Characters - Alphabetical
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MissAdamsKennington's secretary.
 AllertonCynthia's husband.
Almondsley-WestCharles' friend.
SolomonAmbersonBarrister at Gray's Inn.
WilliamAmpleforthCaptain. In charge of the Navy's own shipping yard.
EleanorArdenCharles and Elizabeth's friend.
 AspernBritish diplomat in Russia
 BartleyCharles' friend. Son of an Earl in Nottinghamshire.
 Billingsley17th Earl of Sedgewood. Charles' second cousin.
 BlackstoneForeman at Corcoran and Sons.
ElizaBlaineAcquaintance of Charles and Elizabeth.
AdelineBold14 years old. Lives in Liverpool.
NathanielButlerClerk from the Customs House.
TheobaldCairnSenior Manager at Corcoran and Sons.
RileyCallumConsulting Surgeon.
 CapstonReporter from the Mail.
 CarringtonOne of the Clerks at Corcoran and Sons.
CarrollCaryOwns an Engineering firm.
SarahCatherLives in Manchester.
LuciaChathamLady. Charles' friend.
RupertClarksonRetired Engineer.
 CollinsBoathouse keeper.
 ColumbusInspector from Scotland Yard.
Mrs.CooleyLandlady of Chequers couching inn.
ElizaCorcoranGeorge's daughter.
GeorgeCorcoranOwner of Corcoran and Sons.
 CourtenayCharles' friend.
Mr.CrumpButler at Lenox house.
JohnDallingtonSon of the Duchess of Marchmain.
 DeereLady. Aristocrat.
 ExeterInspector from Scotland Yard.
CharlesFieldInspector from Scotland Yard.
Elizabeth JaneGrayLady. Charles' close friend.
 HamiltonLady. Former employer of Mrs. Huggins.
 HamiltonLord. Husband of Lady Hamilton.
 HitchensDriver of Edward's carriage.
MariaHorsepoolNew charwoman in Rupert's house in Dulwich.
 HoughtonEarl. Elizabeth's father.
Mrs.HugginsCharles' housekeeper.
Mrs.HutchinsonLandlady of Jonathan.
 JohnsonEdward's close friend.
 JonesOne of the Clerks at Corcoran and Sons.
WinstonKelloggSir. Owner of Randall House.
Mr.KenningtonEditor of the Challenger.
JoshuaKingRupert's friend.
 LaurenceRich. Everyone expected him to marry Lucia.
ThomasLawrencePainted the portrait of Charles' mother.
PeterLeckieAcquaintance of Eliza.
 LeddererLady. Aristocrat.
CharlesLenoxProtagonist. Aristocrat.
EdmundLenox11th Baronet of Markethouse. Charles' brother. aka Ed.
EdwardLenoxSir. Edmund and Charles' father.
EmilyLenoxEdmund's wife. aka Molly.
HomerLenoxCharles' cousin.
JosiahLenoxCharles' cousin.
 LewisRupert's friend.
MaudeLyonsLives in Bournemouth.
 MarchmainDuchess. Elizabeth's friend.
 MarkhamLord. Future Duke of Rotherham.
RichardMayneSir. Aristocratic head of Scotland Yard.
ThomasMcConnellScottish Doctor.
Charles A.MurraySir. Consul to Egypt.
RobertPeelSir. Founder of the very first police force in the city.
JonathanPondOne of the Clerks at Corcoran and Sons.
 RiversEdward's Doctor.
 RobinsonEdward's neighbor.
Jacob A.SchoemakerCharman of Randall House.
Mr.ShermanPorter at Scotland Yard.
 SinexInspector from Scotland Yard.
HughSmithCharles' friend.
CynthiaStarkCharles' acquaintance.
JackStuartRupert's friend.
Mrs.TaylorCousin of Elizabeth's husband.
 WallaceSolicitor of the Lenox family.
 WassnerRupert's friend.
 WilkesLady. Aristocrat.
 WilkinsonRichard's clerk.
Ella BethWilliamsRejected Jonathan's marriage proposal.
P. C.WrightConstable.
Arnold Blacksmith in Charles' hometown in Sussex.
Carter Works at Lenox house in Sussex. Stationed at the gatehouse.
Cinder Charles' 14 year old horse.
Clara Charles' servant.
Clarence Edward's beloved horse.
Cynthia Lady. Met Charles when he was in Oxford.
Emma Lady. Edmund and Charles' mother.
Graham Charles' trusted manservant.
James Elizabeth's husband. Heir to an Earldom.
James Edmund's son.
Julian Horse breeder.
Lily Rupert's housemaid.
Martha Charles' Aunt.
Nellie Charles and Elizabeth's friend.
Roger Footman employed by Charles.
Susan John's governess.
Terrance Old servant at Lenox house.