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Kristian Fabricante
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 BertoltBrechtA Theatre Practitioner.
 Massasoit The Chief of the Wamapanoags in 1621.
 Metacomet Massasoit's Son / Massasoit's Succesor.
 Wamsuta Metacomet's Brother / Massasoit's Son.
   King Philip's War - The First War with Indians.
 BenjaminChurchThe Captain of the first American Ranger.
 JohnAldermanAn Indian who caught Metacomet.
 JohnRollin-RidgeThe First Native Guy who made a Novel.
 JoaquinMurietaA Mexican Bandit.
 Jack A Three-Fingered Bandit / Joaquin Murieta's Fellow.
 MelGibsonsA Famous Actor.
 KevinCostnerA Famous American Actor.
 JohnWayneA Famous Actor.
 Iron EyesCodyAn Italian-American Actor who portrayed Native Americans.
 JohnChivingtonA Colonel.
   Urban Indians - ndians who were born in the City.
   Part 1 - Remain
 Tony LonemanA Native American Boy who has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
 Mario Tony Loneman's Friend.
 Mario Tony Loneman's Friend.
 Maxine Tony Loneman's Grandmother.
 KarenBlackTony Loneman's Friend and Counselor / Edwin Black's Mother.
 Metal FaceDoomTony Loneman's Favorite Rapper.
 LouiseErdrichMaxine's Favorite Author.
 Carlos A Drug Dealer.
 Octavio GomezThe Drug Lord. aka: Eight.
    Dene Oxendene - A Powwow Committee who documented Indian Stories in Oakland.
 RalphSteadmanA Welsh Illustrator.
 Kevin FartleyA Fifth Grader who killed himself.
 Lucas Dene Oxendene's Uncle / A Filmmaker.
 NormaOxendeneDene Oxendene's Mother.
 RonaldDellumsFormer Mayor of Oakland.
 Rob A Guy that Dene Oxendene met at the Federal Building.
 Gertrude SteinAn American Novelist.
   Opal Viola Victoria Bear Shield - The Narrator of the Story / A Native American Girl.
 JacquieRed FeatherOpal Viola Bear Shield's Step-Sister.
 Victoria Opal Viola Bear Shield's Mother.
 TwoShoesOpal Viola Bear Shield's Teddy Bear.
 TeddyRooseveltThe 26th President of U.S.
 Rocky Opal Viola Bear Shield's Friend.
 HarveyBlackEdwin Black's Father / A Powwow Emcee.
 Ronald Opal Viola Bear Shield's Uncle / Victoria's Adopted Brother.
 Adriana Jacquie Red Feather's Friend.
   Edwin Black - A Computer and Gambling Addict / Blue's Workmate and Friend.
 BillDavisKaren Black's Boyfriend.
 DefekateMossAn Internet Forum Member.
   Part 2 - Reclaim
 GertrudeSteinAn American Novelist.
 BillDavis A Baseball Pitcher.
 CatfishHunterA Professional Baseball Player.
 ReggieJacksonAn American Baseball Athlete.
 CharlieFinleyOwner of a Major League Baseball in Oakland.
 HunterS. ThompsonAn American Journalist.
 OscarZeta-AcostaHunter S. Thompson's Lawyer.
 CalvinJohnsonCharles and Maggie Johnson's Brother / Octavio Gomez's Friend.
 MaggieJohnsonCalvin Johnson's Sister.
 CharlesJohnsonCalvin Johnson's Brother.
 Carlos Charles Johnson's Homies.
 MannyGonzalesOctavio Gomez's Cousin.
 DavidGonzalesManny Gonzales's Little Brother / Octavio Gomez's Cousin.
 Florencia A Receptionist at the Hotel.
 HaroldRed FeatherJacquie Red Feather's Little Brother.
 Veho The Trickster Spider.
 JamieRed FeatherJacquie Red Feather's Daughter.
   Orvil Red Feather
 OrvilRed FeatherJacquie Red Feather's Grandson.
 LonyRed FeatherOrvil Red Feather's Brother.
 LootherRed FeatherOrvil Red Feather's Brother.
 SaddamHusseinThe President of Iraq.
 Blue An Event Coordinator for the Powwow. aka: Ota'tavo'ome.
 ThomasFrankThe Custodian in Powwow Committee / A Drunkard.
   Part 3 - Return
 JamesBaldwinAn American Novelist.
   Opal Viola Victoria Bear Shield
 OtisReddingA Singer.
 SmokeyRobinsonsA Singer.
 Ronald Opal Viola Bear Shield's Guardian
 Josefina Octavio Gomez's Grandmother.
 JuniorGomezOctavio Gomez's Older Brother.
 Sixto Octavio Gomez's Uncle. aka: Six.
 Sylvia Octavio Gomez's Aunt.
 Paul Blue's Husband.
 Geraldine A Substance Abuse Counselor / Blue's Workmate.
 Hector Geraldine's Brother.
   Southern Moon - Thomas Frank's Drum Group.
 JamesHamptonAn Artist.
 Bobby BigMedicineThomas Frank's Drum Friend.
 Jim Thomas Frank's Supervisor.
 DelonnaFrankThomas Frank's Sister.
 ChristineFrankThomas Frank's Sister.
   Part 4 - Powwow
 JeanGenetA French Novelist.
 DarrenAronofskyDene Oxendene's Favorite Director.