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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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1   Lacy   Stoltz   Works for Florida Board on Judicial Conduct (BJC).
    Hugo   Hatch   Also works for BJC. 4 kids and a hefty mortgage.
    Verna   Hatch   Hugo's wife. Ever pregnant.
    Carlita       Ramsey's female companion.
    Pippen   Hatch   The Hatch's baby.
2   Greg   Myers   Real name: Ramsey Mix. Served time in prison. Contact person.
    Michael   Geiser   Director: Florida Board on Judicial Conduct.
3   Sadelle       70 year old paralegal works for the BJC.
4   Vonn   Dubose   Gangster. Leader of the bad guys. Real name: Jack Henderson.
    Claudia   McDover   Judge.
    Son   Razko   Indian agitator. Murdered.
    Junior   Mace   Indian jailed for Son's murder.
5   Wilton   Mace   Younger brother of Junior Mace.
7   Cooley       Intermediary. Former lawyer.
    Phyllis   Turban   Lawyer for McDover and her partner in crime.
    Elias   Cappel   Chief of Tappacola Native Americans.
    Billy   Cappel   Elias's son. Sits on Tappacola Council. Is a constable.
9   Eddie   Naylor   Director, Florida Gaming Commission.
    Justin   Barnow   Board on Judicial Conduct investigator.
    Al   Bennett   Politician. Ran against Claudia McDover.
11       Papazian   Armenian jewelry dealer & fence for McDover & Turban.
12   Lyman   Gritt   Indian cop/constable on Indian reservation.
13   Ann   Stoltz   Lacy Stoltz's mother.
14   Frog   Freeman   Runs country store and filling station.
    Clive   Picket   Brunswick County Sheriff.
    Maddy   Reese   Works for BJC - for less than a year.
    Berle   Munger   Small time fellon on parole.
15   Gunther   Stolz   Lucy Stolz's brother. Flies on private jets.
18   Adam   Horn   Tribal Council Chairman.
19   Simon       Lucy's neighbor.
21   Edgar   Killebrew   McDover Attorney.
    Ian   Archer   Attorney Killebrew associate.
23   Doug   Luna   FBI - boss of local agents.
    Allie   Pacheco   FBI - special agent.
    Doug   Hahn   FBI.
24       Salzman   Junior Mace Chief Council.
25   Todd   Short   Jailhouse informer.
    Digger   Robles   Jailhouse informer. Killed.
28   Eileen   Mace   Junior Mace's mother.
30   Gus   Lambert   Head of Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
31   Zeke   Foreman   Parolle and driver of (killer) truck.
    Rebecca   Web   Assistant US Attorney.
    Parker   Logan   Attorney. Court appointed for Zeke Foreman.
    Clyde   Westbay   Hotel owner and truck crash coordinator.
32   JoHellen   Hooper   Court reporter for McDover. Knows a lot about her dealings.
33   Gary   Bullington   Street lawyer for Westbay.
34   Henry   Skoley   aka: Hank. 1st cousin of Dubose. His driver & overseas hotels.
    Vance   Maton   Possible Dubose relative. Part of the "gang".
    Floyd   Maton   Possible Dubose relative. Part of the "gang".
    Ron   Skinner   Possible Dubose nephew.
35       Delgado   Dubose thug and hired killer.
        Armstong   JoHelen helpful neighbor.
38   Paula   Galloway   US Attorney and prosecutor.