Characters - Alphabetical
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KlausBarbieThe commander and chief of the secret police.
KarinBeckEttie's new name.
MargritBeckMarta's new name.
MadameBissetMonsieur Bisset's wife.
MonsieurBissetJulien's new acquaintance.
MonsieurCazalesMarianne's neighbor.
Jeanned'ArcThe girl warrior.
Charlesde GaulleFormer President of France.
Madeleinede MassonThe mother superior. Aka: Sister Marie.
PastorDurandA minister.
NicolDuvalEttie's new name.
MadameFavreMonsieur Favre's wife.
MonsieurFavreEttie's boss.
MarianneFelixA housemaid.
FatherGarnierA priest.
HenriGirardA doctor.
ClaudeGotlibVictor's friend.
HoniHa-Me'agelA miracle worker.
HanniKohnA seamstress. Simon Kohn's wife.
SimonKohnA doctor.
AndreLeviA mathematician.
MonsieurOchesThe Levi's neighbor.
AvaPerrinA golem.
LilliePerrinThe new name of Lea.
PaulRemondArchbishop of Nice.
Jules GerardSaliegeAn archbishop.
RaoulSalomonMadeleine's grandfather.
EdouardTheisOne of the ministers.
AndreTrocmeOne of the ministers.
DanielTrocmeThe principal of the school.
AhronWeistAn artist.
SabineZlatinA French Red Cross nurse.
Adele Daniel's wife.
Alain Monsieur and Madame Bisset's son.
Albert Marianne's acquaintance.
Arno One of Ettie's new acquaintances.
Azriel The angel of death.
Bernard Julien's closest friend.
Bettina One of Ettie's new acquaintances.
Bluebell A goat.
Bobeshi Lea's grandmother.
Claire Professor Andre Levi's wife.
Constance A nun.
Daniel Owned a fabric shop.
Edgar The gardener.
Etoile A pigeon.
Ettie The rabbi's daughter.
Felicite A nun.
Haiel The angel of courage.
Jean One of Ettie's new acquaintances.
Julien One of Professor Andre Levi's son.
Lea Hanni's daughter
Lex A dog.
Louis XIV King of France.
Madame Rey A teacher.
Marta Ettie's sister.
Max Julien's new acquaintance.
Melahel The angel of safe travel and healing.
Milah Raoul Salomon's wife.
Ornael The angel of of patience who guards against sorrow.
Pauline Lea's new acquaintance.
Queen Anne The Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
Queen Esther Biblical Queen of Persia.
Rachel Lea's roommate. Aka: Renee.
Sarah Doctor Girard's wife.
Sonya The housemaid.
Tante Ruth A healer.
Teddy One of Jylien's students.
Thomas The janitor.
Victor One of Professor Andre Levi's son.