Characters - Alphabetical
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Mr.AdakarOne of Perveen's teachers.
AarifAliThe Indian army captain. Razia's acquaintance.
Mr.AttarwalaA shop owner.
Mrs.BanajiThe minister's wife.
SayehBanajiMrs. Banaji's daughter.
GulnazBankerPerveen's friend and sister-in-law.
PrivateBhatiaAn army that Razia helped.
Dr.BhattacharyaPerveen's doctor.
BhikaijiCamaAn Indian activist. Rahan's friend.
HoraceCartwrightThe Bomby's coroner.
AdnanChivneSakina's brother.
Mr.ChivneSakina's father.
SakinaChivneMr. Farid's second wife.
DexterDavarCyrus's close friend.
FatimaDawaiMohsen's daughter.
MohsenDawaiMr. Farid's doorkeeper.
ZeidDawaiFatima's twin brother.
BipinDuttaOne of Cyrus's friends.
Mr.EdwardesThe former police commisioner.
OmarFaridOne of Perveen's clients.
JamesFullerThe English architect who built the high court.
Mrs.GhandyBehnoush's best friend.
PurshottamGhoshA private investigator.
Mr.GriffithThe current police commisioner.
AliceHobson-JonesPerveen's foreign friend.
DavidHobson-JonesAlice's father.
GwendolynHobson-JonesAlice's mother.
Dr.IbrahimMr. Farid's doctor.
Mr.JoshiOne of Perveen's teachers.
EdwardLipstyeGeneral Manager of White Star Line India Shipping Operations.
GeorgeLloydThe Governor. Aka: Georgie.
LadyLloydThe Governor's wife.
Mr.MartinDavid Hobson-Jones's secretary.
RahanMehtaThe Mistry's companion.
Abbas KayamMistryPerveen's grandfather.
CameliaMistryPerveen's mother.
GrandfatherMistryPerveen's grandfather.
JamshedjiMistryPerveen's father.
PerveenMistryThe first Bombay woman solicitor. Protagonist.
RustomMistryPerveen's brother.
FaisalMukriMr. Farid's appointed estate trustee.
HelmaPatelPerveen's schoolmate.
Mr.PestonjiThe Mistry's barrister.
Mr.ReddyOne of Jamshedji's clients.
KaminiRoyThe famous poet and social worker.
Mr.SharmaThe accounting supervisor.
K.JSinghThe sub inspector.
AzaraSodawallaCyrus's sister. Deceased.
Bahram FramjiSodawallaCyrus's father.
CyrusSodawallaPerveen's husband.
NivedSodawallaCyrus's older brother.
BehnoushSodwCyrus's mother.
JamsetjiTataThe founder of the Taj.
EstherVachhaPerveen's schoolmate. Cyrus's cousin.
Mr.WadiaCyrus's lawyer.
FirozeYazdaniThe bakery café owner.
LilyYazdaniThe Yazdani daughter.
Aisha Mumtaz's baby.
Ali The captain.
Amina Razia and Mr. Farid's daughter.
Ammi Urdu word for mother.
Arman Jamshedji's driver.
Ayah The widow's maid.
Biscuit The police sergeant.
Durga The bengali hindu'sm other of the universe.
Fisher The police chief.
Gita Perveen and Cyrus's maid.
Iqbal The widow's cook.
Jayanth One of Jamshedji's clients.
John The Mistry's cook.
Jum-Jum Sakina and Mr. Farid's baby.
Lillian Perveen's bird.
Mohit The Sodawalla's cook.
Moody The judge.
Muhammed Mr. Farid's cousin.
Mumtaz One of Farid's widows.
Mustafa The long-time butler of Mistry House.
Nasreen Sakina and Mr. Farid's daughter.
Pushpa The Sodawalla's kitchen servant.
Ramchandra Perveen's acquaintance.
Ravi Jayanth's boss.
Razia One of Farid's widows.
Shireen Sakina and Mr. Farid's daughter.
Sirjit David's driver.
Taiba Mr. Farid's long-time servant.
Tanvier Mumtaz's sister.
Tourna Mrs. Banaji's daughter-in-law.
Vaughan The chief inspector.