Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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ProSamirBensaidMarthe's friend. A valet. Aka: Sam.
 AdrienneLafayetteGeneral Lafayette's wife. Aka: La Femme Lafayette, Adrienne Du Motier.
 HenriPintonMarthe's childhood sweetheart.
 BeatriceWinthrop-ChanlerThe Founder and President of the Lafayette Institute. Aka: Madame Beatrice, Minnie Ashley.
 EmilyDe LaGrangeThe supervisor of Preventorium. Aka: Baroness De LaGrange.
 MartheSimonNarrator. A teacher and sculptor in Lafayette's foundation.
 GeneralDe GaulleThe leader of Free French Forces.
   Part 1
1Yves JeromeTravertThe police sergeant.
 MarshalPetainMarthe's new leader.
 DeGaulleThe French leader.
 Marie LouiseLeVerrierThe school's doyenne. The vice president of the union.
 ClaraSimonThe foundation's secretary general.
 Dr.AngladeThe castle's door.
 FaustineXavierThe household management teacher.
 AnnaDeLagrangeThe baron's daughter.
 Petain The marshal.
2Rosalie Adrienne's sister.
 Pauline Adrienne's sister.
 Clotilde Adrienne's sister.
 Louise Adrienne's eldest sister.
 JeanDe NoaillesAdrienne's father. Aka: Duc D'Ayen.
3HenryHydeFiancé of Anna's sister.
4WilliamAstor ChanlerA millionaire soldier and adventurer. Beatrice's husband.
 FranzFerdinandAn Archduke.
 TheodoreRooseveltWillie's friend.
 SunYat-SenWillie's friend.
 Mr.McAdamsA sculptor.
 VictorSalvatoriA sculptor. Beatrice's teacher.
 ElizabethChapmanWillie's sister.
 JackChapmanElizabeth's husband. A celebrated writer.
 VictorChapmanBeatrice and Willie's nephew.
 EmilySloaneBeatrice's friend.
 BillyChanlerWillie and Beatrice's son.
 AshleyChanlerWillia and Beatrice's son.
 PresidentWilsonThe current President.
5MarieAntoinetteThe new queen.
 Anne ClaudeLouise D'ArpajonAdrienne's influential great-aunt.
 MadameDe TesseAdrienne's aunt. Aka: Grand-mere.
 Marc Louise's husband.
 DucDe CharlesThe leader of Society of the Wooden Sword. Aka: Philippe.
7Mrs.DaizelEmily's companion who has familial connection to George Washington.
 MitziMillerA talented writer.
 Wilhelm The Kaiser.
 FreddyVanderbiltA millionaire and a hotel owner.
8AglaeD'hunolsteinPhilippe's lover.
 HenrietteLafayetteAdrienne and Gilbert's daughter.
9GeneralFochsOne of the heroes of the great war.
 Joffre One of the heroes of the great war.
 MadamePintonHenri's mother.
 UriahKohnThe man who lives at Madame Pinton's house. Aka: Beaufort.
 DanielKohnUriah's son.
 JosephineKohnUriah's daughter.
 GabriellaKohnUriah's daughter.
 Dr.BoulagnonGabriella's doctor.
   Part 2
11ValentineThomsonA French feminist.
12Anastasie LouiseLafayetteGilbert and Adrienne's daughter.
 BenjaminFranklinThe American minister.
 GeorgeWashingtonGilbert's boss.
13MinervaFurlaudMarthe's mother.
14Alexander HamiltonThe founding father of the United States.
 JohnLaurensThe lieutenant colonel. Aide-de-camp to General Washington.
 George WashingtonLafayetteAdrienne and Gilbert's son.
 JamesMonroeThe hero of Trenton.
 DeSegurMarc's friend who protected him.
16AmauryLaGrangeThe baron. Baroness LaGrange's husband.
17Louis The current King.
18MartheChenalThe singer.
 MaximeFurlaudThe captain that Beatrice met. Beatrice's lover.
22MarieAntoinetteGilbert and Adrienne's daughter.
 VirginieLafayetteGilbert and Adrienne's daughter.
24Oscar The boy that Marthe caught red-handed.
25Charlotte Gilbert's widowed aunt.
 ThomasJeffersonThe American envoy. The new ambassador.
 PatsyJeffersonThomas's daughter.
 AngelicaChurchOne of Adrienne's American guests.
 AbigailAdamsOne of Adrienne's American guests.
 SophieDe GrouchyThe Marquis de Condorcet's fiancĂ©.
 Mr.ShortThomas Jefferson's secretary.
26MadameKohnUriah's mother.
 CorporalKohnA brilliant Polish Mathematician. Uriah's father.
27Mr.MorrisThe governor.
   Part Three
32PeterStuyvesantBeatrice's ancestor.
34MaximilienRobespierreThe most influential figures of the French revolution.
 Jean-LouisRomeufGilbert's aide-de-camp.
39Chambrun The commander.
 JohnMoffatThe philanthropist.
40PrincessDe LamballeThe Princess who was raped.
44GeneralGodleyThe French captain.
 AliceBarlow-BrownThe doctor for the children at Chavaniac.
47KonradWolffThe Obersturmfuhrer.
48Roland The minister.
 Mr.PinkcneyOne of the American ministers in Europe.
49JeanMoulinThe resistance leader.
50DuchesseDe DurasAdrienne's cousin.
 ElizabethKortright MonroeThe wife of new American ambassador.
51WilliamChurchillAdrienne's new colleague.
 PhilippePetainThe lion of verdun.
   Part 4
57KlausBarbieThe butcher of Lyon.
 Rachel The eldest girl in Preventorium.
60NapoleonBonaparteThe young military commander who negotiated Lafayette's release.
EpiFranklinDelano RooseveltThe current U.S. President.
 EleanorRooseveltRoosevelt's first lady.
 AlexisLegerA French diplomat.
The Women of Chateau Lafayette suggested by Wendy Scott