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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1   Delilah       Cat.
2   Mrs.   Johnson   Lo's neighbor.
          Velocity: Travel magazine Lo works at.
    Jennifer   West   Assistant Features Editor at Velocity.
    Laura   Blacklock   Protagonist. aka: Lo.
            Aurora Borealis: A luxury cruise liner in Norway.
    Rowan   Lonsdale   Lo's boss.
    Judah   Lewis   Lo's boyfriend. aka: Jude.
    Lord Richard   Bullmer   Director, Northern Lights Company. Aurora Borealis owner.
5   Anne   Bullmer   Lord Bullmer's wife, the heiress. aka: Lady Bullmer.
    Camilla   Lidman   Stewardess in charge of hospitality on the vessel.
    Josef       Crew member on the Aurora. Lo's suite attendant.
            The Linnaeus Suite: Cabin 9 on Aurora. Lo's cabin.
    Karla       Josef's colleague. Lo's suite attendant.
6   Pamela   Crew   Lo's mother.
    Lissie   Wight   Lo's best friend.
            The Palmgren Suite: Cabin 10 on the Aurora.
7   Tina   West   Editor of the Vernean Times.
    Alexander   Belhomme   Travel journalist.
    Archer   Fenlan   Well-known expert on "Extreme Travel".
    Ben   Howard   Lo's ex-boyfriend. Formerly at Velocity now at Times.
    Chloe   Jenssen   Former model. Lars's wife. aka: Wylde.
    Lars   Jenssen   Head of a Swedish Investment Group.
    Owen   White   A UK investor.
    Cole   Lederer   Photographer
10   Johann   Nilsson   Head of Security on the Aurora.
11   Ernst   Solberg   An investor no-show to board the Aurora.
12   Hanni       Aurora staff who often worked at the bar.
    Birgitta       Aurora staff.
    Iwona       One of the cleaners on the Aurora.
    Eva       One of the Spa Therapists.
    Ulla       Stewardess for Nobel Suite and forward cabins.
    Otto   Jansson   A chef on the Aurora.
    Jameela       Kitchen staff.
    Ingrid       Kitchen staff.
    Bjorn       Waiter.
15   Erin       Lo's friend.
16   Klaus       Spa therapist on the Aurora.
18   Jess       A contact on Archer's phone.
20   Captain   Larsen   Captain of the Aurora.
21   Martha   Gellhorn   A famous journalist.
    Kate   Adie   A famous journalist.
    Erik       Karla's son.
23   Barry       Lo's cognitive behavioral therapist.
28   Alan   Blacklock   Lo's father.
29   Carrie       The woman in Cabin 10.
33   Erik   Fossum   General Manager.
35   Konrad   Horst   Owner of the Bar. aka: Captain Birdseye.
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