerican actress.
DavidJonesDesigned a flower bouquet for Allegra's wedding.
GraceKellyAmerican film actress.
NicoleKidmanAmerican-Australian actress.
SherryLansingAmerican former actress.
RalphLaurenAmerican fashion designer, and billionaire businessman.
IrvingLazarAmerican talent agent and dealmaker.
JoanLundenAmerican journalist, an author, and a television host.
Norman MailerAmerican novelist, journalist, essayist, filmmaker and actor.
JamesMazzoleriSam's friend. aka: Jimmy.
Matthew SimonMazzoleriSam's son. aka: Matt.
Mrs.MazzoleriJimmy's mother.
AlbertMichelsonAmerican physicist.
MarilynMonroeAmerican actress, model and singer.
BramMorrisonA musician. One of Allegra's clients.
EddieMurphyAmerican actor, comedian, writer, producer and singer.
VladimirNabokovRussian-American novelist.
JackNicholsonAmerican retired actor and filmmaker.
NickNolteAmerican actor, producer, actor and former model.
MalachiO'DonovanAllegra's new client.
SuzannePearlmanA lawyer.
PabloPicassoSpanish painter.
DanRatherAmerican journalist.
AugusteRodinFrench sculptor.
BlaireScottAllegra's mother.
SamanthaScottAllegra's mother's maiden name.
Allegra CharlotteStantonAllegra Steinberg's real name.
CharlesStantonAllegra's real father.
AllegraSteinbergAn entertainment lawyer. aka: Allie.
ScottSteinbergAllegra's brother.
SimonSteinbergBlair's husband.
BarbaraStreisandAmerican singer, actress, and filmmaker.
LeoTolstoyRussian writer.
NancyTowersOne of Allegra's friends.
BarbaraWaltersAmerican broadcaster.
GayleWatelsOne of Allegra's favorite bodyguards.
DavidWebbAmerican jeweler.
AndreasWeismannAllegra's new acquaintance.
Mrs.WeismannAndreas' wife.
JohnWhitmanKatherine's husband.
KatherineWhitmanA woman who wants to adopt Sam's child.
DelilahWilliamsA wedding consultant.
ThomasWolfeAmerican novelist.
Tom Allegra's acquaintance.
Allice Allegra's secretary.
Bird One of Rainbow's daughters.
Cher American singer, actress, and television personality.
Duffy Welsh singer-songwriter.
Ellie A cook.
Euclid Mithra's son.
Guadaloupe Jeff Hamilton's dentist.
Janet A flight attendant.
Jean-Luc A photographer.
Jeannie Bram Morrison's wife.
Joanie Brandon's wife.
Lizzie Hamilton's cook.
Mithra Tom's wife.
Nicole One of Brandon's daughter's. aka: Nicky.
Patrick Allegra's brother. aka: Paddy.
Paul Jant's husband.
Rainbow Malachi's wife.
Roger Allegra's ex-boyfriend.
Rosie Jeff's typist.
Samantha Allegra's sister. aka: Sam.
Stephanie One of Brandon's daughter's.
Swallow One of Rainbow's daughters.