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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1JosephCastlehamJoan's rich husband. A famous writer. Aka: Joe.
 Joan AmesCastlehamProtagonist and Narrator.
 DylanThomasA writer.
 Dr. Krentz The Castleham's doctor.
 LornaCastlehamJoe's mother.
 Mims Joe's grandmother.
 MartinCastlehamJoe's father.
 AuntLoisJoe's aunt. Aka: Lois Ackerman.
 AuntVivJoe's aunt.
 ClarkGableThe man that Aunt Lois likes.
 BonnieLimpJoe's first girlfriend.
 Mrs.SchuylerA general store owner.
 LevBresnerA novelist and holocaust survivor. Joe's friend.
 ToshaBresnerLev's wife.
 DavidCastlehamJoe and Joan's son.
 MannyGumpertJoan's acquaintance.
 CarolWelchakJoe's first wife.
 SimoneWellA French writer.
 SylvieBlackerJoe's editor.
 IrwinClayJoe's agent.
 Hal Joe's long-time editor. Deceased.
 HarryJacklinJoe's friend.
 DonLoftingA playwright.
 Dr.RuffnerJoe's doctor.
 Dr.VikramJoe's cardiologist.
 Louise Joe's friend.
 SusannahCastlehamDavid's sister.
 AliceCastlehamDavid's sister.
 TeuvoHalonenThe acting president of the Finish Academy of Letters.
 PippaHalonenTeuvo's wife.
 LouisStricklerThe characters in Joe's book.
 MargaretStricklerThe characters in Joe's book.
2ChanceyFosterJoan's acquaintance.
 JudgeKaufmanThe justice.
 DymphnaWorrellThe element of creative writing teacher.
 FannyCastlehamJoe's daughter.
 MichaelFureyThe character in James Joyce's novel.
 JamesJoyceA novelist.
 AbigailBrennerJoan's classmate.
 LauraSonnengardJoan's friend.
 SusanWhittleThe redheaded girl on Joan's class.
 ElaineMozellA novelist. Joan's acquaintance.
 FlanneryO'ConnorThe American novelist.
 RochelleDarntonA short story writer. One of Joe's students.
 ProfessorTanakaJoe's colleague.
3KyostiHynninenA flight passenger.
 Mark Sussanah's boyfriend.
 Mr.WellmanJoan's employer.
 ChesterMackeyOne of the book's characters.
 MariaJacklinHarry's wife.
 Digby A black homosexual at the party.
 LyleSamuelsonA professor at City College. Joe's friend.
 Ike Lyle and Joe's friend.
 BobLovejoyA baby-faced editor.
 MaryMcCarthyOne of the most important women writers.
 MiltonFishA salesman.
 ThortonWilderThe famous writer that Joan's parents met.
4MichaelDenboldA literature instructor. A character in The Walnut story.
 SusanLwoeDenbold's student.
 DeirdreDenboldMichael's wife.
 HalWellmanJoe's editor. Joan's boss.
 EdithTansleyA powerful woman editor.
 NathanielBoneThe literary critic.
 MaryCroyJoan's friend. An editorial assistant.
 Melinda Joan and Joe's live-in babysitter.
 Brenda The prostitute.
 Dr.TomBrenda's doctor.
 Lee A journalist.
 LilianHellmanA female writer.
 CarsonMcCullersA female writer.
 Raymond Lee's husband.
 Descartes Nathaniel's colleague.
5ValerianQaanaaqA novelist who was a member of the Inuit Tribe of Labrador.
 AudreyHepburnA British actress.
 Don The man at the party.
 Roz Don's partner.
 Belstein One of Tosha's friends. A novelist.
 MerryCheslinThe writer that Joe met at the writing conference called Butternut Peak.
 VirginiaWoolfAn English writer.
 LianaThorneRandall's wife. Joan's friend.
 RandallThorneThe former famous writer.
 DustyBerkowitzA novelist's wife. Joan's friend
 JaniceLeidnerA novelist's wife. Joan's friend
 AleksandrSolzhenitsyn TrebekThe host at Butternut Peak.
 LucyBloodworthA short story writer.
 Jeannie The shy female poet.
 MartinBennekerA rich novelist. Joe's friend.
 KenWootenA novelist whose novels were adapted into film.
 TimoKristianThe Finland President.
 KaritaKristianTimo's wife.
7KirstiSalonenJoan's acquaintance.
 ErikSalonenA chemical engineer. Kirsti's wife.