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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Diana JaneCowperThe mother of an actor. Victim.
 AnthonyHorowitzNarrator and Protagonist. Aka: Tony.
 Irene LawsRobert's personal assistant and cousin.
 RobertCornwallisThe funeral director.
 AndreaKluvanekThe Slovakian cleaner at Diana's place.
2Steven SpielbergTony's producer.
 PeterJacksonThe director.
 DanielHawthorneTony's friend. An ex-detective.
 WilliamTraversA barrister. Aka: Purefoy.
 CharlieCreed-MilesThe actor who played Tony's detective series.
3RaymondClunesA theatrical producer.
 DamianCowperThe actor. Diana's son.
4LawrenceCoperDiana's husband.
 CharlieMeadowsThe detective inspector on Diana's murder case.
 JeremyGodwinTimothy's twin.
 TimothyGodwinJeremy's twin. The boy that Diana accidentally killed.
 MaryO'BrienThe Godwins's nanny.
 NigelWestonA court judge.
 JudithGodwinThe Godwins's mother.
6Mr.TibbsDiana's cat.
 AlanGodwinThe Godwins's father.
8NigelKnealeTony's favorite screenwriter.
9GraceLovellDamian's girlfriend.
   RADA - Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.
 Jason Damian's manager.
10IanMcKellenAn OSCAR-nominated actor.
11BrunoWangA major theatrical producer.
12AlfredLawsThe funeral director.
 Dr.ButterworthDiana's doctor. Aka: Buttimore.
 CharlesKenworthtDamian's lawyer.
13Ashleigh Grace and Damian's daughter.
14BarbaraCornwallisRobert's wife.
 TobyCornwallisBarbara and Robert's son.
 SebastianCornwallisBarbara and Robert's son.
 AndrewCornwallisBarbara and Robert's son.
 DavidCornwallisRobert's uncle.
15HildaStarkeTony's literary agent.
16DerekAbbottA retired teacher.
 Brian Tony's informant.
18GailHarcourtOwner of the ice cream shop.
 GrahamTraverstonGail's next door neighbor. A pharmacy store owner.
 MissPresleyMr. Traverston's employee.
 Mrs.RendellThe Royal Hotel manager.
 CharlesHawtreyAn actor.
19Mr.GrossmanThe lawyer.
20MartinLovellGrace's father.
 RosemaryLovellMartin's wife. Grace's mother.
 VivienLeighThe actress that Damian fancied. Aka: Amanda.
 DanRobertsDamian's co-actor.
 LindsayPosnerDamian's director.
 FionaBrownDamian's agent.
21Liz An associate director.
The Word is Murder suggested by Elizabeth Robinson