Characters - Alphabetical
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BeckyAndersonOne of the townspeople.
StewBeefOne of the laborers who live and work in the muck.
DaisyBluntOne of the townspeople.
MotorBoatOne of the laborers who live and work in the muck.
Mrs.BogleOne of the townspeople.
MattBonnerThe owner of the sad looking mule.
JeffBruceOne of the townspeople.
LeeCokerOne of the first townspeople Jody and Janie met in Eatonville.
Janie MaeCrawfordBeautiful black woman with partially white ancestry.
TrippCrawfordOne of the patrons of Jody's store.
EdDockeryOne of the gamblers.
CaptainEatonPrincipal donor of Eatonville's initially existing fifty-acres.
WhoFlungAnnie Tyler's lover.
IkeGreenOne of the patrons of Jody's store.
AmosHicksOne of the first townspeople Jody and Janie met in Eatonville.
Charlie JonesOne of the townspeople.
LoganKillicksJanie's first husband.
Mr.LaurenceOne of the donors of Eatonville.
JoeLindsayOne of the townspeople.
SteveMixonOne of the patrons of Jody's store.
LigeMossOne of the townspeople.
LuluMossOne of the townspeople.
MissNellieMrs. Washburn's daughter.
Mrs.PearsonOne of Janie and Jody's neighbors.
Rev.PearsonOne of Janie and Jody's neighbors.
HezekiahPottsA loyal employee at Jody's store.
Mr.PrescottState prosecutor.
 RedmondOne of the townspeople.
Mrs. RobbinsOne of the patrons of Jody's store.
TonyRobbinsOne of the patrons of Jody's store.
MarseRobertAmerican and Confederate soldier.
MissSamuelsJanie's landlady.
OscarScottOne of the townspeople.
WilliamShermanAmerican soldier, businessman, educator and author.
Dr.SimmonsTea Cake's doctor.
JosephStarksJanie's second husband. Aka: Jody, Joe.
DickSterrettOne of the laborers who live and work in the muck.
PearlStoneThe woman from the town who resent Janie.
Mrs.SumpkinsOne of the townspeople.
JohnnyTaylorJanie's first kiss.
TonyTaylorFormer town assembly leader in Eatonville.
WalterThomasOne of the townspeople.
Mrs.TullyOne of the townspeople.
Mrs.TurnerJanie and Tea Cake's neighbor.
AnnieTylerA rich widow who left her home to run off with a younger man.
Mr.WashburnNanny's former employer.
Mrs.WashburnNanny's former employer.
Booker T. WashingtonEducator, author and advisor to presidents of the United States.
PheobyWatsonJanie's besfriend.
SamWatsonPheoby's husband.
JimWestonOne of Daisy's admirers.
VergibleWoodsJanie's third husband and only true love. Aka: Tea Cake.
Bootsie One of the townspeople.
Bootyny One of the gamblers.
David  One of Daisy's admirers. Aka: Dave.
Davis One of the townspeople.
Eleanor One of Mrs. Washburn's grandchildren.
Gabriel  One of the gamblers. Aka: Gabe.
Hambo In charge with the barbecue.
Leafy Janie's mother, whom Janie never knew.
Lias One of the Bahaman boys.
Lum One of Daisy's admirers.
Mayrella Janie's bully.
Nanny Janie's grandmother.
Nunkie The girl who works alongside Janie and Tea Cake on the fields.
Shelby One of Mrs. Washburn's grandchildren.
Sop-de-Bottom One of the gamblers.
Teadi One of the townspeople.
Vickers Owner of Pahokee.