Characters - Alphabetical
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Mr.AbbottA judge.
Mrs.BordersMildred's acquaintance.
Mr.BryarsMr. Hockaday's former neighbor and friend.
Mrs.CarlisleAgnes's great-aunt.
KatherineCooperAgnes's close friend. Aka: Kitty.
Mr.CovingtonA chemistry professor.
Mr.CowanThe postmaster.
NedCowanA postmaster's son.
PrestonFarleyRoe's acquaintance.
PlacidiaFincherMildred's cousin. Aka: Dia
Quincy ValorieFincherPlacidia's (Dia's) father and Carthere's husband.
Achilles FincherHockadayPlacidia's son. Aka: Achey.
AlexGordonA doctor. Dia's father's friend.
LemGordonDr. Gordon's grandson.
EdnaHambrightA weaver.
WillettaHammondNolan's fiancee.
CharlesHockadayGriff's son. Aka: Charlie.
Gryffth RhysHockadayCivil war major. Aka: Griff
Janet B.HockadayHockaday's first wife.
AlmaJefferiesA journalist.
Dr.JolleyA surgeon.
ArthurJonesMildred's husband.
Roberta DeliaJonesMildred's daughter. Aka: Roe.
Mr.LipscombAn engineer.
Mrs.LipscombMr. Lipscomb's wife.
J.W.MitchellA magistrate.
WalterMoultrieA prosecuting attorney.
AgnesOglesbyDia's stepsister.
Mrs.OglesbyAgnes's grandmother.
NolanOglesbyAgnes's brother.
FloydParrisAgnes's husband.
 PoteatA minister.
Mrs.StricklandDr. Gordon's sister.
ElliotTaylorMiss Taylor's brother.
MissTaylorRoe's sociable friend.
Mr.TaylorA banker.
M.B.UpchurchA coroner.
Mrs.WeeksAn overseer's wife.
Mrs.WhitesideA retired professor of Geology.
BethWilkersonMr. Cowan's acquaintance.
Abner Fincher's farm caretaker.
Alistair Carthene's brother.
Banjo Placidia's horse.
Benjamin Mrs. Wilkerson's son.
Bob Works and lives at Holland Creek Farm.
Brownie One of Fincher's mules.
Calhoun Field boss.
Carthene Agnes's mother.
Cash A carpenter.
Cato A farm worker.
Cleo Charles's nanny.
Cyrus One of the boys who lit the candles at Agnes's wedding..
Daniel Achilles's colleague.
Davey A poultry boy.
Emilia One of Hockaday's former servants. African American who ran off.
Ephraim Fincher's driver.
Felix One of Hockaday's servants.
Flora Achilles's younger sister.
Florie Dia's aunt.
Fly A horse.
George Floyd's friend.
Geraldine Placidia's mother.
Gopher A dog.
Helen Placidia's daughter.
Isaac Cato's companion.
James Winthrop's son.
Junius Parris's driver.
Leonora Roe's friend.
Malvinda Cook for Placidia at Holland Creek Farm.
Martine Charles's wife.
Mercy Fincher's cook.
Mildred Placidia's widowed cousin. Aka: Millie.
Millie Helen's sister.
Mose The boy who got bitten by a snake.
Neill Floyd's brother.
Nerissa Fincher's maid.
Nettie Roe's aunt.
Prince Ransom's son.
Rachel A cow.
Ransom A hired man.
Rose An old dog.
Sadie One of Fincher's mules.
Sam Benjamin's father.
Sukie Mr. Hockaday's old servant.
Titus An overseer.
Tony One of the boys who lit the candles at Agnes's wedding..
Virgil Achilles Attorney-at-law.
Winthrop One of Hockaday's servants.