Book Companion Logo  THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS
Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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 TheRabbitAn elderly rabbit the mole met at the meadow.
 WaterRatRiver-banker. Accompanied the mole in his excursion. aka: Ratty.
 Mr.BadgerKind-hearted animal. Hates society. aka: The Badger.
 TheOtterThe rabbit's friend in the river.
2TheDuckRatty's friend.
 Mr.ToadRichest, most boastful animal in the entire river.
 TheHorseOld, grey horse. Someone Mr. Mole met at the Paddocks.
4OlderHedgehodAn animal that got lost in the snow.
 LittleBillyOlder Hedgehog's small brother. Field mice.
5Tommy Field mice.
 FieldMouseThe mole's old friend. Tommy and Little Billy's master.
6Mr.ClerkImposes an offence to Mr. Toad.
 TheChairmanChairman of the bench of magistrate.
 Police Police sergeant.
 Oddsbodikins Ancient goaler. Jail warden.
7The WillowWrenSinging animal in the river.
 LittlePortlyOtter's son.
8Gaoler'sDaughterPleasant wench and good-hearted woman. Became Toad's friend.
 Washerwoman Helped Toad escape from prison.
 EngineDriverBurly man with an oiled can. Someone Toad met at the prison.
9The ThirdSwallowWater Rat's friend.
 TheWayfarerSeafaring rat from Constantinople.
10The BargeWomanBig, stout woman Toad met at the canal.
 TheGypsyPeddler who wants to buy Toad's horse.
 TheDriverLet Toad drive his vehicle.
11Weasles Wild wooders that took over Toad's hall.
 Stoats Wild wooders that took over Toad's hall.