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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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ProLiDuChinese scholar; a librarian.
 EtienneLaporteA gardener.
 SunKingKing of France.
1KaldenDorjeeA caravan owner.
2Kangxi Emperor of China.
 Norbu Caravan's cook.
 Yeshe Former farmer.
 DosoTargumThe manor lord.
3Kamala Doso Targum's wife.
 Chhoshe A monk.
 Pema Doso's adoptive son.
 Dhamo A painter.
 Hamzu Li Du's friend.
4RinzenNgawangA dignitary from Lhasa.
 Andruk A translator and guide to the foreign monk.
 Sangyal One of Doso's children.
 Tara One of Doso's children.
 Tenzin One of Doso's children.
 Tashi Doso's first born child.
 SonamDhargeyDoso's old friend.
 ShuTongjianLi Du's teacher.
 Galdan Leader of the Dzungar Mongols.
5LhasangKhanRuler of the Qoshud Mongols.
 DalaiLamaSpiritual and temporal ruler of Tibet.
 Sera One of the guests at Doso's house.
7PaoloCampoA religious man.
 PresterJohnA legendary Christian patriarch.
 Saint Francis A saint.
 Achillede SpirituPaolo Campo's friend.
8JudgeDelA magistrate.
10Lumo Once a traveler known as the grandmother of the forest.
15TaiMing-shihA writer.
 SongTaizuFounder and first emperor of the Song Dynasty.
18Mara Pema's grandmother.
 Moses A prophet.
19TrisongDetsenEmperor of Tibet.
 KalsangSamtenFirst patriarch of Doso's family.
 SamtenLobsangFormer Buddhist monk.
20Karma Doso's first wife.
22LiShanQing dynasty painter.
 XiaGuiChinese painter.
27GenghisKhanKhagan of the Mongol Empire.
30Duan Student who did not sleep for three days for his final exam.