Characters - Alphabetical
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DesiArnazOne of the owners of Desilu studios.
LucyBallOne of the owners of Desilu studios.
FrancisBiddleAttorney General of the United States during World War II.
HugoBlackFormer Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.
FletcherBowronAmerican lawyer, judge, and politician.
George H.W.Bush41st U.S. President.
BillClinton42nd U.S. President.
Wayne CollinsCivil rights attorney.
John L.DewiitCommander of the western defense command.
TomioFujiharaOne of the Japanese who renoused citezenship.
GordonHirabayashiOne of the Japanese who lost their court cases.
Daniel K.InouyeFormer U.S. Senator from Hawaii.
FredIshimotoGeorge's agent.
Martin LutherKing Jr.American Christian minister and activist.
FredKorematsuOne of the Japanese who lost their court cases.
FlorenceKubotaTakekuma's secretary.
CharlesLaughtonEnglish stage and film actor.
Fumiko EmilyNakamuraGeorge and Henry's mother.
ChevyNakayanaFord's brother.
FordNakayanaOne of the kids in the camp.
NichelleNicholsGeorge's co-performer.
HerbertNicholsonQuaker missionary.
BarrackObama44th U.S. President.
RonaldReagan40th U.S. President.
JohnRobertsChief Justice of the United States.
GeneRoddenberryScreenwriter, producer and creator of the original Star Trek.
EleanorRooseveltFormer First Lady of the United States.
FranklinRoosevelt32nd U.S. President.
KermitRoosevelt IIIAmerican writer, author, lawyer, and professor.
Mrs.RugenGeorge's Fourth grade teacher.
Richard B.RusselFormer U.S. Senator.
Lea SalongaFilipina singer and actress.
ScottSimonAmerican journalist and the host of Weekend Edition on NPR.
Sonia SotomayorAssociate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.
Tom StewartFormer U.S. Senator from Tennessee.
Hikaru SuluGeorge's character in Star Trek.
Mrs.TakahashiWife of a Buddhist minister.
GeorgeTakeiAmerican actor, author, & activist. Aka: George Hosato Takei.
HenryTakeiGeorge's younger brother.
Nancy Reiko TakeiGeorge and Henry's sister.
TakekumaTakeiGeorge and Henry's father. Aka: Takekuma Norman Takei.
TheodoreTambaCollins's associate. Aka: Ted.
Harry S.Truman33rd U.S. President.
Donald Trump45th U.S. President.
EarlWarrenFormer Governor of California.
Wallace H.WhiteFormer U.S. Senator.
Mr.YasudaJapanese language school teacher.
MinoruYasuiOne of the Japanese who lost their court cases.
Ayako George's aunt.
Brad George's husband.
Carlos One of George's classmates.
George VI Former King of the United Kingdom.
Henry VIII Former King of England.
Maria One of George's classmates.
Okamoto One of the Japanese-American soldiers.
Paul One of the kids in the camp.
Tanaka One of the American-Japanese soldiers.