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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1MasonCarlisleProtagonist. Aka : Mase.
 Ralphie A bar owner / long time friend of Mason Carlisle.
 SpencerCarlisleMason Carlisle's brother.
 AndrewMcGregorThe local veterinarian / McGregor's sister father.
 DahliaMcGregorAndrew McGregor's daughter / The pretty girl. Aka : lia.
 Daffodil McGregorAndrew McGregor's daughter / The cute girl. Aka : Daff.
 Tanya Spencer Carlisle's long time girlfriend.
 DaisyMcGregorThe youngest McGregor's sister. Aka : DeeDee.
 SharlotteBridgesDaffodil McGregor's friend. aka : shar.
 ZinziKhulaniDaffodil McGregor's friend. Daughter of a wealthy philanthropist.
 ClaytonEdmonton IIIHeir of Edmonton Company / Fiancee of Dahlia McGregor.
 Tilda Childhood friend of Daisy McGregor.
 NinaClarkDahlia McGregor's family friend.
2Cooper Mason Carlisle's dog aka : coop.
 Peaches Daisy McGregor's pomeranian.
3GrahamPriceA man that Spencer Carlisle having a drinks with.
 Thomas Daisy McGregor's client.
 Sheba Thomas's dog.
 TimRichardOwner of a store that was vandalized by Carlisle's Brothers.
 MillicentMcGregorMcGregor's sister mother.
4Annie The little orphan.
 Mr.KanePrincipal on Daisy McGregor and Mason Carlisle's former school.
 ThandiweModiseTeenager that Daisy and Mason met at MJ's restaurant.
5Grier W.PattersonClayton Edmonton III 's bestman.
 Mrs.TurlingtonThe town's most notorius gossip.
6ChristienRocheA model friend of Mason Carlisle. Aka : chris.
 Gigi co-model of Mason Carlisle and Christien Roche.
 Sam BrandMason Carlisle's business partner.
7Ivy Daisy McGregor's aunt.
 Gert Daisy McGregor's aunt.
 Helen Daisy McGregor's aunt.
 Mattie Daisy McGregor's aunt.
8Lucinda Daisy McGregor's receptionist.
 Mrs.CageOwner of Peke's / Millicent McGregor's friend.
 Mr.GoldsteinMcGregor's family friend.
 Mrs.RedwoodMcGregor's family friend.
 Mr.AbernathyEx-boyfriend of Mrs. Redwood.
 Mr.AbbotA guy that Mrs. Redwood slept with.
 KennaPriceDaisy McGregor's cousin.
 Trudi Kenna Price's partner.
 Marty MikkelstoneClayton Edmonton III's college friend.
 Katinka Van BuurenDahlia McGregor's friend.
 Mrs.MatabaneIsaac's owner / Daisy Mcgregor's friend.
 Isaac The battle-scarred tomcat / Mrs. Matabane's cat.
 Mr.MahlanguAndrew McGregor's friend.
9TimmyRichard Jr.Mr. Richard's son. / A man who vandalized Mr. Richard's store.
10CarsonEdmontonClayton Edmonton III' s brother.