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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   Part 1
1AndrewDarcyAaron Levy's adviser.
 Aaron LevyHelen Watt's assistant.
 Helen AnnWattA historian.
 IanEastonHelen's former student.
 BridgetteEastonIan's wife.
 BrunoSchultzA Jewish writer.
 Sotheby A book evaluator.
 Dror An artist.
 JonathanMartinThe head of the history department.
 Dr.LopezA Jewish physician.
 WilliamShakespeareAn English poet.
 HaCoenMendesA rabbi.
 Menassehben IsraelA Portuguese-Jewish rabbi.
2Diego da Costa MendesHaCoen's nephew.
3Prospero A pub's owner.
 MarisaHerzAaron's mistress.
 Aleph A writer.
 OliverCromwellAn English political leader.
 Charles l The monarch of England.
5SabbataiZebiSelf-proclaimed messiah.
 BenjaminHaLevyThe HaCoen's patron.
7DavidRodriguesA writer.
 Eliezer The volunteer's leader.
 Yacobda SouzaHaCoen's acquaintance.
8Isaac Ester's brother.
 Ester A scribe.
 Rivka A servant.
 Miguelda SpinozaFather of the most disobedient student of HaCoen.
 FrancisBaconAn English philosopher.
 SamuelMosesA translator of Hebrew's work and writer.
 Grietgen A housemaid.
9AnatolLudmanA professor.
 RodneyKellerA painter.
   Part 2
10AlvaroHaLevyThe youngest of the HaLevy brothers.
 Mary da CostaMendesDiego da Costa Mendes's daughter.
 Catherineda CostaMary's mother.
 Constantina Ester's mother.
 SamuelVelasquezConstantina's husband.
 Mohammad A prophet.
11Patricia S.HaightA librarian.
 PatriciaSmithThe head conservationist.
 Simeonde HerreraA translator.
 Dr.HammondHelen's physician.
 PenelopeBabcockJonathan's secretary.
 BrianWiltonJonathan's former student.
 Walter A Canadian volunteer.
 Nurit The cook.
 Muriel One who survive from the war during her childhood.
 Avi An American volunteer.
 JosephusFlaviusAn historian.
 Ahmed A man who sold lunch.
 Maria An Italian volunteer.
 David An American volunteer.
12Baruchde SpinozaA Dutch philosopher.
 IsabellaRodriguezOne of Mary's acquaintance.
 PierreAlvarezOne of Mary's acquaintance.
 RebeccaNonesOne of Mary's acquaintance.
 JosephLevitaMary's admirer.
 EmiliaValentiaOne of Mary's friend.
 MariaOliveraOne of Emilia's acquaintance.
 RebeccaCancioOne of Emilia's acquaintance.
 Lizabeta Ester's grandmother.
 IsabellaMendozaCatherine's mother's cousin.
 Isaac Aboabde FonsecaA rabbi.
  AbendanaA rabbi.
13Goethe A writer.
 Solomonde OliveyraOne of HaCoen's student.
 SarsotGablutHaCoen's acquaintance.
 Sasportas A new rabbi.
 Avner BenSamuelAboab's assistant.
 DanielLusitanoHaCoen's former pupil.
 Gluckel A Jewish diarist.
   Part 3
16SarahCancioA matron.
 ThomasFarrowAn actor. Aka: Thos.
 JohnTilmanOne of Thomas's friend.
 EstebanBescosOne of Thomas's friend.
 Manuel Benjamin HaLevy's son.
 Franciscus vanden EndenA philosopher and a poet.
 Benedictusde Spinozavan den Enden's friend.
 SolomonSivaniOne of Ester's acquaintance.
 LodewijkMeijerOne of Ester's acquaintance.
 Hannah A servant.
 Harvey An anatomist.
 Galen A Greek physician.
 ThomasHobbesAn English philosopher.
17Johande WittA Dutch political figure.
 Louis XlV The King of France.
 BrendanGoodwinA graduate student from Michigan.
18Julian A writer.
 VanBlijenburghOne who harnessed the faith of Benedictus.
19Charles ll The King of England.
 ThomasBrowneA polymath.
 JonathanPierreA member of the Royal Society.
 DerekGodwinA writer.
21AnneFieldingA filing clerk.
 EmilyDickinsonAn American poet.
 Danny Marisa's brother.
   Part 4
23DinaJacobowiczHelen's acquaintance.
 LudwigBoldzmannAn Austrian physicist and philosopher.
25Elizabeth A young clerk.
   Part 5
27Isaac VossiusOwned a large library in Europe.
 AdriaanKoerbaghOne of the writers.
 BertramClarkOne of the writers.
 WilliamHarringtonOne of the correspondence.
 Owen RichardsOne of the correspondence.
 JamesGoddardOne of the correspondence.
 PierreBayteA French philosopher.
 JohnWilsonEster's acquaintance.
28Isabelle John Tilman's wife.
 Judith Isabelle's daughter.
 MatthewCollinsA professor.
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