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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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ProRichardThompsonNellie's Cheater Husband.
   Part 1
1VanessaThompsonProtagonist. aka: Nellie.
   Chi Omega - A sorority.
 Samantha Nellie's bestfriend. aka: Sam.
2Beau A Journalist / Charlotte's wife.
 Nancy An Investment Banker / Nellie's customer.
 HillarySearlesGeorge Searles's wife / Nellie's old acquaintance.
3ElizabethKnappA woman in the grave.
 Linda The pre-school director.
 JonahPorterA pre-school student.
 Mr.PorterJonah Porter's father.
 Mrs.PorterJonah Porter's mother.
 Marnie Nellie's co-teacher.
4Lucille Nellie's boss.
5Gibson A bistro owner.
 MoWillemsAuthor of a children's book.
 Josie Nellie's co-waitress.
 Margot Nellie's co-waitress.
 Ben Head waiter at Gibson's.
 Chris Bartender at Gibson's.
 MaureenThompsonRichard Thompson's older sister.
7Donna An Assistant 4S Teacher.
 Nick Nellie's former lover.
8Dr.HoffmanA fertility specialist.
 Lisa Saleslady.
 Mrs.KeeneRichard Thompson's neighbor.
 Mike Doorman at Richard's place.
 Frank Sunday doorman at Richard's place.
9Brianna Nellie's former student.
 Lucas Nellie's fromer student.
10Wagner Richard Thompson's favorite composer.
11Moogie Nellie's childhood stuffed dog.
 Leslie Nellie's old sorrority sister and close friend.
   Part 2
19EmmaSuttonRichard Thompson's new fiance.
 Diane Richard Thompson's secretary.
 Eric A scuba instructor.
 DanielBartonNellie's boyfriend and Grant University professor.
 Maggie Nellie's sorrority "Little Sister".
24Jessica The Wildest Girl in Nellie's Sorrority.
 NicoleBartonDaniel Barton's wife.
25Tara Samantha's roommate.
 Tom A guy Samantha's dating.
26Duke Richard Thompson's german shepherd.
 Carl Duke's Trainor.
 Mrs.LeeA woman in the dry cleaner.
28AlvinAileyRichard Thompson's friend.
 Paul Richard Thompson's friend.
29Jason Maggie's older brother.
30Kate Nellie's friend
   Part 3
31Betty The Bank Teller.
34AndyWoodwardA man from furry paws.
36Brenda Wedding Gown Boutique's Owner.