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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part One
1WylieFryeJeb's worker. Nightman in charge of burner.
 JalenSpanksTown cop.
 JebPryorOwner of the mill. Wylie's boss.
2CarolSchmidtChecker at Valley Foods. Former Garden Club president.
 Bridger Carol's golden retriever.
 PaulSchmidtCarol's husband.
 JimBridgerOnce abandoned a man and let him die.
3JoePickettWyoming game warden.
 ColterAllenGovernor. Man who gave Joe a mission.
 MonteStokesClerk who checked for departing flights.
 SpencerRulonFormer governor. Jim's former boss.
 Jackson Owner of the ranch in Big Piney.
 MarybethPickettJoe's wife.
 LucyPickettJoe's daughter.
 ConnorHanlonD.C. Operative.
 StevePollockGame warden in Range District.
 Kate S.LongdonCEO of high-powered English ad agency. Aka: Cowgirl Kate.
 SheridanPickettJoe's oldest daughter.
 TatianaAllenColter's wife. aka: Tatie Allen.
 Poppy British Ambassador's wife.
 Linda Greene-DempseyJoe's agency director.
 NateRomanowskiOutlaw falconer. Joe's friend.
 WolfmanTempletonMultimillionaire hitman. Nate's former employer.
4Daisy Joe's labrador.
 DulcieSchalkCounty prosecutor. Mary Beth's friend.
 MissyVankuerenMary Beth's mother.
 MarcusHandMissy's defense attorney and husband.
5RichardCheethamKate's ex-husband.
 MarkGordonSilver Creek Ranch's general manager.
 MalcolmHarrisTour operator of Ranch America.
 MilesDroodLondon Private Security Firm executive.
 Sophie S.LongdonKate's younger sister.
 ChiaSchwartzCarbon County attorney.
 MichaelWilliamsDCI agent in Cheyenne.
6LanceRamseyHead wrangler in Silver Creek Ranch. Sheridan's boss.
   Part Two
8StevePollockSaratoga game warden.
 ChrisLedouxWyoming icon.
 JacksonTeubnerOwner of Teubner Fish Hatchery.
 JoshuaTeubnerJack's son. aka: Josh.
 BenYoungbergBrady's brother. Visited Silver Creek Ranch.
 BradyYoungbergBen's brother. Visited Silver Creek Ranch.
 CaseyScalesGame and Fish department district supervisor.
 Lindy Steve's ex-wife.
 RonNealCarbon Count Sheriff.
9KimMillerBartender. Someone Joe met at the bar.
 DallasCatesRodeo champion. Hates Joe.
 BrendaCatesDallas's mother.
 JebPryorWylie's boss.
 Nelda Wrecked the four-wheeler.
 DanKlobaschOwner of Klobasch Aeronautics.
10JeffWassonMaster Falconer from Riverton.
13TedPanosStole Joe's file.
 GaylanKesselTed's boss.
 GabriellaPanosTed's wife.
   Part Three
15StevePringleHead chef in Silver Creek Ranch.
17EliJarrettSheriff Neal's informant.
 LesMcKnightTrapper. Owner of a cabin.
   Part Four
24MaggieWhiteCarol's doctor.
25KurtBucholzSheltered Nate.
 LauraBucholzDr. Kurt's wife.
 LivBrannonNeal's workmate.
 EarlWrightNew occupant in Dr. Kurt's house.
29GinnyFryeWylie's wife.