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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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1Kait WhittierColumnist for Woman's Life magazine.
 Carmen SmithFormer model. The magazine's beauty editor.
 Tom Kait's oldest child. Aka: Tommy.
 Stephanie Kait's youngest child. Aka: Steph.
 Maribeth Tom's wife.
 Candace Kait's second child. Aka: Candy.
 Frank Stephanie's boyfriend.
 Scott LindsayKait's first husband.
 Adrian  Kait's second husband.
 Constance WhittierKait's grandmother.
 Honor Kait's father.
 Nadine NorrisConstance's older daughter's pen name.
2HankStarr Maribeth's father.
 Meredith One of Kait's grandchildren. Aka: Merrie.
 Lucie Anne One of Kait's grandchildren.
3Jessica HartleyWorked for a rival magazine.
 Sam  Jessica's husband.
 Zack WinterTV producer. Sam's roommate in college.
   Bible - Synopsis used to tell the basic story of a TV show.
4Anne  Lead character in Kait's bible.
 Hannabel Anne's mother.
 Bill Anne's oldest son.
 Maggie Anne's second child.
 Loch  Anne's husband.
 Greg  Anne's younger son.
 Chrystal Anne's youngest child.
   WASP - Women Airforce Service Pilots.
 Jacqueline CochranDirector and founder of the WASPs.
 Johnny WestYoung pilot.
6Maeve O'HaraAward winning actress.
 Ian MillerActor turned director. Maeve's husband.
 Tamra One of Maeve's daughters.
 Thalia One of Maeve's daughters.
 Agnes WhiteReccomended to play Hannabel's part.
  Roberto LeoneAgnes's life partner.
7Robert TalbotKait's agent.
 Charlotte ManningYoung actress to play Chrystal's part.
 Becca RobertsThe screenwriter.
 Dan DelaneyBest man to play Bill's part.
 BradEversYoung actor to play Greg's part.
 Nancy HaskellThe director.
 PhillipGreenFilm star to play Loch's part.
 Abaya JonesWill play Maggie's part.
9Malcolm BennettWill play Johnny's part.
 NickBrookeWill play the part of Anne Wilder's lover.
 PaulaSteinWoman's Life magazine's editor in chief.
 LallyBristolBritish costume designer.
10Rosie  A horse.
12Johnny  Agnes's son who drowned in a boating accident.
18Georgie  Lally's partner.