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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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1Lucien BernardThe Paris Architech.
  MilletLucien's tailor.
 Jean-Baptiste BernardA university-trained geologist. Lucien's father.
 Mathieu Lucien's older brother.
 Celeste Lucien's wife.
 Auguste ManetFactory owner. Used to make engines for Citroën.
2Baron HaussmannA prefect of the Seine Department of France.
   Reich - German empires and kingdoms.
 Walter GropiusGerman architect. Pioneered modern architecture and design.
 Henri DevereauxWell connected architect.
 Charles GastonLucien's client. Owner of an insurance company.
 Alfred DreyfusFrench Jewish artillery officer.
  Esterhazy The one who'd sold secrets to the Germans.
 Maurice PapponArchitect. Lucien's friend.
   Vichy - French State.
   Gestapo - Secret police of Nazi Germany.
   Judenbegunstigung - Favourable behaviour towards the Jews.
3 GattierWine merchant.
   Waffen-SS - Special elite army unit of the Nazi Party.
 Albert Lucien's uncle.
   Wehrmacht - Armed forces of Nazi Germany.
 Henri BergsonNobel Prize winner. French-Jewish philosopher.
4 Madame DehorLucien's neighbor.
 Madame DucrotManet's nanny.
 Winston ChurchillBritish politician.
 Mrs. EverestChurchill's nanny.
5Adele BonneauA successful Paris fashion designer. Lucien's mistress.
 BetteTullardAdele's manager.
 Helmut SchlegalGestapo colonel. Adele's German lover.
 Albert SpeerThe Führer's architect.
6Max LieberColonel in the Wehrmacht.
  Dieter HerzogStructural engineer. Major in the Wehrmacht.
8Mendel JanuskyThe former owner of the Madelin Steel Works.
 Monsieur Deligny One of Janusky's executives.
9Suzy SolidorFrench singer.
 Simone SignoretFrench actress.
 Coco ChanelFrench fashion designer.
 Jeanne Adele's friend.
   Boche - German soldier.
 Isabelle A model from where Adele works.
 Daniel JoffreLucien's friend.
10Solomon GeiberA wealthy Jew.
 Monsieur MaurierThe farmer who took the Geiber's in.
 MiriamGeiberSolomon Geiber's wife.
 Marie Maurier's niece.
11  Luftwaffe - Aerial warfare branch of the German Wehrmacht.
13HermannGöringReich Marshal.
 HeinzBrucknerOne of Schlegal's men.
 CaptainWolfOne of Schlegal's men.
  Lieutenant VossOne of Schlegal's men.
14Monsieur RichetFather of Celeste's tutoring student.
 Sandrine Richet's daughter.
17Aubier A man harboring a Jew.
 Cambon A Jew hiding in Aubier's house.
  BrucknerGestapo captain.
 Duisberg  French policeman.
18Mies van der RoheGerman-American architect.
 Trude Herzog's wife.
 Greta Herzog's daughter.
 Hausen German corporal.
19 StauffenOne of the soldiers who's looking for the Geibers.
20Alain GirardetAn applicant for Lucien's project.
 Michel A middle-aged architect.
 Charles Lucien's knew him as the laziest in all of France.
  HippolyteThe one who rob Lucien of his drafting supplies.
 Monsieur ValeryAlain's neighbor.
22Pierre  A Jew hiding in Clare's attic. Aka: Pierre Gau.
 Jean-Claude One of Pierre's brothers.
 ClareCharpointierPierre and his sibling's benefactor.
 Isabelle Pierre's sister.
 Philippe One of Pierre's brothers.
 Misha Clare's cat.
23AlbertSerrault Another weathy Jew.
 Sophie  Serrault's wife.
27Céline One of the prostitutes.
 Jeanne One of the prostitutes.
 Suzy  One of the prostitutes.
32Gaspard University professor.
 Juliette TrenetGaspard's wife.
 Professor PinardGaspard's superior.
 Jean Juliette's friend.
 Monsieur DucreuxJuliette's landlord.
 Henri LeroyJuliette's former lab assistant.
 Michel DauphinLeroy's cousin.
 Marie/Pierre Baby names for Juliette's unborn child.
34Father JacquesThe priest who took Pierre in when his siblings was captured.
35Monsieur TrioletThe man being interogated by the Gestapo.
 Louis LedoyenCabinetmaker.
 Messier A former policeman hunting Jews for a bounty.
36Anne LaffrontLucien's first affair.
37CorporalHausenHerzog's driver.
  Arno BrekerThe Führer's sculptor.
38André Adele's cutter.
 Simone  Bette's sister.
 Denis BorgeA chocolatier.
 Mr. and Mrs. KaminskyBette's neighbor.
39Father PhilippeA priest in Carcassonne.
40Jules Pierre's fake brother.
42Jane A prostitute.
43Etienne Bette's former lover.
  Le CorbusierFrench-Swiss architect.
44Emile(1) Lucien's uncle.
46Henri LabrousteThe first architect to use exposed iron as an architectural element.
 Paul MortierA professor who got arrested at the national library.
47Monsieur LavalJanusky's banker.
48 LabruneContractor.
49Daniel JoffreLucien's friend.
 Emile(2) One of the members of the resistance.
51LieutenantPaulusOne of Schlegal's men.
 SergeantKruegerOne of Schlegal's men.
  WolfeOne of Krueger's men.
52Emile(3) One of the Jewish children hiding at Bette's flat.
 Carole One of the Jewish children hiding at Bette's flat.
54Kurt LischkaHead of the Paris Gestapo.
 Heinrich MuellerChief of the Gestapo.
  AubertMaster carpenter. The real cabinetmaker.
 Marie Schlegal's cleaner.
 Kaiser WilhelmMarie's old lover.
57Raoul CochinLucien's fellow architect and a friend.
60Armand Leader of the resistance.
 Remy One of the members of the resistance.
61Albert One of the members of the resistance.
62HermannHolweigA German major. Alain's uncle.
 Ryckel One of Schlegal's men.
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